Monday, August 25, 2014

So I'm Over It.

I tole ya I was totally bugged about my new little backyard patio.

I still am, if I think of all the stupid, crappy things the guy I hired did over here.  I hadn't been this disappointed since Episode I.

But ya know--

the guy's not coming back.  He's been paid.  Jeffro and I will probably never hire anything out ever again.  Either we'll do it or it's never getting done.

And ya know, a couple of y'alls smarty pantses left me a comment and told me to use it.  Get it all soot-y and lived in, and enjoy it.  You're soooo, sooo right. 

"Tell your sister. . . you were right. . . "

Sorry.  Watched the Star Wars Trilogy real recently.  ANYWHO,

We had lots of loved family over.  And lots of loved friends over, too.

And we grilled delicious meats, and roasted lots of weiners, and toasted lots of marshmallows, half dressed,

and now I'm okay with it.  I'm over it.  I love the new space.  I wish it twould have been done better.

We could still talk about all the dumb, asinine stuff that got done,

but you know what?

Let's say we did, and then don't.

Because like I said, I'm over it.  And if later, I decide I'm NOT over it, then Jeffro and I will get our buns out there and change things up a bit.

Speaking of changing things up a bit--

we got out there and did a whole lot more.

Made a couple trips for some flagstone pieces,

and put 'em in for a pathyway from the deck to the firepit patio.


a pathway leading out to my side yard, too.  You know, you think in your head that it'll just take a couple minutes to put those stepping stones in the ground.  Not so.  They take an annoying while to get in there and properly leveled.  15 steps of obnoxiousness.

Between you and me, I'm pretty darned excited to get a fire going and sit in the hot tub while the fire crackles nearby.  It sounds cozy and kind of exciting.

We also took down the grill from the deck (holy congestion, Batman), dug out a spot of grass, and laid some more flagstone for it's very own grilling area.  (It really is far enough from the house-- although it sure doesn't look like it in this picture.)

I have dug out soooo much grass this year.  My arms and back should look amazing.  They don't.  But they should.

I've googled and pinterested all kinds of ideas to make this grill area look really purposeful and fabulous, but am coming up dry.  Toying with a stainless steel shelf above it. . . still thinking.


we dug out even more grass and made a few flower beds.  These flower beds are strategic-- nothing grew well here, and it was hard to mow so close to the house.  It's a win-win. 

I grew these zinnias all by myself with 10 cent seeds.  I'm so proud. 

So are we done here?

Yes. No.

Maybe for this season, we're done.  But we've got more plans.  Many, many more plans.  Some trees to line the fence, quite possibly some more beds for shrubs--

but let's do a complete before and after. 



Yeah.  Our yard is small.  We're doing what we can with it.  To quote Jeffro,

"We're polishing a turd."

Well, I have no intentions of moving right now, or ever, so I'll keep on polishing.


Suesan Kennard said...

Looks beautiful. You should have me over to admire it in person since I'm now in Utah (finally)! :D Then I can have you over to admire my even smaller back yard!

Trina Miner said...

I think it is beautiful! I can't see the imperfections that you spoke of. And kids don't need that much space...that is what the road,I mean, the playground is for!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Trina {}

J Young said...

Looks great! Jealous, I am.

Kimbo West said...

man. i would have just thrown those flagstones down on the ground and let gravity work it's magic....but i'm lazy like that.

and if day you wake up and find someone in your hot tub and the fire crackling. no need to be scared....cause it's me.

Neisey said...

Beautiful!! I think I should copy you! ;)