Monday, October 6, 2014

I Don't Usually Do This. . .

Just a couple random things I really need to get out of the way:
1. I really, ree-hee-heally appreciate your opinion/thoughts/commiserations on thee ole plastic surgery overshare last time we were together.  Dang you guys have good advice.  Have ya considered starting your own Dear Abby?  Just a thought.
-Also, I considered a dozen times deleting that post so no one else could see those pictures.  I guess I'm leaving it up. I have nothing more to hide. Well, mostly. But I'm really glad those pictures are not at the top of this ole blog, as I'm sure everyone else is, too.
AND. . . switching topics. . . .
2. Verizon Wireless is on the top of my SH$% list. I wish someone would have warned me, and so I'm going to warn you right now:
"Free Tablet at Verizon".  JUST SAY NO.  Make like a tree, and leave. It is a ploy, a sham, unethical, and I now have zero respect towards or loyalty to Verizon for it. They're not free, they will let you in on the "setup fee" as you are signing on the dotted line, you are assured a 14 day return period,  BUT not told of the restock fee (that will be handily specified in small print below your signature) and it will be horrendous.
Don't do it! For shame, verizon. You just lost a loyal customer for hustling me. I'm sporting my Angry Brows.
Okay!  All done. Everyone's been warned.
Let's talk about something I doooo love. Namely, the best holiday in the whole world: Halloween.  Olive it. I know I go on and on and onandonandon about summer, but I really do love fall.
I just hate that winter always steals from fall around here. Winter, you dirty whore.
I don't usually do this, but I really wanted to do a Halloween-y vignette in my open cabinet you see here.
Honestly, I love changing this thing around. Heck right now I love changing everything around 'cause I'm at home a lot and it's fun to have things feel different-like.
So obvs I was really feeling the white with touches of red before and it was funsies,
but I was totes looking forward to making things spooky. Except these were the rules--
-can't buy anything. I deeply need to consider another spending cleanse because I'm out of control again but THAT'S not what we're here for today. I'm sticking to the subject.
Anyways, I dug up stuff.  Found these cool candles I totally forgot I had and spray painted 'em,
Oh, I did previously buy black dishes with Halloween in mind a long time ago, but that doesn't count okay. It just doesn't. Black dishes are soo cool! Shoulda gotten 'em a long time ago.
And I saw on the interwebs how you can add the vampire blood drip by using cornstarch and red food coloring, and I thought the kids would think that was all neat-o so I did that,
and they didn't turn out as well as the pics online but what ever really does for me?
And there we have it. The cookie jar is now "POISON!" and I say that in my most overdramatic tone everytime I can to embarrass my older boys, because it's in my job description. I have to live up to my potential.
Also, the spiderweb plate was done by the Jeffro. With a sharpie. Waste not, want not. Know what I'm sayin'.
Now raise your hand if you like candy corn. (Me!)


kkasun said...

if you like candy corn don't try the s'mores kind they are addictive!

Rach said...

Love it! Glasses turned out pretty cool...

J Young said...

I am a fan :) Well done! And dang, that is A LOT of candy corn! Have you tried the s'mores flavored candy corn? SOOOO good!

Lori said...

Yuck to candy corn, but the posion looks like chocolate maybe! Love the display and give me some poison.

gina said...

Oh I love it!!

And I love candy corn! My kids hate it so more for me =)

Pattie Moss said...

Wow I'm impressed by Jeff's SKILLS with a SHARPIE! Woot. You can tell him I said that. I love Halloween best too. And I'm stealing your spiderweb plate idea. lol. I love your writing. :D Pattie