Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Don't Know Why I Go Anywhere With You People.

My sister in law says to me,

"I thought you swore you wouldn't take your kids anywhere again for a long time?"

Oh, right. I did say that. What the heck is wrong with me? 

So, check it.

We just finished an upstate New York trip. And it was wonderful.

Wonderfully amazing that my children weren't grounded for a month when we got home.

Actually, it really was wonderful, despite my children.

They were really really good in a lot of ways. Nothing to complain about with their behavior on an airplane or in the car. Great behavior at restaurants-- 

but plenty to complain about whilst sightseeing. I like to think of it as sightseeing with a bunch of poo flinging monkeys who keep egging each other on. Poking each other and pulling hair and picking each other's noses.

And on a side note, for the love, don't go to Niagara without your passports-- the American side leaves so much to be desired and the Canadians were partying like it was 1999 and it was like we had our faces pressed against the glass watching the party from the outside. So sad.


I can't believe that this was all in 2015; in my head 2015 has been over several years but at the same time it's November but the year is compressed into a month-- (how in the world is it November already?)

but my kids are spoiled, dang it. And I have no one to blame but me.

 They've done San Fran.

And everything the area has to offer. (Many thanks to my bro-chacho and his sweet wife for allowing us to tag along.)

They went on a cruise. Again. (Many thanks to our traveling companions, my sweet sister in law and bro in law for still talking to us afterward.)

Side note, you should hear my thoughts on those of us who are sitting poolside in a shirt and shorts trying to cover up our imperfections whilst the other adults are letting it allll hang out, leaving nothing to the imagination all around us, and the irony of it all.

But some other time.

 And then there was the chance to see Charleston and the Carolinas a bit, and of course several trips around the great state of Utah blah blah blah yak yak yak etcetera.

We went places, mkay. We did a lot of stuff this year.

And in my parental head, I was telling myself that it makes memories, right? 

My kids will appreciate this all.  Later. Perhaps much, much later.


Or at the very least, I'm training my children to be good travelers. Appreciative sightseers, if you will.

Because right now, I'm scratching my head wondering why I emptied my hubby's skymiles and used his hotel points and spent tons of money eating out and gained five pounds and tortured myself with an entire day's worth of packing for 6,  and then the hades of all that laundry when we got back.

Only to have my kids poo fling and wet willy and whine and pout in public places for the whole world to see.  'Cause we can stay home. It's much simpler to stay put 'n stuff.

So, it's character building, right? Sigh.


Gigi said...

You are definitely making memories and ensuring that they will still want to travel with you when they are older. AND character building.

Juli G said...

I said this just today... why do I want to pay all that money to go out to eat when I can stay home and get aggravated when they fight and embarrass me at the table for free?

Rhonda said...

I feel ya. The packing, the Laundry and the whining (and that's from my 16 & 17 year olds) sometimes hardly seems worth it. Two of the best trips I've had has been with my husband and then one with my sis-in-laws. I say two because literally, that is all I have had in my 20 years of marriage (not including the ones with kids). My other favorite trip was with my daughter to Disneyland. We had a blast and she doesn't complain. That's why I'm taking a trip with just her to Floriday for Harry Potter.
I hope my boys have good memories from some of our trips. Guess we'll all find out in a few years, right?

Suesan Kennard said...

If by character building then you mean building your own character, then I say mission accomplished! Kids fling poo and pick noses and do all sorts of embarrassing things. It's how they roll. Or at least, that's how my kids rolled. They do grow out of it. Kinda. Except when they are teenagers/young adults and still flinging poo. That's when I stop claiming them.

Dharma said...

OUR side of Niagara Falls kicks butt! Hope you had a great time (regardless of poo flinging) and hey, break out the garbage bags until the laundry is done. Rotten kids.

Libby said...

My adult kiddos still talk about the best trip was when we toured S. Alberta and "mom told us all these neat things about what we were seeing and doing". I wish I had that in print because I remember that trip too...and the "oh MOM!" "oh no she's taking the book out again!" (I had taken "Back roads of Southern Alberta" out of the library and it had really interesting historical stuff in it). So some of that poo flinging is for show. Hang in there and keep dragging them places! Dad (& Mom by default) drove us around Canada and the north-east (+ west coast) every summer and us girls were still talking about those summers although there was poo flinging going on. (the trips started in 1962)
Yep, hang in there.

Yep, our side of Niagara Falls really does ROCK!

Libby said...

oh, and my parents did it with 5 daughters and a collie! Your photos will be treasured later if not by them but by their kids. They'll fling poo etc. at home so may as well spread their joyous activities around and educate them in the process!

YankeeBelle said...

Oh Mandi! You were in my neck of the woods and I didn't see you here! Bummer!! It is sad what a pit our side of the falls is- I feel like the Canadians are laughing at us with French accents "Zese stoopede Amereecans can't even build a pretty safe citee around one of zee most glorious natural attractions in zee world!! "
Niagara county is actually a beautiful place for a vacation....hiking the gorge, the jet boats out of Lewiston, Fort Niagara and all the lovely state parks with beaches and fishing etc. But if you are looking to party....agreed... The Canadian side is far safer to walk around. And the view from that Ferris wheel!!!!

Keri'n On said...

Spoiled schmoiled! You're teaching your children that there is a big wide world outside their own backyard. Beyond the stunning scenery and delicious food, while visiting some of those breathtaking locations I'm guessing you've encountered some situation which prompted questions from your kids. Did they have a conversation about our country's history? Did they have questions about poverty or homelessness? Did they witness selflessness and charity? You're teaching them that there are so many different people leading so many different lives. We're always so busy creating itineraries and list-making that we forget to just let the kids see. Allow them to observe and create their own viewpoints. Your raising good citizens. And maybe they're a bit spoiled. LOL :)

Mauro Santoja said...