Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore.

I both love and hate how doing something like this,
my new backsplash, makes me want to change everything up.
I'm crazy full of new ideas, and the biggest one is paint.
And that's the whole dealy-o right there!  Shouldn't paint be the easiest, cheaper-ish things one can do to one's home?  I have wanted to repaint my main floor for a couple years now. 
What's stopping me if it's easy-ish and cheap-ish?
18 foot ceilings.  I finally measured. 
I feel trapped by the very reason I bought my home: a big open floor plan with vaulted ceilings.  It's what I love about it, 'cept now I feel like I can't change my paint color any ole time I feel the urge.
And then after said backsplash,
I was like all, "I'm not letting high ceilings stop me from doing what I want!", you know, like all empowered 'n stuff,
and then I let the hubs know I was doing it, and he put his foot down right then and there.
"You are not painting these walls by yourself.  You are not painting the stairwell so you can fall and kill yourself. Forget it."
(not a direct quote)
So here we are again, at this impasse.  Like Cher, I felt impotent and out of control.
Just so we're clear, I've looked into scaffolding, those little mini cherry picker thingies you can rent (that's the technical term), and I've had a professional give me a quote (just in case you're like me and you always want to hear the actual numbers-- what people paid for their house, what they make, and other similarly socially "tacky" questions of the like, the quote was over $800 just to do this room, the stairwell, and the small, high entryway above what I couldn't do by myself).
I talked with the Daddy-o about scaffolding options, and it was like I could hear my mom in the background--
"Oh Mandi please, your paint color is just fine and can't you sit still for 5 seconds?"
Except I don't know that she really said that. But it sounds like something she might at least be thinking. In a nice way, though.
And I was dead set on picking out a creamy gray color.  And everyone's doing Grey Owl online and it looks fabulous in pictures, so I was just "sooo sure" it was all going to be totally perf in here,
And thank heavens I only picked up a sample of it and went nuts on a wall or two instead of the entire kitchen (side note, thank heavens you are not here in my home right at this moment because to the left of this pantry is this monster mess of chinese food.  It was like we were throwing ham fried rice everywhere).
Anyways, as I was saying, thank heavens for this small sample because I DO NOT LIKE THIS COLOR PEOPLE.  It is wrong wrong WRONG.
It is so wrong. I love it in The Lettered Cottage's house. I love it on the interwebs.  In my warm, very bright house, it has a strange blue-ish hue that does nothing for me.
Just believe me. Nothing. For me.
And you know what else? A friend said to me, "So, gray, huh? Are you just doing gray because it's so popular or is it because you truly love gray?"
I have no freakin' idea. I don't even know who I am anymore. 
Wait.  Wait-- yes I know who I am. Let me tell you who I am. In an annoyingly roundabout way.
I walked through a Parade of Homes home, and it was kind of my dream home.  Picture it--
Dark floors, lots and lots of white moulding, black touches here and there--
nothing but soothing blacks and whites with grays here and there.  The grays were nice, but it was all about the blacks and whites. Just like piano keys.
Gee, you've never heard that before. You're going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise. You wouldn't be more surprised if you woke up with your head stapled to the carpet then you are right now.

I told the Daddy-o that, during our scaffolding convo.  "I just really really like blacks and whites" I says. And he's all,

"Well I worry that style will go out and you'll regret your decisions",
and I'm like,
"But that's the thing it's really not in style. I just like it."

And the Daddy-o got all "oh wise one" on me and said,
"Well I guess that's your answer. You do what you like."

And. . .
I don't know what this means in regards to painting-- gray paint? White paint? Professional or scaffold rental?


Anonymous said...

I say skip the gray, and go for what you love, and what looks good with the lighting in your house. Because, I'll tell you something. I purchased a tester can of paint in a lighter shade of gray, and depending on the area of the house I wanted to paint it, with the individual lighting in that area, it went from soft gray, to a bluish, to every other color in between that I wasn't "feelin' the love for", lol! So, I went back to what I was originally trying for, which was a very, very light yellow, which is almost white in some lighting, and a soft yellow in other areas. It is called "Moutain peak white - Benjamin Moore". And it won't darken up my house to the point that I have to have every light on in the house, and add $20 a month to our electric bill, lol! Fads are for people that have far too much money to burn, but then again, that's just my humble opinion, lol!

Rach said...

National lampoons Christmas vacation...yup.

Do what you love lady! (I've had gray for three years now and still love it, but I'm sure I won't in another year or two...) : )

Anonymous said...

OK, first off I have to say that your blog is one of my favorites and you always make me laugh.
As for color - I think you're right, grey is trendy but black and white is always "in style."
I don't care at all about fashion but I read once that you should look at what the designers are wearing not what they're selling and they are almost always in classic, simple, black (and white). And everyone needs a horse head - it's just a given.

-Lisa said...

No grey for you my dear. I just don't see it. I see deeper and richer color.
You know me by now and I would not steer you wrong!

David Pfeffer said...

You could paint it with a giant extension on a roller with one of those tools that feeds paint through a tube into the roller. I've painted a 16' wall that way. The tool runs about $100 on Amazon.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I like grey but it doesn't work in my house either. How about a nice warm white - BM White Dove perhaps. But the only downside - all your white molding won't pop as much. A greige perhaps? - Revere Pewter is my all time favorite (still too grey for my house, but reads really beige and not so grey in my parents in law's house - so depends on the natural light) - also still allows the white elements to pop. I do a lot of color consulting and painting and I always suggest sampling first - it can add up but saves you from painting a whole huge space a color that you don't really love (like Grey Owl!) Your backsplash looks AMAZING by the way!!!!!!!

Zefi said...

I LIKE grey. But picking the right grey has been a nightmare. I picked a colour I thought was perfect for the living room when we moved here and painted the whole room plus the kitchen and i HATE the colour. Its blue in here! Yuck Yuck Yuck. Now I' biding my time before I paint the living room white...

Shirley Moore said...

It has been a long time since I've been here dear (lost all my bloggy links), but I'm glad you haven't changed a bit. You have such a wonderful writing style, you always make me laugh, and you actually make me think I might like to do construction stuff in my house...
I actually do like to paint. I don't care for gray....but, in small increments, it could totally show off your love of black and white. Like, a deep charcoal grey for those fingery touch areas...!! If you do get those scaffoldy guys up there, have them paint that top section white, run some crown around, then you can do whatever the heck you like below the crown. Just a thought. :)

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I was reading your plastic surgery post and my husband asked who it was. So I was telling him how we could be best friends, if you lived in Idaho. And that you quote Princess Bride and Clueless and The Goonies. And he didn't know what I was talking about with Clueless. So then I had to Google it to show him, and he still didn't remember, but then he did the awesomest thing. He checked to see if it's on Netflix. And it is. So we will be watching it. But, in the meantime I read this blog post. And you kinda quoted Clueless. And it was epic. And I think you are fantastic.