Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Losing My Faith In Humanity, & Other Grouchy Stories.

Before I commence flinging poo,
I do want to say first off that my summer is going smashingly. I just currently have an axe to grind. A bone to pick. Heads to bust.

(just trying to lighten the mood with gratuitous, unrelated pictures)
Do you ever feel like several related things happen at once? I totally feel like similar things happen at one time to teach one a lesson. I need to learn something real important here, and it's one of these: 
1. some people suck and I should put up a defensive brick wall and stop trying
2. something else I'm not willing to learn right now because holy crap I'm ornery.
Indulge me with a story. I'll do my best to sum up.
One month ago, I pulled out of my driveway to take my daughter to kindergarten, (yeah, we were still in school a month ago. Sad) and my neighbor directly across the street pulled out at the same time. Long story short (too late), I didn't see her, she didn't see me, and our bumpers met in the middle of the street.
Since we were going 2 miles per hour, it was absolutely minor. Little missing paint scrape on her bumper, little more damage to mine, both of us going "holy cow sorry I didn't see you!" at the same time, with a "well, no big deal! Sorry again!" and off we went. After all, we both have old cars, and what's one more not really noticeable scrape?
But, no.

(still trying. 'S not working.)

Three weeks later, the same neighbor (she's not actually my neighbor, she's like, the sister? whatevs) shows up demanding my insurance information and more accusations that no, we didn't hit bumpers, I hit her in the driver side door, and she wants it fixed.
(Really? Really?? How'd ya get out of your car so we could talk if I hit ya in the driver's side?  Why in the world would we go inspect bumpers together if you got hit on your side?? WHATEVER. ARGG)

Ugg. How are people this dishonest? I'm typically very NOT confrontational, but this one was so obviously wrong that I really let it all out.

 I spent a looong time on the phone today with my insurance company telling every detail of my side of the story, and guess what? It doesn't matter. It's her word against mine, and she'll file and get what she wants, and this is why some people suck.


One more quickie, and I promise to stop the word vomit.

For several years now, I've considered volunteering my time to cross elementary school kids across a busy street on the way to and from school. A lot of kids cross there, and they're giving me a heart attack. (No, children-- you can't push the flashing yield sign and then dart out in the road immediately.)

This year seemed like a good year to really get out there and do it, until my brother in law warned me that I could be held liable, should something bad happen.

For realsies, people? I wouldn't be getting paid, I'd be out there in sunshine, rain, butt cold conditions, whatever, on my own time, for no reason except to try and keep your dang kid safe, but if something bad happened, I should take the fall.

I'm getting all riled up right now. Okay, okay. Deep, calming breaths. Smelling the roses, blowing out the candles.

I won't torture you with my other similar occurrences, but there's several other little things that have proven to me that no good deed goes unpunished.

And I'm just waiting for one (or more!) of the neighbor moms to tell me off for how I watched their kid(s) and fed their kid(s) the whole summer break the wrong way. Keep your own dang kids, then. I'll keep mine.

Yeah, it's like that today. I should just go to bed.  I'll apologize later when I'm out of my mood.


Patty Hibble said...

Next time, back up and hit her again! WHAM-O !

Cathie said...

Sooo...file a claim againsther iinsurance and get your bumper fixed!

gina said...

ugh! I hate people like that!!

Also for the next time (Hope there isn't a next time though) take pictures!!! I use to have a disposable camera in my glove box just in case I was in an accident I could take pictures - now of course in 2015 I can use my cell phone - that way you have proof!

Oh and I would totally file a claim with her insurance too!!

Brittney said...

How can she come three weeks later and claim you hit her? Shouldn't it have to be filed within a certain time limit?? So much lameness.

frances said...

You're right people do suck, and at times it does feel all is lost . Then that magical day comes and you realize they don't matter and go back to being your own happy go lucky self and everything changes for the better. I never try to figure out my life when I am PMS inf. everything looks dark then. Yikes Cheer up chick. A day is right around the corner. Cheer Frances

Hippymom83 said...

Sounds a LOT like the day I had today. Every time I turned around something went wrong. I won't bring you down any more with the details, but I do have one question... What is wrong with the universe today!? Is it some kind of cosmic dogma alignment of the planets or something!? Tomorrow had seriously be a better day or I might just crawl back into bed and stay there for a week. Wishing you (and me) a much better day tomorrow! (as I sit here eating cookies-n-cream ice cream because that's what I do when life sucks) :-S

Here's some inspiration for you:
"turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you"

Should I have begun that quote with "Confucius says"? Not sure. Saw it on a rubber stamp.


Hippymom83 said...

Oh, and I've had TWO of those type of accidents where the other person said "no big deal" and then went to the police station to file a report (without informing me) and filed insurance claims against me. Both times, those jerks won! I paid for some crazy lady in a Cadillac to have her bumper (which didn't have even the tiniest of scratches on it) replaced and painted because "one of the proximity sensors could have been damaged" when SHE backed into ME at an intersection because she thought the on-coming traffic was moving too fast for her to complete her turn, but then she LIED and said I rear-ended her. And then, there was the seemingly sweet old lady with a thousand plush frogs in her back windshield who side swiped me as I was backing out of a parking spot and couldn't see her coming because of a huge SUV next to me. She told me (AND the cop) that she "saw me backing out but assumed I would stop for her". Guess who paid to have the front end of her car repaired? Uh-huh. Me. Because I "was in reverse and therefore 'at fault'". Seriously!? Frog lady hits ME and it's MY fault?! So not fair.

Stephanie said...
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Janelle said...

WHAT! That makes me furious. Why are people so awful!

You deserve some ice cream- or chocolate or (chocolate ice cream with caramel swirled in it)

Rach said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry. Humanity does suck most of the time. For so many reasons. And you have some good ones. : /

Libby said...

Yeah, some people suck and Insurance company underwriters are evil. I had a 16yr. old leave our church parking lot and drive into the side of our van (my 16yr. old was driving with me 'cuz he only had a learners permit). The story he gave dear old Dad & insurance? That my son drove into him. Interesting-the only way to get in front of him to cut him off would be to 4X4 (a 10 yr. old Dodge Voyager!) over the parked cars or he was driving in the oncoming traffic lane! The insurance companies (namely those evil underwriters) didn't even want to consider another possibility (that was reasonable) or think it was insurance fraud he was pursuing. Well, the judge saw it our way. Yep, had to sue a fellow church member because our insurance tripled! The judge yelled at the kid and his Ally McBeal wannabe lawyer.
Hang in there and challenge it.

james and bess said...

Yikes. That really sucks. Hang in there, girl. Something will happen, really soon, that will show you that there are others out there trying to make the world better, just like you are. :)

Until then, buy yourself something fun. It takes some of the sting away - lol. :)!!


james and bess said...
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james and bess said...

Sorry! I don't know why my comment published twice. Google must be run by monkeys. :)