Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'll Give You a Winter Prediction: It's Gonna Be Cold, It's Gonna Be Gray. . .

There's a storm brewing outside. My normally overly bright house is nearly as dark as night, and it's just gonna get uglier as the day goes on. Or as Phil said on Groundhog Day:
"You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life."
So you know how I feel about winter. But serious, I'm trying really hard to embrace this entire season this go around. After all, it is nearly half my life, unless I want to move. And I ain't moving. Because nobody would buy this house after all the jacked up crap I've done to it, so we're in it for life.
So I'm embracing the word "snuggly". It's my new word. I've got some warm 'n fuzzy socks, the fireplace is firing, the hot chocolate mugs are accessible, blankets are everywhere, and I'm going to get over my totally strange aversion to long sleeve shirts.  It's all about tight things around my forearms.
It's strange. Seriously. Who else gives a poo if there's clothing around the forearms/wrists? Raise your hand. I'm the only one.  It just bugs me. It itches. Sleeves get wet when I do the dishes. And then I'm always pushing my shirt sleeves up and they get all stretched out and floppy and I have issues.
So anywho-- to the point at hand--
tell me these Snowman Kits from LL Bean aren't adorable. I dare ya.
Hello forced family fun! Total cuteness.  I wouldn't say $40 cute, but DIY cute, fo sho.
I was obsessed with making these for a few neighbs with little kids. I couldn't get it out of my head.
And I'm not going to pretend like these are profesh, or nearly as cute as the store bought ones, 'cause they ain't.
In fact, I suck at free-handing anything, and I should never try it again. Ever.
So I freely admit that I'm totally insecure about the quality of all these little pieces I made.
And then I remind myself that they're going to be out in freezing cold weather getting wet and hammered, so. . . ? Why am I so worried, ya know.
Man I hate it when I bare my insecurities.
Oh, it rhymes!  It's my first poem. Don't you judge me.
Now I just have to man up and actually deliver them. Maybe I could just attach a disclaimer to the little sacks:
-Likes to cut up lumber.
-Doesn't like to paint.


Lori said...

simply cutest and fun person are you

Suesan Kennard said...

They are so adorable. They almost make me wish for little kids and/or grandkids. You are a good neighbor!

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

Such a cute, fun and original gift for you to give. I think you did a great job, even if you are totes weird about long sleeved shirts ;)

cfarr said...

Totally hear you about the long sleeves and not loving winter;) Cute gift idea!

Leah Ketchum said...

So cute :). I am totally with you on the sleeve thing, I tend to wear sweatshirts all year and I am always pushing the sleeves up, drives my hubby and my mom crazy :)

Janelle said...


Favorite quote?
"-Likes to cut up lumber.-Doesn't like to paint."

your are funny.

I will only wear long sleeve on the coldest days. i hate them too. mostly because they are never long enough for my ginormous arms.

Juli G said...

Um, I totally wouldn't mind if one of those showed up on my doorstep. And I don't even like to build snowmen.


Because if you build a snowman, you need to wear long sleeves.

Yup... I'm right there with ya.

Dara said...

I wonder who you will be giving these too....I might guess, watch and take one....Those are awesome!

Libby said...

you'll "enjoy" menopause and hot not-so-flashes...short sleeves help make you feel cool. As in temperature-wise, not socially. But then you are already cool that way.

LOVE the snowman kit. My next-door neighbour LOVES winter and just tolerates summer. I'd rather hibernate. The kit would be great for them.

There'd be someone who'd buy your house...not me because Utah still gets cold and so I may as well stay in southern Alberta (also known in some circles as Utah North).

Jackie said...

I'd love a Mandi made snowman kit...if we actually got snow consistently in the south during the winter. This year shouldn't count though. We already got some snow. This season's snowfall came November 1st, which was a shocker because it was in the 60's the day before. We got 4.5 inches of the white stuff. The kids were excited.

Stephanie said...

I love the snowman kits! Awesome idea that I might just copy. And I agree with Janelle. Favorite quote. Will use fo' sho. ;)

Admin said...

Super cute idea- I would love to have those and some snow to actually build a snowman!!

And I am with you in the hate long sleeve club!! Actually my entire family belongs...of course we do live in MS but it still gets cold down here!!

Hippymom83 said...

So I'm trying to get caught up on posts I've been too busy to read. (I've been giggling myself to tears reading my ridiculous back-log of Tremayne posts! Teeheehee!) And just felt I HAD to chime in with a little support here. I. Hate. Long. Sleeves! And crew neck shirts. Makes me feel claustrophobic. I end up pushing up the sleeves too. And hating how they get stretched out. And hating how they get wet when I wash my hands. And I end up stretching out the neck line of anything crew necked by tugging at it 'cuz I swear it's choking the life out of me. And then there's the fact that I'm ALWAYS hot. I'm that crazy person who doesn't really mind if it's 30 below zero (except when I'm putting stupid little boots on my tiny little dogs to keep their paws from freezing) and DESPISES the ridiculously, miserably humid summer whether of Central Illinois. But seriously. Take a look in my closet. The only long sleeves I own are those cardigan-type, open-front sweaters that are trendy these days....'cuz their really thin and easy to take on and off without messing up my hair....and they always end up thrown over the back of my office chair by 9:00 am, so I don't really know why I have them anyway. No crew neck, long sleeve sweatshirts for me. No. Thank. You.