Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Armory.

We never got around to talking about that little thing I did on the other side of the playroom for all my boys.
No, we didn't talk about it, and it will all make sense in due time.
Just as a little reminder,
I did this for my daughter on one side.
On the other side, the boys got,
Few things about the armory--
- I thought this was such an awesome, simple idea.
-This is/was a hit, but you're detecting a big "but", and rightly so.
-All these pictures are awful, because they're in the dank, dark, basement.
-If you're a parent who finds children playing with pretend weapons offensive, then you've probably suffered a massive coronary and are no longer with us.
-All my kids and their friends ever want to play with is weapons, and that's why I thought a wall 'o guns was a good idea.
-Have you ever cleaned up a bathroom that's had a dozen boys using it for like, 2 days?  There are no freaking words.  It's like this massive urine cocktail that you'll never really get over.
-If you live in my hood and you had a Nerf gun for your son, it's at my house.
-This is only half the guns currently in this house, and an eighth of the swords we have, and I just gave up on even finding the swords or putting them all away.
A good friend and neighbor made me this sign,
and I love her for it. 
And getting to the big "BUT"--
the sign is the only dang thing that stays on the wall for any amount of time.  It's like this wall calls to male children-- begging them to come pretend blow someone away.
Thus, 2/3 of the wall is always empty, and I can't keep it stocked.  And it's annoying to keep it stocked. 
But hey, at least the boys are being active.  I'm a glass half-full kind of gal.  From time to time.


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

That is so cool! Here in Australia we have very strict gun laws in fact you can't have a pretend gun that looks like a real one in public. So one day I come home to my 14 year old spray painting his nerf gun black....he loved until he was told he couldn't take it past the front gate. My boys would LOVE this.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

My boys would have loved it too. I remember buying every sword I could get my hands on after Hallowe'en one year and giving it to my son for Christmas and he LOVED it.

ohiomom said...

What a great wall!! Do they ever let the girls play? I can see a boys vs. girls "war". Awesome...I wouldn't want to clean the bathroom, however, lol.

Rach said...

Fabulous idea! Too bad kids NEVER put things back where they go...becasue this is just plain awesomeness.

Eileen said...

We have a weapons basket (and we call it that) with the same kind of stuff. Basically a tall canvas bin from home goods. Works because they are always taking stuff from it and we just toss it back in

Jaime said...

We have a big bin too but I think your wall is awesome! Can you trace around the guns like some people do with tools on a peg board that way when it's empty at least something is there and maybe matching the gun to the outline would encourage them to put them back. I had a daycare and including my son there were five boys using the bathroom daily. I learned not to let baking soda vinegar mixture sit overnight as it hardens really well. Ultimately I broke down and used Fabuloso even though I try to use only homemade cleaners. It was the only thing that got rid of the smell.

Carla said...

umm are you aware that you're probably the coolest mom ever? not only do you build everything, you give your children an armory...

i'm taking notes.

LD said...

Sick! (In the good way.) So how do you get the weapons to stay on the wall? I have four boys. We have a weapons bin, but the wall is way better.

Cindy said...

I was hoping for a box big enough for all of them, and an ammo box on the side, knowing full well the ammo box will always be empty :-P That's a great idea tho! We have most of those here too, and a lot of foam or stuffed weapons. Fabric chain mail too! My 6yr old insisted on buying me the "girl" (whiye/pink/purple) Nerf products for my birthday. I swear the aim on the girl's one is purposefully off. Even the Hubs couldn't get it to shoot straight! Talk about stereotypes...