Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Deck In A Day. It's The Family Way.

I have been working my Ay Ess Ess off the last little bit--
indoor projects, outdoor projects, other people's projects--

I'm tired, and apparently have been too busy to actually talk about them.  Well, now.  I wanna talk.  Let's talk.
I coerced the Daddy-o into allowing us all to help in getting his deck at the Lakehouse done. 
We were all gonna be there-- 8 able bodied adults--
and as we all know, many hands make light work.  N'est pas?
This was hard for the Daddy-o, as he is always a one-man show.  He does things all by himself, and he never asks for assistance.  He'll just figure out how to get it done on his own. 
His house?  Built it all by hisself.  With the exception of asking his father and father-in-law to help pull up the walls when they were ready to go.  It's his way.  It is the way of our people.
I'm proud of you, Daddy-o, for taking this huge step.
it wasn't really a deck in a day, as one of our trips to the lakehouse consisted only of digging and pouring the cement footings, BUT,
all the actual lumber and trex work was a 24 hour process.
So, um, do you need help getting your deck done?
'Cause at this point Jeffro and I are going semi-pro at it.  More Jeffro than me, really.  We all laid that trex until we couldn't see anymore.  And then we used flashlights to finish up the last few pieces. Oh yes, we dit-id.
You can see the deck is not actually connected to the lakehouse.  It's set up on the hill.  This is so you can watch people zipline past,
gaze up at the stars, and personally, what I've always wanted to do. . .
launch water balloons into the RV park down below.  Heh.  Heheheh.  Also, my mother took this picture, and I'm pretty sure that's her arm on the right. 
I'm in my jammies back there.  That's so hot. 
Hey Jeffro, I think you have definitely indicated your college allegiance, there.  But I guess we could get you a hat and some matching socks and shoes too.  Just to make it completely clear.
And. . .
 it was everything I ever hoped for.  The water balloon part, that is.
Except for the fact that they don't quite make it into the RV park.  But that's good since I don't feel like getting sued right now.


Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Why yes, I do need help with my deck. Thanks for asking!

Rach said...

College allegiance...made me crack up.
The deck looks awesome!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Awesome, my kids who won't quit reading over my shoulder, even when I tell them how annoying it is, and that I will soon smack their faces... they want to see it when the house gets built onto it...

And love the college allegiance.
I have a degree from there, but no T-shirt or shorts... I was kinda proud of that fact 15 years ago, but now I think I need me some Navy Blue.

Debra Joy @ jubilee life said...

Hey Mandi, I'm just commenting because I stumbled on a we page today that I think is using one of your pictures (of your daughter) without permission. There was no credit or link or anything. I just felt like I should let you know. The link is here: