Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm A Big Girl Now.

Am I the only one who starts, like, 5 different projects all at once? 'Cause that's what I've done.
So right now I'm dead center in 5 things. Nothing to show for my work but 5 messes, and I want to talk about all of them but don't want to show anyone the massive disasters I've made.
So that's where I'm at right now. Just so we all know.
Anyhow-- completely switching gears here--
I'm a big girl now!! I'm finally am not the last person left on earth to not own a smart phone. Finally. That was a really long and convoluted way to say I now own a smart phone.
And I'm as giddy as a schoolboy.
First off, I went with an iPhone for several reasons and for some odd reason I feel like sharing them right now:
-I already own plenty of apps
-I already know my way around one because of my iPad
And the biggest reason:
-I have lots of friends who love and swear by their Samsung, but I own three Samsung products and allow me to tell you a bit about them:
-My old Samsung phone: I'd love to throw it out the window. Run over it with my car. Back up, do it again. Add it to a flaming bag of dog shee and leave it on somebody's porch.
-My new Samsung blu-ray/wifi player: whoever invented it deserves to be hit over the head with one.
-My Samsung "Smart" TV. Eh, never mind. This post is already too long to get into that crap.
Aw, I'm just razzing you Samsung lovers. I'm sure the Galaxy is a great phone. Really. Just all their other products aren't.
So like the mature, respected, adult that I am,
I had phone covers picked out nearly a year ago. These were my choices (currently sporting the Nintendo 1.0 right now thankyouverymuch). I think the Wonka bar is my favorite, and yes, I'm 5 years old and these things make me happy and excited-like okay? Gosh.
And ohmyheck you should totally call and text me when you're around me because I have thee best ring and text tones ever! Bwahahaha it's so awesome. Quotes from "Clue" and "Austin Powers" (the clean ones swears), and sounds from Star Trek and Star Wars (general text tone currently set to be Chewy's roar)--
Oh, wait. Call me and listen unless you're my mother in law or that cousin I totally hate. Then, um, I haven't assigned you anything mean. . . at all. . . . . .
I am a nerd.
It's definitely time to move on and talk about my kitchen. Because I love switching it around since I spend 75% of my life in there. Barefoot and (not) pregnant!  That's how we like 'em.
So I did up the mantle. And I have a feeling decorating with leaves is sooo old lady-like, and I totally don't care. In fact, if Jeffro started calling me his old lady, I would laugh my bum off.
And of course I had to redo thee ole open cabinet.
I have not regretted opening up that cabinet, by the way. I highly recommend it. Show off your fun dishes, people. It's your chance. Hide the crappy stuff everywhere else.
I have owned these lemons and limes for about as long as I've owned my house, and they pop up from time to time because they make me happy,
and also because it's a family joke. My aunt came to visit years ago and was all, "So do you eat a lot of fish or something?"
Indeed, we do. And then we squeeze these plastic lemons all over the top.
And I just know I've mentioned before that I have a really bizarre straw fetish, and check these babies out:
Aspen straws!! Aren't they so cool and fall-ish? 
Anyhow, I had fun. Again. And I also have to completely ban myself from buying anymore dishes. I don't have one ounce of space left to store them. But that's a talk we should have for another time.


Libby said...

Welcome to the iPhone family! I just replaced my iPhone 4 with a 6 (the small 6, not the one for giant hands). I'd call you except you're in the States and my unlimited call anywhere anytime even long distance for free(ish) is restricted to the "anywhere" being Canada wide.

Wow, if decorating with leaves is old lady then I have friends who were old ladies in the 90's when decorating with grape leaves was "the thing" to do. I love decorating with leaves. For Thanksgiving (Oct. 13) I collected leaves from our yard & put them in a clear glass vase. They're not read/yellow/gold anymore, just brown.

I understand the "no more buying of dishes because of no storage room" problem. I have a small kitchen and poorly used storage (fabric & unfinished projects take up some of the space). Sigh, so many neat dishes, so little room.

Rach said...

Yay for iPhone...and having 5 projects going at once? Awesomeness.
AlSo...where did you get those straws? (Not that I need anymore...)

Rhonda said...

1. I love my iPhone.

2. Samsung blu ray players are the devil.

3. those straws are amazing.

Jaime said...