Friday, October 4, 2013

These Projects Would Be Totally Fun If I Didn't Have To Paint Them.

My daughter has this like, tactic--
the second she sees me getting into a project (snapping on the tape measurer, dragging out the air compressor), she begs me to play barbies.  BEGS.  Pleads.  Manipulates.
And I can't blame her.  I mean, I am a totally fun barbie player.  I do provide top notch entertainment.  It's like a Telemundo soap opera in the doll house over here.  There's always a party, boyfriends get stolen, cat fights--
yeah.  I've done this to myself.  Next time all Barbies are going to church, and they have to sit there and shut up for like 3 hours.  That'll solve the problem.
Anyhow, today's project got done during preschool, for the above reasons. 
I love this picture.  All the white-- the black doors--
I don't know whose picture this is.  Sorry.  But I really like your house!
Notice that not only does this shot have chair rail, but an extra piece below it, and I believe it definitely accentuates.  Heightens.  Adds depth.  Character. 
We should do this in the family room. 

Remember when I put in box moulding so that I could hide it with furniture? 
 Let's add that spee-ecial little piece of moulding below.
I love this little trim from Lowe's.  I use it all the time.
*you need to hold teeny pieces of moulding super tight, and fairly (SAFELY) close to the blade. 
They can get caught and eaten by the blade if the piece is all loosey goosey.  Or, in my case once, it'll grab the piece and chuck it across the garage, and you'll nearly wet yourself.
*Turn down the air compressor if you can.  Brad nails can split little pieces and you have less a chance of that with less air pressure.
Alright!  Let's move the furniture!
Ya know, I like to think I run a house with not too many rules, but one of my rules?
DON'T eat on the couch.  Also, stop eating all the freaking chocolate chips, Kip.  Dang kids.
And so I got to work. 

 I used my little level as a level and a spacer between my chair rail.  Ain't that handy?  Two birds with one stone. 
And then I was like, aaaaah crap, guess I better take this up the stairs, too.  And I got screwed doing all these freaky-like angles. 
 But I like it.  Also I'm not sure why I never fix my blinds before a picture. 
Now someone come touch it up for me.


Lorilyn Crum said...

I seriously love October and this series had made the month that more delicious. We have an upstairs and basement remodel we are brainstorming and I am definitely seeing wainscoting of some sorts in our future.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Can you do 31 days of molding every month? That would make me so very happy! Love this little added detail, but OY those stair angles give me the heeby jeebies. You are my hero, per usual.

Samantha said...

I love it! It adds the sexy to this room!

-Lisa said...

I want the sexy sectional. I love it!

The Peytons said...

Why. Aren't. Your. Windows. Framed?!

...I just expected every window in your home to have moulding. Especially those big beautiful ones in your front room.

MsKree8 said...

Your projects are awesome and you crack me up!!! <3

The Miller Five said...

Beautiful! You are amazing. Love your humor. Your posts are great to read.