Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Powder Rooms & Urine Cocktails.

I guess I ought to start out with a warning:
Don't you judge the paint color in my powder room. It's horrid. I know this. It's number 2 on my painting list, okay? This was back before I realized that picking a paint color was similar in complication to brain surgery.
I didn't know! I was just a child! A babe in home decor, if you will.
I still can't believe that I did this or thought this was a good idea,
(pictures from Houzz)
but have you kinda seen how people are throwing up some wallpaper in teeny spaces?
And I actually like it!

I can't believe I'm saying this, as one who has fought the good fight of removing massive quantities of 80's wallpaper from walls, I was going to do this to myself again. ?.
So it has come to this.
And it was like, way fun to search for a black & white wallpaper (isn't it like, totally obvi that I would choose black & white? Is there any other color scheme for me?) for the first couple of months.
Yeah, I'm saying I looked a looong time. Online, at a couple stores, etc.
Couple things here:
-Wallpaper can be extremely expensive.
-And then some of it isn't even washable.
HELLO. In a bathroom, where nearly every day there's a new urine cocktail of several boys' (some of them mine, some not mine) urine?
I'm going to spend like $50 ish bucks to do just one wall in my powder room and not be able to wash it?
So the plan sat and sat. And I'd browse the interwebs some more for fun here and there.
I can't tell you where I got my wallpaper. I'm too embarrassed. No! Don't ask me.
Just know this: it's removable and repositionable. I'm serious, this stuff is awesome. See the square up there? I had to try it out for a second. WE ALREADY TALKED ABOUT NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PAINT GOSH.
Alright, fine. Just drag it out of me, would you? Take it to the grave though. Take. it. to. the. grave.:
Not even wallpaper. It's shelf liner. It's so, so easy to move around and take down, and it doesn't fall down on it's own at all. I know because it's been up for a while now. And I can't say where I got it. Just one small small hint. Let's call this place, D Tree. No, no. That's too obvious. Let's call it, Dollar T.

I slapped this stuff up there with reckless abandon. I wasn't careful, I didn't try to line it up, it's so sloppy it's ridiculous, and I really don't care. Know why?
I spent $3.
And I think it's a really busy pattern, so you can get away with sloppy when it's a cray cray pattern.
I really like it and think it's funsies, but I get sick of stuff fast, and when I feel like taking this down, and that could be tomorrow, or in ten years, it's going to take me 10 minutes and we can even pretend like it never happened.
Sports guy chest bump.


Janelle said...

what a great idea! And it looks professional even.

Brooke Stephens said...

Awesome idea! Would never have dreamed it would work like that and stay on so good. Thanks for sharing that awesome tip!

Karen Jerread said...

Fabulous idea! Love it and see some wall things happening in my home!

Brittney said...

Um, your "wallpaper" looks awesome. You go, Glenn Coco (I have no idea if that's how it's spelled).

Tori said...

Wait one stinkin' minute. You used DT shelf liner and got this look!?!?!?!? That is pretty freakin' amazing. So, you just used that and paste?? Did you use a smoother or something on top?? I have so many questions, oh jeez! Will you do a little tutorial on this? I have soooo many ideas now. Thanks!

Cosmo said...

And this Mandi, is why I love your blog!

Gigi said...

Ok, that is GENIUS!! And it looks great.

Carla said...

love it. also... paint tip my mom gave me this weekend-Scope out the parade of homes for paint colors. Someone else has already done all the work and you can see it in a large space with similar lighting before you commit

Object of Maya*ffection said...

LOVE IT!!!! Looks so high end!! I just did a grey quatrefoil in my craft closet (also form the DT BUT not all DT's are created equal....I haven't been able to find it anywhere else!!!). Will be posting it in a few weeks...just moved so LOTSA painting and home improvement stuff going on).