Monday, November 18, 2013

The Follow Up.

Hi there.  Me again.
Do you remember, way back in September, when we got all close and personal and talked about money?
Specifically, your grocery budget?  Yours and mine?  And people left me these totally awesome comments talking about what they spend and why?

And I told you that one month I added up all my grocery expenditures, and it was over $1,000?

Except I accidentally added a zero like a dufus so it really said $10,000?

Is your memory feeling refreshed?  You remember because of the extra zero, don't you. 

Then, remember how I was going to try out planning all my meals in an attempt to save a buttload?

Well, I tried that.  Back in September.

And I'm just reporting on it now, since we did that crazy A Moulding Month thing for all of October where we created all those crappy projects to paint and I still have a gigantic sawdust disaster in the garage 'n all--

And so, here we are.  So it has come to this.

Here's my report:

people, this actually works.  It totally works.  I wrote up my grocery list, I mostly stuck to it, I shopped for half a month's worth of groceries, including all meals and snacks. . .

guess how much I spent? 


I was shock. Ed.  Awe. Ed.  I was like, "Dude.  DUDE."  If I just do that one more time for the 2nd half of the month?  Under $300 for a month's worth of groceries?  Don't mind if I do!

That could have happened.  If I would have just been disciplined.  Stuck to my guns.  Been responsible.  Acted my age.

But then, we went on this little trip,

and it's just freaky how this picture is moving around. It's like the Harry Potter newspaper,

and anyways-- this picture is distracting me--

and boom.  I go to the store, I buy all these treats because heaven forbid if we like, hit a deer and careened off the road on the way up to the lake and then all we had to eat was the food in the car and then we had to resort to picking the least loved child and munching on them so I better bring a lot,

and I spent over $100 just on one stinking weekend trip.

Is this just me that does this?  A huge bag of chocolate, 3 bags of chips, tons of pop (or soda if you don't live in Utah), string cheese, yogurt, fruit. . .

suddenly I've doubled my stupid grocery bill for one weekend. 

But it was all very delicious. 
But not $100 delicious.

And then everything just kind of. . . turned to crap.  I didn't do well at all for the rest of the month.  I was like a dog to his vomit.  I went back to my old, dirty ways.  Since I'm pretty wordy today, let's do this in bullet point format, shall we?

What Mandi Thinks About A Grocery Budget/List/Strict Plan Thingy

*  It really does work.  Less junk is bought.  Money is saved.

*It's not fun and it kind of sucks. 

*Mandi really enjoys going to the grocery store a lot and buying fresh foodstuffs.  It feels like the biggest sacrifice of the "Spending Cleanse" by far.  My shoes have holes in the soles and I don't even care, but dang it I want my fridge full.

*It sucks when you run out of fruit one week in to your grocery plan

*I got a little freaky after that and then kind of hoarded food in the month of October, so I guess I have more food issues than I previously thought.

And finally,

will I try this again?  I definitely should.  That is too crazy of a money savings not to.  With a little tweaking, this could work for me. 


Mrs BC said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, you did a great job for your first attempt. baby steps! Small grocery bills mean family holidays, and that always means car snacks. Great job!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Still a huge saving, It really does work but Im kind of crap at keeping with it. Seriously if you enjoyed your trip it was worth it. It's not what you do sometimes it's what you do most of the time so get back on it :)

Shirley Moore said...

Ok, I seriously want to know what was on the list for TWO weeks worth of meals, that you only spent $128 dollars???? I can do that in meat, for heaven's sake! please, please email me the list?? Cause you're a peach, and all...:)

stephaniegiese said...

I fall off the wagon all the time too. $128 for two weeks is awesome, though! Don't get discouraged. You still saved your family more than $300 that month!

I sort of ration our fruit, does that sound bad? I buy a bunch of the cheap stuff, like bananas, and some in season stuff (apples and oranges/clementines are really cheap here right now).

Then I try to make it stretch, like instead of giving each kid a whole banana at breakfast, I slice one banana and they each get slices on top of their yogurt. Same thing with the apples, I slice one or two apples and give them slices instead of giving them each a whole piece.

Kylie said...

I do meal planning with a vengeance. My husband is a grad student, so we are VERY limited in what we can spend right now, and there is no room for extras. But the only way it works for me is if I go to the store once a week. Because we need milk and fresh fruit. And also, because planning two weeks' worth of meals is too much work. I can do it 7 days at a time though, that's way easier. Good luck!

Sugar3 said...

I'm still working on figuring out the perfect method too...but I have found that I figure out two weeks at a time and do a big shopping trip for the whole list at the start of the first week for everything except produce for the second week (and milk). Then I do a second trip for produce and - this is secret - I only take a basket - not a cart. Its heavy and full by the time I get milk and produce and I don't want to walk the rest of the store :) Good luck!! And don't be too hard on yourself!

kkasun said...

I only have a family of three, but I do the weekly meal planning thing and usually average about $90 per week (including household supplies). I think a month is WAY to long to plan out realistically, but I bet if you broke it into weekly shopping trips, it wouldn't be so hard? And I totally buy what I want, I just don't feel the need to horde or buy random useless things. And I totally spend that much for trips. It is part of what makes trips fun!

Libby said...

haha when I was scrolling through your blog I thought you said that with a little "twerking" you'd do it again!

You can have your fresh stuff & budget, set aside funds for the fresh stuff and buy them (and ONLY them) during the week. Buying fresh stuff in larger amounts only feeds the compose pile (or fridge drawer).

WhettenWild said...

I think you did great1 Those are some great tips!