Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Follow Up.

I've said I'd do this for over a year, and today I'm sucking it up and getting it done.

But first,

can you believe it's been over 2 years that I've been taking violin lessons? Me neither.

Our lives are just a flash in the pan. Life unravels at top speeds. If you want to destroy this sweater, hold this thread while I walk away.

And so forth.


I said for over a year I'd throw a video of my, (cough) progress on here. It's a 30 second snippet, so don't get all excited or anything.

My violin teacher was kind enough to play a duet with me. I kind of idolize her, just a little. She knows it but she's too classy to show it. I looked up the female equivalent of "bromance", and it suggests either "womance" or "homance". I ain't no ho, so I'm going with the former.

We should talk about her music room because my stars, I love the board and batten with the dark walls.

I own that my bowing is backward. And intonation, or any screw ups, again all me. But what's important here is that I haven't quit! I have zero intentions of doing so! I'm still liking it! And for how much time I put into it I should be amazing but apparently there is not a shred of innate talent for this inside me.

But such is life. I hesitantly embrace my mediocrity.

So, about that other thing we talked about. . .

you know.  Plastic surgery. Milllions of people have asked me what I decided about that (cough. 2 people.), and I thought I'd follow up on that too. Absolutely zero linkage to the last plastic surgery confession. I have my pride. So to the point:

I honestly don't see it happening.

Here's why:

$4,000. Trading lots of scars for other scars. Hubby swears he doesn't care. And since I'm not one, to, you know, like, mow the lawn in a bikini, I think it's only really his opinion that matters. Let's just gather up that extra skin and pretend like it never happened.

But mainly, I don't think I can handle the down time. If you're a close buddy, you know what a complete and utter baby I am when I just get like, a cold. I cannot deal with not being fully functional. I cry when I'm sick, people. For realsies. Weeks of laying down while the house fell down around me would send me crying over the edge.

Also, $4,000. I can think of a lot of ways to spend that kind of cash. (helloooo new hardwood floors. . .)

And last but certainly the least cared about:

I still actually do run. It's been three years since I announced my intention to hit the pavement, and I still . . . "like" it.

As much as one can "like" their daily exercise routine. Also, these shoes are sooo long gone.

I talked to a friend the other day and she blurted out that she will never ever run because it's too trendy. I laughed my bum off, I tell ya. Even the most avid runner has to admit that it's true.

And I was okay for the last 2 and a half years with my short, slooooow jog around the town. I'm shocking myself when I say that I'm kind of sort of contemplating training for just a half next year. That I will only try ONCE and NEVERMORE. I've upped my distance the last little bit and felt, dare I say it? A little bit surprised and proud of myself.

But we'll see. Don't hold me to it. I'm satisfied doing what I'm doing right now. Like I said: mediocrity.


Hippymom83 said...

I say, Good for you! On all counts! :) I idolize ANYONE who can play an instrument, because I simply cannot master making my hands do two different things at once (with the exception of typing). I idolize anyone who can run/jog more then 20 yards, because that's also something I never could do. Even as a kid running any distance felt like absolute torture! Pain in my side, shortness of breath, not to mention that even the handicapped kid with muscular dystrophy ran the mile faster than I did! And last but most importantly, I think you are making the right decision about plastic surgery. If no one but you and your hubby are seeing your tummy, and your hubby accepts you as you are, then the only person who would benefit from surgery is you...if it makes you feel more confident. And if your hubby doesn't accept you as you are, I'd be calling an attorney anyway! LOL ;) If you can accept yourself as you are, you are better off (and $4000 ahead!). :) I know how hard it is to accept those stretch marks and whatever (I hate mine too!), but how much time do we actually spend looking at our bare bellies? It's like that darned tattoo I just HAD to have when I was 19; it's something I only see when I stand in front of a mirror, and I have WAY better things to do with my time then stare at myself in the mirror. The rest of the time, it's under my clothes where only God can see it. Fill your time with Faith, family and joy, and stay away from the mirror! :)

Libby said...

I didn't detect any mistakes, but then, I don't know what the piece is suppose to sound like. I thought it sounded lovely. Two of my boys took lessons (mass class in school) so I know what it shouldn't sound like!

$4,000? Wow & ouch. Go on a vacation with the hubs! Or buy more wood. Yep, new hardwood floors. I'm not thrilled with my belly bump (4 kids also) but only because it prevents me from wearing some clothes I have that I'd like to wear again without straining the seams. You look great with clothes on & hubs loves you the way you are so the world is balanced.

Oh, after the video of you playing it suggested a clip with Jace (in diapers) playing "Iron Man" on the Rock Band guitar. Cute...when he gets married there's a clip for the slide show!

pogonip said...

I'm currently surprising myself by enjoying a couch-potato-to-5K thingie. I started it just to get in better shape, but I could actually see myself running a 5K someday. Which shows you're never too old (retirement age, cough cough)
to try something new. I might also have recently acquired a uke. See what happens, start one thing and no telling what you might do next!