Sunday, March 15, 2015

There's a Jungle Gym In The Family Room.

Remember where we left off? The jungle gym in the family room?
I think I just combined my two favorite things this week: being sick. AND painting. It's been kind of a depressing week, not gonna lie.
"But Mandi, normal people don't start a project when they're coughing up a lung."
I know, I know! It's just not normal over here! And have I ever pretended to be normal?
But do you want to see?  Let's do a before and after, here.
Before paint and moulding.
And. . . after paint and moulding with jungle gym.
I keep typing "pain" instead of "pain-T". Heh. Heh heh. Freudian slip.
So what do you think? I do love the color. It is so soothing and I love it so. And if you're eagle eye, you noticed I took the time to put up crown moulding, and let's not talk about how much that cost, because what's done is done.
It took an entire day to get the crown up, caulked, and painted. One entire day. And I swear I tried to hurry. But crown will not be rushed.
 Wanna see my inspirational pic?
I have zero idea where I came across this picture. I happened upon it by chance and it spoke music to my soul and I saved it to my phone and the rest is history.  This is a blogging no-no. Bad blogger.
But, perfection up there.
So I played it safe. Don't you judge me. You don't know what it's like painting on a scaffold for days! You don't know what it's like hanging over a stairwell 18 feet in the air! This isn't gonna get done on a whim every year or so, it's just not!

It's the Benny Moore Revere Pewter that is so commonly seen these days. 'N I love it.
And like all things that happen in this home, it's opened a can of worms. Wanna see my ever-expanding to-do list? Course ya do.
--I still have to paint: the kitchen, the music room, the entryway, and the hallway.
--I've decided to re-do the chimney moulding. Instead of three ish feet tall, it'll now be 10+ feet tall.
--The totally awesome green faux marble and brass ceiling fan is gonzo, and that's getting replaced.
--The banisters are being restained
--The entryway chandelier is getting replaced
--There's talk of canned lighting up here
--The world's longest curtains of all time are going to be made and hung
Huh. Listing them out doesn't make it seem so impossible. Oh, and while this is completely separate, the kitchen cabs are getting a facelift at some juncture as well. Heaven help us all.
So! Help me out for a second, here.
Ceiling fan? Or chandelier?
Fan? Chandy? Fan? Chandy?
This little luv bug is sitting in my cart on amazon.
Yeah, I prefer the haunted house type of chandy. It's who I am. Or as a close friend said, "Oh totally! Morticia Adams is my style diva."
I'm serious, though. This thing is over 4 feet long. I can totally see it hanging in the window and reflecting off the 9 foot mirror above the fireplace that I also neglected to talk about.
But here's the thing: I want this chandy, but even I have gone back and forth between the fan/chandy debate. This room gets hotter than H. I will regret not having some airflow. And there are some nifty looking ceiling fans out there these days. So again, the Jeffro and I both throw up our hands and scratch our hands and ask,
Beauty? Or practicality?
Crystals, or airflow?
Fan, or chandy?
Please, aidez moi. This controversy isn't going to end itself.


Rach said...

Oh darn....I was totally on board with your chandy, until you said it gets really hot in there. Ahhhh! So I would vote for fan since you need the flow... Yuck! Anywhere else that chandelier could go to make up for it? ; )

Kim Young said...

Fan. Hands down. Bad things happen when people are hot-not-in-the-good-way, even when looking at a hot chandy

Cathie said...

If you get the chandelier, chances are you will also get a box fan or a lovely oscillating stand fan to make it functional. Plus I live in Arizona, so I'm legally obligated to embrace the ceiling fan.

Jess said...

What about both? Surely there's a combo out there that isn't ugly. I've seen them here (Australia) so I don't see why not over there?

Marcy said...

I was also going to say why not both but I meant it more as a joke. I picture MacGuyvering a chandeliers onto the light portion of a Big Ass Fan (they make beautiful fans and fun coffee mugs)

Also, totally would never judge you! Having a beautiful home is great. Our improvements have been put on pause by the now five week old cutie pie currently sleeping in my lap. I barely get to pee but that doesn't stop my to do list from growing... So yours seems downright practical.

Anonymous said...

I vote get the fan. And then, find some awesome glittery wall sconces for the fireplace, or somewhere else they'll make a big impact.

Dee Porterfield said...

Hmmm, well, if you go with the inspiration picture, I'd say pick the chandy. But I tend to be a clean lines type of gal and I'd probably pick the fan myself to be more in keeping with the classic lines of your molding and windows. Love the paint color, by the way. Hope you feel better soon.

SpaceGirl said...

A quick google search for "ceiling fan chandelier" turned up quite a few results. Maybe you don't have to choose.

Arlene said...

Look how many lightbulbs are on that thing - and it's already hot in there. I speak from experience, we put a chandy with only 6 bulbs over the dining room table and it got so friggin' hot in there I about died everytime the fam wanted to play games or anytime we had dinner guests. Those lightbulbs put out lots of heat. We got rid of it and things cooled down considerably. I'd go with a fan for air circulation - they have some interesting ones out now.

Rachael said...

Go for the eye candy hang up the chandy (I rhymed, it's past my bedtime). Just do it. You know you want to. You can get an oscillating fan for the hot months. They even make them kinda nice looking now-a-days. The chandy will be gorgeous all year. The ceiling fan will be boring and useless for half the year.

Anonymous said...

Room looks terrific! Hope you're feeling better.
My two cents. I'm on team fan. Airflow and comfort will make you want to actually spend time in the room you've worked so hard on.

Ashley said...

I would go with a ceiling fan, because if the room gets uncomfortable and hot you won't be in that room, and therefore you won't be able to enjoy your pretty chandy. Also think about having to drag out the jungle gym each time you need to change a lightbulb.

Libby said...

I'm going to jump on Team Fan...I was the designated chandy cleaner and those jewels need to be cleaned every year to sparkle like we like them to.

I'd even suggest to leave the ceiling bare--the fan fins need cleaning too. We just took our's out of our bedroom (note to self, when buying a house, the fan in the bedroom means that room gets HOT!) and well, it is coated with yucky sticky dust & I have swiped it once or twice in the past 16yrs. (cleaning fans never made my 'to do' list).

But that room needs circulation and air movement so how about central AC?

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Mandi!! The Revere Pewter looks so great!!!! And you are my hero for doing crown moulding while you were up there. A whole day? That would have taken months in my house. I can totally imagine the floor to ceiling curtains, it's going to be amazing, and I can't wait to see what you do with the fireplace (this time around). Do a fan here and then a magnificent chandelier over your table so you still get the chandy gratification!