Friday, August 15, 2014

Stuff I've Learned From Rich People's Houses.

Last year was my first Parade of Homes experience.  I was a parade newb.  And I loved it so.

 This was in last year's parade, and it is still the home of my dreams.

None of the houses this year beat this house.  Not even close.  But I'll let you know if I find a winner in the future.
Allow me to discuss my findings on rich people's homes, won't you?  I've taken the liberty of dividing my notes into three categories:
1.  Trends I see
2.  Unique stuff
3.  Things Mandi must absolutely have one day
Let us begin.
Did you know that rich people have at least 3 washer and dryers?
I believe I counted four different washer sets in the biggest house I visited this time around.  Do you see that this one is tucked into the master closet?!?!  HELLO.  That is. . . that is amazingly lazy.  I love it.
Butler pantries.  Oh.My.Stars. I want a butler pantry.  I don't mean to be all Captain Obvious! on y'all,
but an extra fridge in the pantry?  I die.
Kids' playrooms.  Usually in awkward spaces.  I saw a lot a that.
This awesome house had a boys' playroom,
and a girls' playroom.  Side by side.
This one even had a door inside it that led to the little girl's bedroom.  Get my smelling salts.
Also?  Jack and Jill bathrooms.  Almost every single house had one.
Brick.  I love brick.  This brick is on the ceiling.   That's fairly unique I'd say.
Most unique wall treatment I saw:
Don't like it at all.  But props for creativity.
Check out this bathroom:
Love the wainscoting, and that's a tile mosaic in between the moulding pieces.  Interesting, n'est pas?
Mmkay.  So this is a pantry.  See the Oompa Loompa door?
It leads to the garage so you can easily slide your groceries directly in.  Coolness, right?  I can only begin to imagine the kind of sick and twisted games my kids would pull with that little door if it were in our house.
If I were to build, and I never would, because I know the second I decided on something, I'd change my mind, but ANYWHO--
if I were to build, my shower would absolutely have to be doorless.  And it would have to have 2 showerheads.  Two people showering together.  That's so kinky.
This isn't particularly something I MUST HAVE, it's just more something I believe should be a hard-set decorating rule--
all small spaces and nooks should have built in window seats no one ever really sits in.  They just should.  It's not the law, but it might as well be.
And last, but certainly not least--
I neglected to take a picture of nothing more than this beautiful tub, but just know, that I consider to be thee lap of luxury, and having "made it" in life, is the presence of a TV just for the master bathtub.
I've always wanted a TV near my tub. . . sigh.  Hey Jeffro!  Your wife is calling!  She wants a TV she'll only use 2 times or so a year near the tub!
Thanks for taking this tour with me.  I'd like to thank the Daddy-o and my great friend Rochelle for getting lost with me all around town looking for homes because I'm the last human alive without a smart phone.


Cathie said...

I want the master bath fireplace. Have you seen that? Can you imagine?!

jack said...

I would love love love a shower with no door!! No glass to clean and no shower curtain to clean, oo la la!!

Jackie said...

I have a smart phone, but it's not very smart...I don't text, and don't pay for data usage so no internet. Really, it's just a phone that I carry with me in case the kids need me. It rarely gets used, but I did get three phones calls yesterday.

Jen said...

You're not the last person on earth without a smart phone, because I don't have one, either!! Heck, I still use my awesome, cool Motorola flip phone!! You know, the one everyone HAD to a century ago??!?!? ;)

Neisey said...

I, too, do not have a smart phone. I can't get myself to pay that much a month for one. I love touring much fun!

rose knight said...

Hi Mandi. You are a truly amazing woman. I had a mini tuck and without a doubt , it was the smartest thing I have ever done for myself. It took me years to be okay with what would happen. All I can say is, I should have done it a long time ago. The recovery was good and minimal pain. In fact, I only took two Tylenol with codeine and the rest was just resting and being careful. The most important thing I did was, I did exactly what I was told to do.

My flabby abdomen was never an issue with my husband. It was an issue with me. I used to think, oh just get over it. It is your war wounds for the babies you brought into the world. Well you know what? I never got over it. I said I did and that it was okay. Now, life carries on as usual but for me it is a thousand times better. Even now, the only people who see me are still just my husband and me.

I no longer have to worry if my shirt were to pop up. Not that it does, but I feel better.

If you can afford this, and it is for you, then go for it.

take care, RoseMary