Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Woman's Garage Is Her Own Business.

I believe if you were to ask a neighbor what my garages looked like as they drove past, they'd describe it something along the lines of,
"Sawdust.  Lots and lots of sawdust.  Wood, like everywhere.  Cars can barely fit in there-- just. . . massive explosion of crap."
Tough. But fair.

Hubs used to refer to parking the cars as, "threading the needle."  It was that tight.
Dudes, I got on my horse, and I cleaned this thing.  Again.  (Is this my 3rd declaration of a garage cleanse?  I believe so.)
But you know what's different this time? 
I know where every.single.thing is.  I organized the crap out of the entire area.  And it took me forever, but it was so satisfying.
Hot tub stuff? 
Gathered from the four corners of the earth.
Seeds.  Contained.
Spray paint.  Banned from future purchases.
Tape.  Any type.  I got it.
Hammers.  I had no idea we had this many hammers.  Hey Jeffro, we can stop buying hammers now.
Oh, oh!  This is one of my favorites:
I complain that I spend half my working time searching for the proper tools.  Main items constantly disappearing? 
1.  A tape measurer
2.  A pencil
3.  Eye/ear protection
Boom.  One container.  It's all it takes.

Can we all see how not knowing where stuff is just leads to buying it over and over and over???
I have a wall of levels and squares now.  Hee.
Holy hardware.

I told the hubster not to go anywhere near the hardware aisle without consulting "the drawers" first.

Going through mounds and mounds of hardware took me the longest by far, but it was sooo worth it.  It's like a miracle.  I can walk straight to anything I need now--

plumbing crap?  There's a crate for that.  Electrical, too.  Glue, yard chemicals, outdoor toys, balls, you name it--

I can find it.  I'm so happy I could cry.

Notice I'm not showing you the bigger picture.  To the layman's eyes, it's still cats and dogs living together in here, mass hysteria.

But we know better, don't we?  And if I can't display old license plates out in the garage, where can one display their plates? 

Hey.  If you have an old license plate lying around, could I talk you into sending it to me?  I'd love to collect some.  I don't want to put you out, though.  I don't want it to cost a lot or anything.

So I love it in my "new" garage.  It's so refreshing. 

But just know that the lumber pile is still completely out of control.  I'm working on it.

Do me a favor and ask me if I have what you need before you go to the lumber yard, okey dokey?


Juli G said...

I. Am. So. Jealous.

Janelle said...

I want you to know that I noticed your garage the other day and I was so impressed. Good job!

Rach said...

I may have some plates...but they aren't that old. A neighbor saw my old collection in our house and brought over some. Email me and I'll send pics. I like you so I'll send them from Vegas. : )

Rebecca D said...

I am impressed! Come do my basement next? I'll buy the lobster!! :)

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

At least you got your cars in, we have a 4 car garage and can't fit one in there. It's winter here at present but you've inspired me to put it on the spring clean list. Oh and if I find a plate you can have one from here in Australia, I will warn you that it doesn't have a roo or boomerang to be seen though :)

Zefi said...

Great work. I organise and declutter my workshop area at least twice a year and it always ends up looking like Berlin after WWII in about a week. WHY? Cause every time I find something I want to work on, or need to take something to the shed to be put away, I just put it there and the pile grows as I try to work around it... resulting in another WWII scenario which needs hours of clearing up. Again.

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

My hubs can never find a measuring tape or screw driver it seems. And one day he stole my brand new Sharpie from the house to use in the garage and other scary places. If it's any consolation, he also says he spends half his time looking for the right tool.

Neisey said...

Love it! Good job!