Monday, November 16, 2015

Old School.

This crazy kid turned 8.

Just letting that sink in. My youngest son is 8 years old. . sniffle. . .

I can't get over this picture. He was like, what? 4? It tugs at my heart strings.

And here he is at the actual age of 8, in all his crazy browed glory. I had to say it before someone else did.  Always wanted him to be Jareth from Labyrinth for Halloween, but he won't have it. You're half way there, buddy! Be the Goblin King!


I think crazy brows are better than angry brows. Crazy is interesting, but angry is just angry. Well, I suppose that could be interesting, too.


So all this little kid wanted was a desk. No idea why; but he's begged for one for almost two years now, and I figured this birthday was as good as any.

And I was all geared up to build him an old school type desk. Had the Daddy-o on it to draw me up some simple desk plans, because I don't do math.  Well. . . if I can help it.

And then instead of just drawing me up some plans, the Daddy-o was awesome enough to just build one for my little dude.

And he made this totally awesome creation. We have to talk about this bad boy-- because I think you should make one for your crazy browed son, too. You wish you had a ceramic milk carton like I do, huh. I know. You're jealous.

It opens up for some fan freakin tastic storage. And the beauty of this desk? Super cheap, and ultra light weight. I mean, it's amazing how easy it is to move around. My kids can pick it up and hoist it over their heads for crying out loud.

And I got to thinkin'-- I was all, "self, what if someone else wants to build this fabulous cheap ultra light desk?"

Well looky what we have here. The Daddy-o's pictures as he worked, and his plans, complete with a parts list that he was kind enough to scan in for moi. And for you, too. He says you're welcome.

Now, I totes recognize that these plans don't hold your hand. But if you've followed even a couple other plans to build a little something something this shouldn't be too much of a step up. Totally doable, peeps. You know how to get the job done. Fist pound.

Can you see what's going on all up in here? You're cutting the angled pieces to give it that neat-o 1950's school desk look,

with a simple butt joint to the back piece. Heh. I said butt.

Lotsa wood glue. Lotsa clamping.

Take a look-see -- Johnny- the-8-year-old-crazy-browed-one loved his desk so much that my other kids were kinda jealous. And thus the school desk conveyer belt began.

Poor grandpa.

See how he used piano hinges for the lid? He actually bought the long ones and cut them in half.

This picture shows the top pencil holder that's so nifty. He used a router to do that. And that's all I have to say about that because I'm not really quite sure how he did it either.

A quick coat of shellac,

And all my spoiled little butt munches got their own desk (the original one being already upstairs in it's designated spot).

With an adorable little note inside and out for each child. Awe. That Daddy-o. Everyone needs one.

So we love them! You could paint it, you could stain it, but we're going au naturel. It's who we are.  Wood purists of a sort. Make one. Or more. Your kids'll love you for it.


Layne Bushell said...

Wow - your Daddy-o is pretty amazing! I love desks and I especially love those desks!!!

Rach said...

Gorgeous. What an awesome grandpa!

Janelle said...

fantastic! That is so awesome for all of your kids.

Rhonda said...

Love it! I see desks in Gary's future.

pogonip said...

Those desks bring back grade-school memories for me! I suspect for the Daddy-o too, lol.

L K said...

Oh my goodness! You and daddy-o just solved a problem for me. I have 3 little boys who share a room (quad bunk bed in a pretty big room) and they are in need of desks so that it can be used as a sleep/study room. Could not figure out how I wanted to build the desks, but these will fit perfect. Thanks!

Libby said...

I remember buying the desks Mom & Dad got us way back in time when your amazing Daddy-O was probably just a "butt munch" himself (yep figure he's somewhere in my age bracket...but without the mad wood skills). Your Daddy-O's desks are awesome & what a treasure for your children to have from their grampa.

DressUpNotDown said...

I gotta say it...Birthday boy had to wait 2 years, siblings had to wait...??? That's usually how it goes for the oldest in the group, not the almost youngest. :o) Ha!

Michelle Wilkes said...

I wish I had a Daddy-o. I have a dad, so somehow I just need to add a dy-o to him. He might die-o trying to build stuff though. I was really hoping you were going to tell us you found the desk at IKEA or something... It's awesome!