Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Dweam Within A Dweam.

The one non-selling point of our home for the hubs,
was the backyard.  He was so crazy disappointed with our backyard.
It's just so dinky.  There's not even a point of showing you a picture.
So hold that thought--
did you get your tax return?  We did.  We get all crazy every year, and we take it, and we put it in savings.  It's so exciting.  Except this year, to my everlasting surpreese, the hubs is all,
"So what do we wanna do with our tax return this year?"
Like we've been all spendy in years past.  And we haven't.
Well, I wanna live my dweam.  The dweam within a dweam.  You know what I want.  I talk about it allllll the time.
It's time.  Let's carpe the heck out of this diem.  Let's give the backyard a little face lift.
And now I'm starting to dry heave.  You know,
I like to think of the backyard as an extra "room", if you will.  Untapped space to entertain.  Except the thing is,
if I had a room in my house we weren't using, the cost to decorate it is sooooo much less than the materials of the crap I've bought in the last week. 
I'm kinda sick about it, y'all.  I'm refinishing the deck with trex.  (Or a trex imposter but nobody cares).
This pallet of 16 footers-- I can't even talk about the price.  I'm freaking out.  
But it's too late!  We must press on!
(table and chair set I bought.  $299.  That I can swallow.)
So wish me luck.  I'm trying to get all this crazy crap finished while the hubs is at work.  Surprise him with a refinished deck 'n stuff.   I love surprises.  Can you see how concerned I am that he'll read this and ruin the surprise?
HEY JEFFRO!!!  I'm spending all your money while you're at work! 
See.  Not worried.  That's kind of sad isn't it?


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Have I mentioned before that you are complete rockstar in my book? I am totally wimping out about a teeny tiny project I am trying to get started on, and you are builing an OUTDOOR ROOM. You are inspiring, lady!!!

Janelle said...

Super- duper! I can't wait to see it.

Carla said...

ooh can't wait to see. And I agree with Lisa, you're kinda awesome!

Lori said...

The nail gun would have woke him up from the dream anyway. No surprise there. Have fun!

Rebecca D said...

So exciting... We are doing "the outside" this year so I can't wait to be inspired by yours!!

OSr Group said...

Super post. I love it.
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Rach said...

Good luck! Hope it's going well....

Libby said...

sigh, when I first read this I was excited because our snow was finally almost all gone then today it snowed again. Did anyone tell Mother Nature it's April??? I scoff at 'global warming'. yeah right. Instead of a wonderful deck we should build a sauna or igloo