Monday, July 28, 2014

I Don't Wanna Talk About It. And Yet, Here We Are Talking About It.

I'm not one to be picky.  One look at my house will prove I'm not picky.  I've never sent a plate back at a restaurant, and I'm definitely not one to correct and criticize,
but the addition to my backyard?  I am not happy.  NOT.HAPPY. 
This is my fault-- Jeffro didn't even want what I talked him into.  And I should have been out there making decisions and ensuring that what got done out there met my approval, but I am just not one to bust people's chops.  I trust too much. 
Here's my new patio.  I love my rocking chairs.  I like what I planted behind the retaining wall.  
We are purposely taking a look-see from afar.  Because it is a Monet.  From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess.
PLEASE please, if you weighed in on my patio decisions, and I didn't follow your expert advice, then I do deserve a big ole "I TOLE YOU SO!", but can I just talk you into only a small neener neener?  Because I'm pretty bugged about this whole thing--
I'm not saying I'm crying myself to sleep in my big pillow at night, but I'm seriously bugged about the whole fiasco.  It wasn't cheap, I don't even know what he squared the patio on, the dude did a crappy job-- the color is like?  I don't even know.  It's like terra cotta pot out there--
Just go easy on me, okay?  I made a big, expensive, hard to fix, BAD choice.  Why don't you just give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it, okay? 
And you know, it's one thing if I go out there and screw up my own dang yard-- but it's another that I paid good money for it to be all effed up.
I need to calm down.  Cleansing breaths.  Deep, cleansing breaths.
Here.   A better picture.  My yard, overall, is sooo much less trashy.  The flowers have filled out--
I love it at night out there--
in the meantime, I'm going to try to fix the color out there this week, and perhaps add some flagstone to the firepit.  Or maybe I'll just throw up my hands and accept it as it is.  I don't know.  Go easy on me.  I've already beat myself up over it enough as is.


Rebecca D said...

I have never shown my built-in fire pit area on my blog for the same reason... I paid good money for it and I too am just not happy. It kills me when people come over and compliment me on it... I think either you are a liar or have questionable standards. I wish I'd kept the patio furniture with the fire pit/table thing... Ah well...

Nicku said...

As an outsider, I think it looks completely ok. Based on other outdoor fire pits it looks like the pit just needs to be built up a touch higher. That might not be the hardest fix! Plus, it's still all naked in the area, no plants or anything. Put some palms or something tall in the pots for additional height/layers and I think it'll turn out to be an area you love <3

Anonymous said...

We've all done it. Don't feel too bad and be very grateful you can paint paving and plants hide a multitude of sins!

pogonip said...

Your guests will remember the FUN they had around your firepit, not the color of your pavers! And I'd be honest and tell your guy that it's not what you envisioned and see what he might suggest. Can't hurt!

cathgrace said...

I a huge detail person, so I totally get what you mean when you aren't happy (even if a color is a shade off, it will ruin things for me) Have you thought about using a concrete acid stain? that will durably change the color, and you could maybe get a little closer to what you are looking for?

I think your back yard looks lovely, and it looks like a magical place to entertain, and I am sure you will see that too once you get past the sting of paying for what you aren't happy with!

Libby said...

I'm not too sure what you actually don't like about it so here's my two bits:
~the pavers will discolour with time and kids (spilt food etc., you know kids can do amazing things with little material)
~it looks kinda barren there so, MORE PLANTS! It's new so it'll take time to settle in
~Maybe a old multi-paned window frame (sans glass) painted either a dark colour or bright colour or peeling white paint hung on the fence centred over the pit.
~Vines up the fence and around the window frame. Roses? Hops grow really large and fast. Clemetitis (spelling?) has beautiful flowers
~You could plant some creeper plants that'll grow between the paver blocks. If there's space there and judging from my house, there seems to be always space for plants to squeeze into.

Have a bonfire to initiate it. A little soot will make it more homey.

Otherwise, you could grow to love it.

Heather said...

We had the guys who jacked up--I mean built--our fire pit come back four times. The first time, they had to completely take it down and start from scratch. I'd have your guy come back You paid good money--He needs to make it right. I'd maybe have it built up a little bit. On ours, we had them put rock on the outside to get rid of the built-up-paver look and then added slabs of rock/slate around the top to make the opening look bigger and add more room to stack s'mores around the edges. Does that make any sense? So it looks kind of like this, but not so ginormous:;_ylt=AwrB8pZDg.RTKh0Ai1aJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIzOHJwdWkxBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMxZGMwYTdiNTI2NGE0ZmNkYWY0ZjJlZTZkMmE4MWVjNQRncG9zAzYyBGl0A2Jpbmc-?
(Holy biggest link ever! Sorry!) I like having "the pit" up higher though because 1) It's harder for the tiny humans to fall into it, 2) when my husband starts a fire with a gallon of gasoline, it makes the mushroom cloud look bigger, and 3) It's lots easier to sit on our chairs and roast marshmallows instead of having to bend over more. You could also do something like make a rounded bench (like in the pic). We did that, as well, but the stone bench has a low back and then we built up a little shrubbery area behind it. The shrubbery (I love that word!) keeps the area cooler and looks awesome with little solar yard lights. We used retaining bricks covered in stone (like the pit) and then slate (like the top of the pit) for the seats. Just a thought...

Carolyn Dennis said...

We just did an acid stain on our patio... it turned out amazing, and took less than 30 mins of work (plus a lot of hours of watching acid dry... which is much more entertaining than watching paint dry since it changes colors dries). Sherman Williams has several different colors... just made sure you ask for the ACID... not the water based stuff.

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

Ha, I just got a bad haircut and it happened pretty much the same way. And I payed and tipped too.