Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bringing My Home Out Of The 90's, One Project At A Time.

First off, I'm having a hard time deciding which words should and shouldn't be capitalized in my title up there.
I'm stilllll working my buns off to get finished in here and get the metal jungle gym put away. Dang good thing it's the Daddy-o's and not like, a rental from the Depot, right? 'Cause holy crap I'd be racking up a huge bill. It's been two weeks already and will definitely be a third with all the commotion I've caused.

This is where we were. Paint. New crown moulding. My bro stopped by, and he's been trying to talk me into moving and building a home elsewhere, and he's all,

"Oh. So you're not going to want to move now."

That's another discussion for another time. ANYWAY--

I replaced my three footer moulding above the mantle this week.

 This is how it's been for a couple years. And I did like it. I did. But I thought, when you have a chimney that's 20' long, you can get away with more.

I looked and looked and loookednlookednlooked at different moulding ideas for my new mantle above the mantle, but when push came to shove, I liked my original choice, and I stuck with it. Mostly.

It's now sporting a 8' mirror. Which I now get to mould out. So add another project to my expanding (NOT shrinking) list.

These projects are giving birth constantly, I tell you. They're like rabbits.

Also, I know you love these shots I'm trying to take around the scaffolding. They're so scintillating and inspiring.

Also, restaining my banisters to a nice dark walnut. That actually has been a bit of a nightmare. I don't love sanding all the poly off these things with it's nooks 'n crannies and it just bites the big one. It really does. Oh! And while we're craning our necks to take a look-see at the chimney, I decided crown needed to go up there too, so that got done.

Hey-- I really did get a few things done this week. This is making me feel so much better.

And the painting moveth forth.

Strange hallways got done,

the kitchen, the music room. . .

(I'm totally quoting "Clue" right now-- "You can show him around, Mr. Green. You could show him the dining room, the kitchen. . .the ballroom. . .")

 Where would we be in this world without "Clue" to quote? Nowhere I wanna be.

So now my music room is dressed in greige, which is a lovely combineige, of gray and beige.

Also, notice we're missing a violin. It's at the shop because my son is apparently a klutz don't tell him I said that.

My 20 foot entryway got painted, thanks to a great friend who was willing to come over and risk her life with me on a ladder. Thanks, great friend.

And don't worry- the chandy already has a replacement waiting. Bringing my home out of the 90's, on step at a time, people. And by the way, that is thee final window in my home that is awaiting moulding. One more to go. I can do this. Keeping my eye on the prize.


And I moved my crazy heavy black mirror over to this wall for kicks. I just love how it reflects the scaffolding, just so. . . .

Other things of note:

-Fabric for 17' curtains purchased and dropped by my personal seamstress
-Totally boring and disappointing YET relatively extremely cheap and very practical huge fan is on order and currently en route to my place (thanks sooo much for weighing in. I was really surprised by everyone's thoughts. My entire family will thank you this summer).

So, here we are. And honestly I cannot wait to put this place back together. And since I'm into my favorite 80's movies today, I'll go ahead and quote The Money Pit: "How long will it take to put this place back together?"

"Two weeks."

Oh please, for the love, let it be really two weeks.


Angela said...

It's looking great. Always enjoy your posts. You're ambition is enviable. Just wish it rubbed off a bit more.

Jaim said...

"Me, too! I also drink ze congnac... mon dieu"

I love the progress and planning.. and
the Clue quotes always get me.

Rach said...

Wow! It's looking fabulous!

Janelle said...

Love your blog! I can't wait to come see it!

james and bess said...

Ah.May.Zing! Although the scaffolding makes me want to throw up a little - I do NOT do heights. You are a brave lady! Keep it up, you're almost finished!! (Or not, apparently, since you keep adding to your list.... that's on you!) :)

Bess :)