Thursday, October 8, 2015

How Many Mandis Does It Take To Finish A Table?

I'm feeling mixed emotions of both shame and pride that it took me so long to finish my Restoration Hardware Knockoff Corbel Table. 

On one hand (go ahead and picture me weighing these up and down in my hands kay), I'm happy I took a chill pill and let this project just go with the flow, and then my get-it-done personality is just dying inside that it took me so long. 

I'm a complex person. 


I've already said that I have been obsessed with this table for years. I know.  But it speaketh to my soul. It just does. Actually anything sold at Restoration Hardware speaks to me, just not my bank account.  And when I saw this Corbel desk knock off, 

Well, let's just say it took me three years to man up and decide I could take on the jigsaw and get this done. 

Side note! If you're really digging these corbels too, know that the link up there will take you to his design that you can print out (5 pages total) and use to get exactly what he's got going on up there. What a nice guy.

Nobody gives a doodoo,

but I used his design too, with the exception of the very top of the corbel; I modified mine to have the flat top routed piece like Restoration's, so my glass could sit flat on top. 

That was like listening to the Charlie Brown principal over the speaker, huh? Sorry.

Wanna talk about price? I like talking about money. So I used 2 2x12's at 12 feet long, and those bad boys are a little over $20 a piece. $45 ish for the legs-- not too bad, right? Let us consider that buying the actual table would cost me $1200 ish. 

And these legs are crazy heavy. 

I anchored them into my wall, believe me. Can't have anyone dying when a corbel falls over. 

In hindsight, I'd have used a darker, less warm stain. This pine really took my oft used Dark Walnut very warmly. I'm okay with it, but would have slightly preferred something a titch darker/colder. 

Good thing I'm so satisfied with mediocrity 'cause this crap could keep me up nights. 

I ordered a glass top (for, cough, $40, cough

and after very serious debates on where this desk/table should go (definitely almost my LAST choice), it's ending up in my living room. Don't talk about the aquarium next door! Arrrrggg I'm going to kill some fish soon. I used to love that thing but it's the red headed step child of this space. 

So I love this desk! I'm still trying to get over where it's actually located (don't get me started) but I love this desk!

I too think something should go above it. Working on it as we speak.

And did you see I finally picked up a horse head? All is right in the world.


Rach said...

Wow. Stunning.

Rhonda said...

It turned out great - nice job! Now to find away to get rid of the aquarium......hmmmmmm.....

Janelle said...

I love it! And- a horse head? You are now the coolest person I know.

james and bess said...

It looks amazing!! So is the horse head a "Godfather"-type warning to the fish? Lol!

Bess :)

Vikesh Malhi said...

Hey I'm doing the same, how did you anchor your corbels in the wall?

Shelley C said...

How did you anchor them? I want to make some too!