Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's My Kind Of Disneyland.

I will have you know, that once upon a time, we were a very adventurous family.

We lived in lots of states, and we took nearly every opportunity we could to visit every awesome place we could within driving distance.

Until we moved "home".  With the exception of the lakehouse, we barely slip out the front door.  I don't know why this is, but I do know that we are boring.

BUT (I like big but's and I cannot lie) last week, we finally took that business trip to California with the hubs that I've been talking about for-ever.

("For-ever.   For-ever."  Name that movie.)

Oh!  Wait a second.  We had a theme song for the trip.  You should listen to this fabulous song, right now.  Really.

Okay.  Let's move on.

Say that you always say "California" the Governator way. Say it.  ("Cal-ee-for-nee-ya".  Sure you do.  Or at least you should.)

I discovered that "MONTEREY" is actually "TREMAYNE" all mixed up, if you switch the "O" to be an "A", of course.  Well, my mind's blown.
I was pretty worried about taking my butt munches on this vacay, since I felt it was more adult-like-- but to my great surprise,

it was pretty darned great.

I feel the need to point out that we are missing a child in this picture.  It's because we're "embarrassing."

Yeah, our 10 year old thinks we're embarrassing. You should know this, just in case you get caught talking to me.   Or if you consider us friends.  I'm embarrassing people!  Watch out. 

(I haven't even begun to be embarrassing.?.  I feel hurt.  Confused.  I'll show him embarrassing.  Just wait 'til we take you on this family-sized surrey ride tomorrow, son.  That could be considered embarrassing.)

But guess what.  Don't get mad. 

We didn't go to Disneyland.

Don't hate! 

I couldn't talk the hubs into it, and besides, I've spent the buttload on the backyard, and can't justify almost $600 for one day at the disney.  The backyard--  It's just snowballed.  We need to talk about the backyard, really soon.  I need to get it all out.  Promise me we can talk about it.

So, I actually have a point, here.  The point is,

not quite a year ago, my uncle was in my home, looking over my latest built-in, and he was all,

"Ever heard of the Winchester Mystery House?"

I hadn't.

"Well, your house is kinda like that--

construction never stops."

Instantly, the Winchester Mystery House was on my very small life's to-do list.  I've been so excited to go, and this was my opportunity.  It's kinda like my personal disneyland, if you will.

So, um, pictures aren't allowed inside the mansion, so I didn't even bother bringing out my big camera, but I kind of sneaked some phone pics. . .

I'm gonna get sued.

Can I just say how totally ridiculously and unnecessarily accomplished I feel for making something on my life's to-do happen this week?

(The room filled with 2 million dollars worth of awesome decor stuff)

I am.  Gold star on my forehead.

Had everyone heard of the Winchester Mystery House, besides me?  I know there's a couple theories floating around to why an heiress to a huge fortune would build such a wonky house with strange passageways (afraid of ghosts?), doors that go to nowhere (a freemason puzzle?), stairs to the ceiling, and so forth--

and whatever the truth is, one thing's for certain: the woman was crazy.  And not like crazy "haha". 
Crazy crazy insane.

(The crazy easy-rider steps in the house)

(stairs to nowhere)
(grand ballroom)

Anyway, yeah, it costs a lot to visit, but I loved it.  I asked the hubs what he thought, and he said he too was glad he went, but he wouldn't do it again.  Wha?

"It's not like you're going to go home with awesome architectural ideas."  he says.  True, true.  I just don't see why I can't be a billionaire.  I just know I'd be awesome at it.  Awesomer, anyway.


Janelle said...

Fun! I love to see your pictures and read your hill-air-ee-ous words.

I drive by your house multiple times a day and I would be very mad if you did NOT talk about the amazingness that is going on back there.

Jasi said...

Haha! I've always been curious about that house too but too freaked out to visit. Glad when you post. I'm so split between wanting you to have a real life out there and wanting you to blog more for my amusement. Anyway, wishing you the best.

Libby said...

It looks like you didn't have time for Disneyland. Next time I hit the big LA area I have a boat load of stuff to do. I've been to DL as an 11yr. old and as a mom of a Returning Missionary (picked him up there) so I'm fine. (It wasn't so horridly expensive as a Canadian cuz they wanted our cash so they had specials. But then, I was only buying for 3 not 5).

I think the Winchester House is on my LA hit list now. In addition to their flea markets. Thanks for telling us about it!

I look forward to the backyard reveal. Even if Ty won't be there. (Hey Michael from Extreme Makeovers HE's shop is in the LA area...we HAD to visit it. I bought a frame...the HUGE light fixture wouldn't fit in my take-on bag.

Melissa said...

LOVE the Winchester Mystery House. I spent my early years in San Jose.. and finally visited on a teenage trip back to CA. :) Loved some of her ideas, but wondered about some at the same time. Much like I do to myself! :D
Thank you for this blog! You've given me so many great ideas (copies) that I've done to our house! Please keep up the great work, because I just can't think up great ideas, like you! :P

cathgrace said...

Oh my goodness if I could ever retire anywhere in the world, it would be Monterrey Bay CA, we will never be rich enough to do it, but I flipping heart it. I would open a boutique where I could sell my weaving and crafts to rich people who spend a lot on souvenirs, and I would eat nothing but fresh seafood..... not that I sit day dreaming about it at all.

M Ripples said...

The Winchester House is on my to do list. I've wanted to go for years.

ECKDesign said...

LOVED the Winchester House and its spookiness. Did you see any of its ghosts? :)

J Young said...

We went there on our honeymoon!
Well, not JUST there... that would be weird, but we stopped there on our way up the coast.
And no wonder you didn't go to Disneyland! Anaheim is nowhere near Monterey, how would you have pulled that off? :) Sounds like you guys had an awesome sauce trip as is, embarrassing your children and all. :)

Ana Moly said...

Yay! As a native of SF bay area, I'm always so happy when people realize there is more to California than LA :)
Now I'm wondering if you made it to Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk?

Alesa Larsen said...

I love the Winchester House. I have visited it several time and am more convinced or her craziness with each visit. Looks like you had a great trip. I love Disney, but I also love visiting CA and not going there. Can't wait to see the backyard.

Elisha Albretsen @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture said...

Winchester Mansion has been #1 on my bucket list since I saw Rose Red. Also, I always thought your hair was blonde. Please tell me its red. I will love you more if your hair is red!

Jen said...

Embarrassing!??!! That struck my funny bone, for some reason! Landon is ALWAYS talking about J and how funny he is. Apparently, they make each other laugh all the time!

Pattie Moss said...

You are just so cool. Now I wanna go to the Winchester House. haha. I've always wanted to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so has the hubs so maybe you've inspired me. I could see the Jelly Belly factory too. Cuz candy is so cool you know. :D Love your new deck. Now mine looks so ugly. What the heck!