Sunday, November 9, 2014

There's Nothing Wrong with a Little Friendly Couples Competition.

There's a shake up going on in thee ole basement, also known as, the "Man Cave".

Basically, I'm just really sick of having embarrassing spaces down there, and I'm working hard on making everything down there a little less ghetto. There's a long story there, complete with more playroom makeover, the possibility of a small wet bar down there, and so on and so forth, but--

Enter in our computer sitch.

I'm ashamed to admit (but not ashamed enough to keep it a secret apparently) that we have 4 computers down there. Yeah. 4. And if we pull out the laptop, then there's 5. Instant family LAN party, people. You can find us once a weekend blowing each other away on Counter Strike. It brings us closer as a family.

Wow we are nerds, and I'm just now realizing just how much.

Anywho-- let's get to the point, here. Project! Two computers were sitting on a trashy folding table (hangs head in shame).

I says to the Jeffro, "Um, not loving this folding table here, hon."

Jeffro: "What did you expect from a folding table? Plus I'm not building another double computer desk. No way."

Did you. . . did you just hear that? Yeah. It was the sound of a challenge. Gauntlet thrown down.

Yeah. I will build this desk. It will happen. While the hubs is out of town so he can't say no. I'm sneaky that way. But I'm really just doing him a favor, aren't I? I mean, no to-do list for him, right?

Picked these plans from Ana White via Shanty 2 Chic. I am really digging the X legs, lately. This is my 3rd piece of furniture I've chosen/built with that look.

Now, I've said it a million times and I'm gonna say it once more: Jeffro and I. Peas and carrots. Carrots and peas. PB&J. BUT, we are complete opposites in thee quality workmanship perspective.

He, perfectionist. Me, sloppy.

 I actually tease about the competition of it all-- I actually just really wanted to impress him with trying my danged hardest to make this desk nice.

So, how'd I do? Eh. This is a pine desk. The base is made of 2x4. It definitely keeps the costs down which is a big bonus, but you can only expect so much.

I did run my 2x4s through the table saw to take off the rounded edge and sanded the shizzle out of them with a belt sander to smooth them out. I used pocket holes for all screws.

But that's the thing-- Jeffro would never use screws. He would spend the money on quality furniture hardware. And I wouldn't know the first thing about that.

Loving these fabulous legs, though.

One thing I do know well about Jeffro, is that he'd care about the quality of the top, and while I do like the look of a planked top (like the plans suggested), I just knew he wouldn't.

So I waited for him to come home and choose the material. See? Told you he'd know what he wanted. Nice, expensive piece of oak ply for the top with some oak moulding to finish off the edges.

A couple coats of Dark Walnut stain by moi, and 3 coats of poly by the both of us,

 and voila. No more folding table.

(Lights on, lights off. Neither is a good shot. This is the dark basement-- I do what I can. Plus, I should do something about those cords. But honestly it's not gonna happen.)

Doth it compare to Jeffro's double desk?

Pffft. Heck to the no. But why does everything have to be a competition, people?? Gosh.


Libby said...

I actually like the blue glow photo. Both desks have their beauty, your's is unadorned, less is beautiful right?
As for the cords you could cut, stain and attach a sheet of nice sided plywood on the backside so you can't see the cords or sew up cord covers for them. Or have a friend make some for you. Trade talents with them. If you made me a desk like that I'd sew them up for you in whatever fabric fits your space/mood/my budget.

Leah Ketchum said...

Looks great! We are nerds too, cant wait for the kids to be old enough to have a LAN party with us. :)

Beverly said...

We're a family of 4 and we have 4 computers, a server and a laptop. Plus we all have dual monitors. So I think we have you out-nerded, out-geeked, and out-dorked. :)

Love the desks (both of them). Mine is a cheap Ikea desk and DH has a solid-core door painted black attached to Ikea legs for his desk. It's nice and long and deep enough for most of his crap.

Leah Ketchum said...

Oh and if I started listing how many computers we have, it would get crazy... it is somewhere around 20-30... but that is mostly because it is part of my hubby's job :/

Pattie Moss said...

I love it! Maybe I'll light a fire under John to copy your competition. We share a U shaped desk that hugs the square room facing away from each other. It isn't pretty And don't get me started on the cords everywhere. lol

Angela said...

Just rereading missed posts. I always love to catch up on your projects and love your sense of humor. Anyway, thought you might be interested in this post about hiding cords. Scroll to the bottom pics as they are more applicable. Happy New Year!