Friday, September 11, 2015

Craptastic Projects By Mandi.

 And I thought I was so unique and creative.

Original. New.

Au contraire, mon frere.

My um, shelf liner dollar store "wallpaper"--

After googling it for just a second, I see that this has been done, and it's been done for years.

So this shelf liner from Dollar Tree-- it's basically just regular ole contact paper. Except, you know, one dollar instead of like, $5.

So check out this roundup on contact paper wallpaper:

Yeah. Look at all the funsies stuff you can do. Kinda wanna do those polka dots up there. Somewhere. If there was one blank wall left in this place.

Do you see how easy this is? This is the backing with the grid on it so you can cut it super duper easy,

and then you're just peeling the backing away and STICKING IT TO THE WALL, BABY. Boom clap. No plaster, no extra glue, no wetting it down, no nothin'. And the cherry on top is you can keep repositioning it over and over and overandoverandover.

I tried it. It works. It still sticks and stays.

And then smooth it out if there's a bubble here or there. With like your very favorite Amazon visa card like I did. It won't give you Amazon points to buy with, but it should.

And again, for funsies,

a few Dollar Tree options. The faux bois shelf liner could totally work in a quirky area, in somebody's hip house. Not mine, but somebody's. Else's.

And since we're talking about my small dark, dank, currently (and eternally) urine-y smelling powder room,

just know that I finally repainted it. No more mister nice guy.

It's now a lovely greige. You shamed me into it. And . . .thank you. Now I'll go scrape off the paint drips on the toilet tank.


Sare said...

This is totes not on subject (except I dream of polka dot walls... In gold. On a blush wall. Hmmm. ) Anywhosy. This is about floors. You're obvs the expert in all things, so... Sorry I'm off topic. FLOORS! We need new floors. Soon. Seriously soon. We have two littles. Is laminate flooring livable with small people? Spills, drips, drops, tumbles, falls, etc. Is laminate throughout a good idea?

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Hippymom83 said...

I'm SOOOOO glad to know I'm not the only one with a bathroom that eternally smells like urine. Sometimes I wish I had married a woman and had all girl children, because boys are gross and make a huge mess in bathrooms. No amount of scrubbing seems to get rid of the smell of pee. Thank you for making me feel less alone in this. ;)

Linda said...

To Sare about the laminate flooring -- in my opinion it's the worst. It looks terrible if not installed *perfectly*, it looks cheap even if it is installed perfectly, it eventually starts curling up if it gets wet (kids inevitably spill things,) it attracts and shows dirt like nobody's business (you will be cleaning this floor constantly,) and it is filled with formaldehyde and will off-gas forever. It's the extreme opposite of environmentally-friendly. Along with particle board the stuff should be outlawed. I despise it.

We did unfortunately make the mistake of installing it and I thought, "never again." Then we bought a house in which the person selling it thought it would be an "upgrade" that would make them some money. Cue gnashing of teeth. We bought the house because of the location, but the laminate was a waste of money that we payed for and that's galling. It's wearing *horribly* and I am dying to replace it. It's not a nice thing to do to yourself or to the person who buys your house if you should sell.

Christine said...

You know Mandi, I think the contact paper is my way out of my back splash dilemma. Picking out tile just leaves me cold for some reason. I can't imagine spending a good-God amount of money on it before I know the effect of an all-over pattern where there wasn't one before!
Thanks kiddo!