Sunday, October 27, 2013

Run. Don't Walk.

Important breaking news. 
I'm almost pretty kind of sure, that the foam moulding I love and adore is on it's way out.  I mean, I'm not sure SURE, but my Lowe's has stopped carrying it.
I don't know how I can go on. 
 Do you know what moulding I'm talking about?  It's typically covered in plastic? 
Like this stuff?  I have it
Or this?
Which I have here?
And here?
(on the top)
And here and here and here and. . .
(below the mantel shelf)
(on top of my big mirror)
Yeah.  It's gone-zo. 
Lost and all alone.  I always thought that I could make it on my own. . .
Yeah, that's a song. 
Anyhow,  run.  Don't walk to your nearest hardware store and let me know if you're seeing this stuff at yours, okay?  Buy what's left of it!  All of it!  What are we going to do?
So that's why I got these bad boys for dirt cheap.  'Cause they are moving this stuff out.
If memory serves me, and it hardly ever does, these were $7 a piece.  They are now $1. 
So I bought the rest of the box.   That's the only thing that made sense to me.
Do you want some?
And. . . for kicks 'n giggles. . . I started just sticking them on my ceiling.  Yes friends-- it's ceiling moulding day.
Just for the record!
I absolutely ADORE a coffered ceiling.  I prefer it by far.  I love it and I love it and I love it amen.
The thoughts of doing a coffered ceiling myself makes me want to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. 
Some things are worth doing yourself, and somethings are worth paying for.  If I want a coffered ceiling, I'm going to have to pony up the dough, okay?
So we're doing something simple.  Also, still paranoid about that aforementioned "casino" look the Daddy-o referred to. 
Here we go.. . one quarter done. . .
Bam.  All done.
It's so simple!  But not simple when I was actually on a step ladder craning my neck to get the pieces up, and trying to make sure it was all perfectly square. . .whilst holding an 8 foot piece in one hand and a nailgun in the other.
Incidentally, I asked the hubs. . .you know. .  just out of curiosity sake, what kind of a pain it would be to add a ceiling medallion to the chandy, 'cause I think it could totally use a medallion 'n all. . .
In an extremely calm voice, he told me it was basically like removing the chandy entirely and putting it back up, so . . .yeah.  No.  Not happening.
There was something sinister about the calmness in his voice about it.  I'm too scared to ask again.


Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

could you drill a hole in the center of the medallion, (room for the chain) and then cut the medallion in half, put it together on each side and caulk it? or would it loose too much of the medallion when you cut it in half? in that case TWO medallions, cutting both just shy of the center so your left with to perfect halves (and two halves that gave their life for the perfection of the others)

Cindy said...

I was gonna say you could cut medallion in half. Ashlee beat me to the punch!

funjani said...

Or you could put another layer of what you just did inside of this one with molding filling the space for a "semi" coffered ceiling.

Carla said...

Does your love of moulding come from your dad? I know he builds and the lake house is out of this world amazing, but does he also mould? Now, I'm curious to see some of his projects that may have led to your moulding appreciation.

Suesan Kennard said...

Hubs was home last weekend and helped me do the crown molding in the kitchen around all the cupboards while he was here. We figured out we needed 6 more sticks to finish the kitchen.

I went to Lowes on Saturday to discover they had "reset" all their foam molding and no longer carry foam crown molding. I had to special order the rest of what I needed (luckily the guy found it in his system and I had a picture of it on my blog post to know exactly what we needed).

He even gave it to me for the $6.09/stick I originally paid for it and not the now special order price of $11 and change. If I wanted to pay that much for molding, I would have bought the wood kind in the first place!

I'm now waiting for it to come in and it could take up to 2 weeks, but at least I don't have to redo all my moulding. Because I would have had to break out Jeffro's scary voice on someone if that'd happened.

Samantha said...

I love it! It needs more though, something more....

fixitfaerie said...

Oh my gosh. Get the manufacturers name and phone number and call the company. You may find another store that carries them or they may be available online. AND if you can put that moulding up on the ceiling, you can take down the chandelier put up a medallion and rehang the chandelier. It is not hard to do.
One thing, don't try to put moulding on your hubby, it would be very uncomfortable. lol Thanks for sharing Paula

Maura said...

I don't know if you will see a comment on a post you wrote a week ago (Halloween kicked my butt!) but I do have four words for you: Two-Piece Ceiling Medallion.
You're welcome.

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

all you have to do is unscrew the light from the ceiling, then disconnect the wires. you twist off the little wire cap covering. then you put on the medallion. then connect the wires the same way you disconnected them (black to black, white to white, ground wire to ground wire) and screw it back into the ceiling. you could do it in about ten minutes or less, I'm sure. turn off the breaker first so you don't shock yourself.

rose knight said...

I am glad you will still be posting. Your's is one of my favourite blogs. It makes me laugh at times when I read your blog.
If you are this way in your real life, then I'm sure you'd make a great friend. Keep it up. Rose