Friday, October 18, 2013

Moulding: Solving Humanity's Problems, One Project At A Time.

Before I came to my senses,
this area where the little feet are (aw aren't they ca-ute?), was the dumping ground for all my kids' shoes.  (See how I moulded out that metal garage door you see back there here.)   
I just wanted to explain that, because that's why the feet are there.  I couldn't bear to get rid of them. 
Anyhow, I've always thought this area could and should serve a purpose.  Morning time in this house?  Cats and dogs, living together.  Mass hysteria.  This year, I've got 4 kids going in all different directions most days, and it's. . . it's. . .
insane in the membrane (insane in the brain!).   I've talked before how I keep toothbrushes on both levels of the house to help out with morning time, and you know what else I need down here? 
Oh, let me not tell you.  Let me show you.

We need shelves up here.  One for each kid.  These are essentially Ana's Gallery Shelves, with one small, and yet big, exception.
(By the way, if you wanna get into building, but you feel like a building newb, this is a great, easy project to start with.)
See the 1x2?  I prefer to use moulding.  I think these shelves need, nay, deserve, a little curve.
I know!  Let's use scraps, and we can like, use different types of moulding on each one!  They'll add character, and make each child feel unique.
 I'm reserving the crappy moulding for the least loved child.  You know the one.
Oh I kidd.  No one get all up in arms.
Bam.  These will be holding a school week's worth of socks for each child.  And probably a pair of gloves, too.  Hopefully this will cut down on
"Where are you socks?  Get your socks on, boys!"
"Part of getting dressed is putting on your socks, you guys!"
And so on and so forth.  If we had a parrot, it would probably repeat one or both of those phrases.
Also, I don't feel like painting these, so I'm probably not gonna.  Why don't you come over here and make me.

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Shirley Moore said...

Girl, your inventiveness is just, well, awesome! Sadly, this would just get a huge laugh in my house, cause, really, who's gonna match the socks and make a nice little bundle to fit in that?? Not the kiddos, and I seriously have other things going on, like, well, stuff, ok?! :)