Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hi. Mandi here.

Hi, friend.
So, like,
I do this thing, where I see something cool on Pinterest, like this:
and then I just haaaave to do it nowNowNOW for like everyone I ever met, and I go buy materials for it,
like so,

and I think this is gonna be super fun, because it's so non-painty of a project, and I can totally handle stain 'n stuff,

and then reality rears its ugly head.

And I headed over to the Daddy-o's house to borrow his band saw,

and regard that these are not my hands.  2 reasons for this:

1.  I suck at using the band saw
2.  I suck at using the band saw

Also, I needed to take a picture, so the Daddy-o filled in. 

Next time I'm sticking to a scroller saw.  The scroller saw and I understand each other.  Mostly.  Somewhat.

And I sanded all the wavy ins and outs with the Daddy-o's cool sander thingy.

And I stained them a nice esssss-presso color.  I finding staining to be so choice.  It's so fast and non torturous.

And then I got to slap a cool little journal on because I'm a journal dweeb and I've got something to give to my visiting teaching peeps. 
(Visiting Teaching: it's a Mormon thing.  It's basically how we watch over and care for the ladies in our neighborhood-- we check in on each other, see how we can help, offer love 'n support, etc.  It's pretty cool.) 
Here's the thing:

I've started and/or finished half a dozen little projects like this, and then I wimp out and don't give them to anyone because my great! idea suddenly seems lame and dumb and no one would want my handmade junk anyhow.

I'm gonna do this this time.  I am.  I think.


rose knight said...

I think it would be nice if the Visiting Teaching you do as Mormons was something more people did.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I know that feeling but I think that would be a great gift idea and if you're nervous about the handmade gift just team it with something small

mommymeezer said...

That is awesome...what kind of wood did you use?

Jackie said...

They will love it.

Mandy Beyeler said...

you could always just give it to me instead - - so cool!!

Suesan Kennard said...

Come visit teach me in Ohio while I'm still here. I will totally take the journal-leaf because if it's made by you, that's good enough for me.

-Lisa said...

Are you kidding me Mandi??!! This is a great gift! Especially the wooden leaf for Thanksgiving. It is unique and best of all handmade. Heck I would even buy one off of you just to be able to use it as a tray like in the first photo you shared. I love it!

gina said...

Umm.. I'll take one =) Awesome job!

dougssunrise said...

Absolutely love it, but I completely understand what you're saying about chickening out.

I make things all the time and feel the same way. It's not perfect, it's not cool, it's not trendy...

I have finished projects all over looking for a home.

Do it! Give the gift. It's wonderful, and deserves a wonderful home.

The Armstrong Article said...

so, when I saw those awesome leaves you were planning to make, then read the line about giving them away as gifts I totally totally thought "oh, I hope she's making one for me!". then I realized that you don't know me and that i'm a blog stalker. parade rained on.
on a related note, they turned out awesome and I know anyone who gets one will LOVE it!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love the idea of the visiting teaching. How cool is that?? And I LOVE your leaves… are the best. That is such an awesome and unique gift, I love it!!

Rach said...

OH MY LANDS. (you can totally tell I'm LDS by that statement huh)
I made cork leaf ones from Martha Stewart's website last year and I wanted to give them to my VT buddies, but chickened out. So I kept them for myself, and they are awesome. I so wish I had the saw to do these though!! I'd be all over that!
They look amazing. Anyone would love them: 100%.

james and bess said...

I think you should totally give them out - the ladies can use them as part of a centerpiece or prop them up on a mantel or it's a stylish and seasonal paddle! (They all have kids, right?) I'm just kidding.... sort of... depends on the day. :)


Deanna said...

Will you come be MY visiting teacher?!?!? Mine haven't come in over a year. *sulking* I think what you've done is beautiful, and if they don't appreciate it, feel free to give 'em my addy (cause you don't know me, and don't have it! LOL!) and I'll pay for postage. LOL!

WhettenWild said...

They turned out super cute!

Lori said...

DO IT! If my VT showed up with that, I'd be so stoked. Much better than stale cake!

The Stump Clan said...

So cute!! Where did you find that journal? Love it!

Olga G said...

Those look great! Just saw this, made me think of you

Kylie said...

Those are amazing - anyone would be totally thrilled!!!

Layne Bushell said...

As one formerly taught by the one and only amazing YOU, I would LOVE that gift! What a fabulous idea because it's made by you, from you! If you wimp out, you know where I live ;) Happy Birthday

RachelK said...

I know you've already had 20 people say it, but seriously. That. Is. Awesome. And I would love a gift like that, so I know your neighbor ladies would too! And it's handmade! It's from the heart! I like exclamation points!

And I know this isn't your birthday post, but I just want to add happy very late birthday. I hope it was wonderful and that your husband spent a million dollars on you to make up for forgetting it.