Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Lovin', Had Me a Blast. . .

Every year I think I use that title for a post. How unoriginal.
Oh! Random side note! I actually got on Instagram. I'm shocked, you're shocked. We're all shocked. I've got that neat-o little "Follow me On Instagram" button on the side, there. Over, over- to the right- your other right. There. Let's be Instafriends.


Holy heck people, it's summer. Do you feel naughty? I feel naughty. I feel like I've blown off life and nothing really matters except for having fun. And eating. Donuts.
Said it before 'n I'll say it again:
Winter is punishment for all the fun you had in summer.
I'm planning on some serious punishment coming my way in 6 months, 'cause nothin's really getting done around here. Kids are still in school-- I'm not even asking if they have homework anymore. Don't ask, don't tell policy.
So! Every year I do this nerdy thing where I pick a song. A theme song, if you will. A summer theme song that every time I hear said song for years to come it reminds me of good times while the sweat drips annoyingly down all my cracks and cleavages. Popsicles 'n sun. Gardening and sprinklers. And so forth.

Last year, I chose this goodie:

I still love this song. And now it belongs to 2014.

This year, I choose this fabulous number:


Ack, I love it so. As always, listen to it while we chat here, because we are not done. Oh no, not even close. Got a year?


Every summer I shift my attention from the inside of the house to the outside. I'm only one person, dang it! I can do inside or out. Not both. Let's not be silly.

Did you see that picture way up there?

I showed you last year how I planted some honeysuckle and had high hopes for it.

And look how well it did in one season! Only a foot high starting out, and now it's climbing all over my arbor. Gosh, I love stuff that grows.

And that I don't kill.

This gardening stuff is totally addicting and totally expensive. Holy crap, batman, it's a thriving industry. I look at fabulous flower beds and admire them, and then the very next thing I do is start adding up an estimate on the cost of it all. We've all gone into the wrong business-- nurseries are where it's at.

I have too many flower beds. Honestly, I can't keep up with all my flower beds everywhere.

And I'm doing my best to buy pretty perennials and to buy them clearanced, but I have to take it one season at a time to not spend like our life savings on plants.

(Let's not talk about what I spent this season alone on the north side of my house. Choke. Gag. Red face and eyes bulging.)

So! Hopefully in a couple more seasons my beds will be filled out and really where I'd like 'em to be.

Small project! (squeal)

My kitchen window has a lovely view of my pergola (last season's mucho expensive-o project).

Oh, there that window is, all hidden behind the grill. So sad- no moulding. Welp, the grill got taken off the deck, and there the kitchen window sat. Naked.

So I pulled out some old cedar boards I had lying around (we're talking just cheap dog eared fence posts), cut them to length, stained 'em the same tone as the pergola, and attached them with some metal brackets and concrete anchors (they work great for stucco, y'all). Like so.

I love this totally simple shelf! I love that I can put whatever I want on it. I need extra space for food whilst entertaning out here? No problem! Set it on the shelf.

Wow this is a ghetto view. Don't you judge me. But looky what we have here:

I'm doing the dishes and I get to look at some potted petunias and such out my window now. 'N that makes me happy. I think it'd be lovely with a sweet potato vine hanging down. On to something. I just might have to do that.

Side note! Do you love the old world terracotta pot look?

A bloggy buddy has a great tut on how to make your terracotta pots look old. I didn't follow all the directions to make mine as cool as hers because I am nothing if not lazy, but for me, it was "Make It Stone" spray paint and a little bit of light sanding. Boom. Old pots. Me likey.

I love this shelf! And I need a greenhouse so I can grow my own stuff and save a wad. But that's no biggie, right?


Lori said...

You make me smile. But, you don't have labels. How do I get back to the pergola project?

Rosemary said...

I love the honeysuckle arbour. I am tempted to find a similar shaped one and grow roses or wisteria over it. Honeysuckle doesn't seem to like our soil or climate or some other aspect of the farm it can object to.

Liz said...

you got me hooked on that song. Since I read your post 2 days ago, I must have listened to it atleast 20 times and I can't get enough. great voice, music, lyrics.. thanks for sharing