Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moulding. The Other White Meat.

Couple nights ago,
I dreamt that I was living in my old house that we were renting in NC, and the landlady-- holy cow, have we ever talked about that lady?  Haggimus Prime.  I'd still like to smack her. 
Anyhow, in the dream, I was cleaning out the house getting ready to move, and she took my entire stash 'o moulding.  And it was. . . it was awful.
And then to make up for it, last night, I dreamt that I bought my old 100 year old middle school,
(this was my 100 year old middle school.  It was the shizzle).
and I was going to renovate it to live in it like this totally awesome, eccentric old lady mansion.  It has a ramp and everything (but I would still get a stair chair for sure).  And it had a bomb shelter.  And underground tunnels.  I'm not making this up.  Definitely top 10 of best dreams 
Don't you hate it when people bore you and tell you all these details about the dream they had last night? 
Back to moulding.
It's so versatile-- it completes me.  Today, I'd like to talk about the beauty of making your own frames with it.
I make my own ghetto frames all the time.

(Daddy-o's not ghetto frame made with crown moulding)


We haven't talked about this freaky french chocolat picture for a long time-- I think that kid in the middle is like. . . Chucky.  Totally scary kid.  Climb out of the picture and murder everyone in their sleep, scary.
So why make your own frames?
--'Cause ya can't go to Walmart and pick up a huge, random sized frame, that's why.
--'Cause if ya do go to the Hob Lob or wherever, you're going to pay some serious benjamins for bigger frames, that's why.
--'Cause maybe you're like me and you change your walls around every 5 seconds and you don't want to pay a lot for something that's not staying up long, that's why.

Case in point:

a friend texts me.  She's got a poster she wants framed and hung in her boy's room.  The size of the poster:

like 21x63 or something.

How much would it cost to have it framed at the Hob Lob?

Like $90, I think she told me.?.    And why spend $90 for a quality frame, when you can make your own ghetto frame for so much less? 

("Why does she keep saying 'ghetto'?"  Because mine never have glass and they have no backing and I use wood glue and some staples and call 'er good, that's why.)


She chose simple casing for this little project.  Only $4.69 for a 7 ft. piece. 


-to keep my frames nice and square, I cut one side, and use that side to measure the other side (I even keep it there and adjust the blade, using the already cut piece), so both pieces are exactly the same.  It helps keep your frame from becoming a rhombus, I swear.

 Remember: exact same size on parallel sides.  Okey dokey?

And voila.  I searched all over the garage for clean spot to take a picture, and then ended up dragging it inside for a snap.  Embarrassing.

An over 5 foot frame for $14 (with moulding left overs, too).  Moulding: it has so many looks.


tibby said...

My school during 13 years was an old palace donated to the nuns by the owners. Huge staircase, wide corridors, service stairs & quarters. I loved it! I sometimes imagined how the owners had lived in long gone days too.

Anonymous said...

But, but wait!!!
You can't leave me hangin' like this! How do you fasten all the sides together?
Dude, it's way too early in the morning, and I'm on the edge of my I'm a slug on the couch right now...I still need to know!

meinnb said...

I'm with Jennifer, Mandi! You kinda did leave us hanging :) For those of us just learning, how DO you join the pieces together? I'm assuming you glue them? But you mentioned staples, so do you also use a staple gun across the seams in the back?

Julie said...

And then how do you mount the picture? Do you just staple/glue it to the back of the frame?

Heather said...

I gotta say, I'm curious about how you fasten the sides, too....I've used my nail gun before and it's not super great with the whole stability factor. Then I tried those little metal wedges that you hammer in...hammered the crap out of them just to have the friggin' things go through the front of the dad-gummed moulding. AND the corners cracked off. So what is your trick????

Marcy said...

You have intrigued your audience!

I see a piece of hardboard in there to hold the picture.

Also I love your clamps. There are never too many clamps.