Tuesday, October 22, 2013


When I was first thinking on Moulding Month, I was thinking I'd reserve this last wall to do something spontaneous.  Crazy.  Completely, totally different from anything else I'd ever done.
I changed my mind.  This room is my son's window bed room.
Remember this project?  Biggest nightmare headache piece of crap project I ever took on?
(I need to do some "frown" up there.  It's on my to-do list.)
This room already has a moulding motif of beadboard, and I need to stick to that.  Keep some congruity.  Don't I?
Course I do.  Let's get right to this.  No more explanations! 
Behold!  The wall before!

Does anyone even say "Behold!" anymore?  Besides Satan?  ("Yes, Satan?  Ooh. . .sorry.  I thought you were somebody else." name that movie.)
So this wall is opposite the window bed.  I made that chalk/peg board eons ago-- it was one of my very first building projects.  It was a Pottery Barn knockoff and I thought I was the best mom ever.
It's been used probably 3 times, and not for 3 years.  Kids-- can't live with 'em, can't--
never mind.
And. . .drumroll. . .. the after:
I really like it.  I just threw up some random crap up there so you can see that he's now got a little picture ledge to use at his discretion. 
Oh my heck I think this room needs to be repainted-- this beige has pinky undertones that I can't even deal with.
The breakdown of materials:
It's as simple as that.  I could have routed my MDF and given it a fancy edge, but I didn't, and I'm totally okay with it.
The biggest pain (besides the painting-- it's always the painting) of this project was cutting out holes for the three outlets I had on this wall.

But I will tell you what,

the Daddy-o picked me up this badical multitool at Harbor Freight last weekend (Thanks, Daddy-o!)-- this thing, it's unreal.  It's amazing.  It's magically delicious--

Normally with other multitools I've tried, it takes me 5-10 minutes to cut through beadboard.  This thing took me 30 seconds.  Shocked and awed.

So whadaya think?

I guess. . . technically. . .the wall to the right is actually thee final wall that could be mouldified.  I always think it doesn't count 'cause that front-facing bookcase I built is screwed into the wall.  But let us not speak of it now.  It's too soon. 


Jackie said...

I totally borrowed that same tool to cut our the wall outlets for my sewing room from a friend. Handy little thing. Your cut outs are way better than mine, mostly because I have no idea what I was doing.

J Young said...

Ohh, I love that wall. We recently bought beadboard to do our front entry and we bought really small chair rail to cap it off... but now I am regretting that decision, I like what you did much better... hmmm...

james and bess said...

LOVE the beadboard! i wish we could do it in our house, but we have those gross orange-peel walls and rounded corners where walls meet. btw - can you tell me why builders do that? who wants walls to be rounded at the corners?! it makes adding trim and anything else architecturally interesting a logistical nightmare. :(


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

oooooooooooo that looks so good. I can't get over how you just whip this stuff up like it's nobody's biz.ness. This is probably a stupid question, but do you cut everything at home? I haven't used a table saw yet and was thinking of using a sheet of MDF to do board and batten.

Saba Jean said...

I never know the movies in your "name that movie" line. I'm too lazy to google it. Can you give us lazy people a break and give us the answers at the end of your post?

Anonymous said...

I love this! So cool! "Got any more of that gum Ace?"

Samantha said...

Amazing!! It looks beautiful and it looks better for not being routed, sometimes a flat edge is a good edge!

Rach said...

Loving the 1 x 6 piece you used! Looks fabulous...