Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Everybody's Doing It.

I can't say this is a universal truth or anything,
but it is my experience that a kitchen backsplash gets really old really quick.
Well, at least loud backsplashs like mine.  My good friend did a similiarish one too and told me she was sick of it after a month.
Here, stare at my bum for a minute while we talk.
Oh, GAH, I am sooo not ready to get back to hoodie weather.  I wear them day and night all winter.  I'm cold-blooded.  Ask my kids.
So, I was kind of over this backsplash a couple years ago.  And I feel guilty about it.  Except I don't all at the same time since they were clearanced to .99 so hello I spent a total of what, like $15? 
And then,
to add fuel to the fire and pour salt in the wound, when I was working on our "other" house (stiillll thankful I just have my house to worry about, sidenote),  I paid to have subway tile put in during the kitchen reno.
It was like I was jealous.  Oddly jealous. 
But I had no idea subway tiles were so cheap!  Did you know they were so cheap?  I didn't know they were so cheap.  And everyone's doing it!  And I still like it.
And so out came the hammers and the spackle knives and the prybars, and within two hours of hammering and sweeping and vacuuming up dust, the kitchen looked like this. 
Don't talk about my maple cabinets like I'm not here! Honestly, and I don't care what the masses say, I like maple. I do. They're staying for a while. Indefinitely. I have no idea what I'd even change them to right now-- I really don't.  Don't say to paint them white, because my husband might punch someone in the face.
I'd like to thank my great AWESOME neighbor buddy who remembered that I said I was starting this little project and showed up, without being asked, with her own tools.  Who even does that kind of awesomeness?  I started on one end and she started on the other and we worked our way in until we were bumping butts and finished with that corner.
Obvs, I had to skim coat the entire area and let that dry,
and then I got to work.  I was freaking determined to make sure my kitchen wasn't torn apart while I took my sweet time-- got this shiz done in one day.  Start to finish.  Which is kind of cheating on drying time and why don't you tell on me.
It's like a whole new kitchen, and I love it.  You know how monochromatic I am, so I'm thinking this is more me.  Subway tile's actually easier than the mosaics, so virtual high five.

 And um, I hope the hubs likes it too.  Was it strategic that I got it all done before he came home?



Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Looks great really brightens up the kitchen. I wish I had a neighbour who came over with tools! As for the hubs here is the rule I live by, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission! Makes projects flow :P

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Looks great really brightens up the kitchen. I wish I had a neighbour who came over with tools! As for the hubs here is the rule I live by, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission! Makes projects flow :P

pogonip said...

Subway is so classic--and I love the peaceful simplicity of it. I'll bet your sweetie approved whole-heartedly!

And thanks for liking wood cabinets! I like white too, but the warmth and look of wood makes my heart sing!

Dara Lynn said...

much better! You are my diy rockstar girlie!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love the new tile. Secondly, I learned in my first year of marriage that unless there is major money or structural damage involved, forgiveness is much easier than permission. He has never hated the end result, but convincing him to try something gives me hives.

Lori said...

My master bath is being done with white subway tile. Not by me this time. Love yours!

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

You're always so funny! I love the new backsplash much better than the mosaic one, you are super fast with your projects I'm a lot jealous ;)

Mixi Applebottom said...

I just did subway tile in my shower and I thought it went up so fast. I should totally do the kitchen...

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

Subway tile is so classic, especially in white. Now can you tell me where you got it from so cheap because this is in my future.

Trina Miner said...

Love the tiles! I have those in our plan when we redo the kitchen next summer.

I also have maple cabinets just like your. I've liked them for 10 years, but now I am ready to divorce them for something younger and sweeter {wink, wink}.

Plan on selling the whole kit and kaboodle on Craig's List to help pay for it.

Happy day to you! Hope the hubs loved it.

Layne Bushell said...

SOOOOO since I'm the friend who hates her "similarish" mosiacs - maybe you and me can get together and get mine all torn out and finished in a day before Rich gets home from work. Then he won't kill me. :) But mine really seriously HAVE TO GO!!!

Libby said...

I like your maple cabinets & they go so well with the subway tiles. Maybe in a couple of years I'll still want subway tiles when we finally get rid of the builder's kitchen I endure.

I like the subway tiles so much better it really brightens up your kitchen. Don't paint the cabinets white...too much white and you might start mistaking the kitchen for heaven!