Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moulding Is A Girl's Best Friend.

Prepare yourself for picture bombardment,
'cause I'm about to talk about what I've most wanted to speak of all month--
Wall Treatments.
Anytime anyone makes over a room, if it's just paint and some new wall art and furniture and stuff, I'm always scratching my head going,
"Well. . . where's the wall treatment?"  But that's just me.  And we're all different, and that's okay.
I've googled, I've Pinterest searched, I've Binged, and I've been watching my favorite shows and movies very closely for the moulding ideas that just blow my skirt up.  Allow me to discuss what I've found.
Let's first start with the classical. 
Oh my stars.

This is my first and twoo wuv.  I find it to be the most lovely, the most beloved,

the most classy and stylish moulding anyone could ever want.  I just love it. 
I've done it here. 
And here.
'N here,
'n here.
So obviously, I kinda sorta like it. 
Did you know that you can buy pre-made boxes at Lowe's?  '(It's underneath the crown section.)
They're not cheap-- I believe each box goes for $10, but you could put that stuff up in an hour and love it forever.
Beadboard. (and it's step sister, V-groove).
I love this stuff almost as much.
I just did it here:
Did it here:
and it's in the bathroom which isn't in an appropriate state to photograph at this point and I have no idea when it will be---
in short, I love beadboard.  Sheets (I do recommend the full sheets, as the smaller pieces give you less for more money) are $20 for a 4'x8' piece.
Beadboard setbacks?  It's a little annoying to cut out spots or outlets, and when you cut it, have you noticed how it makes this gigantic, black sawdust disaster?  It does.  Still worth it.
V-groove.  Have you even heard of it?  Like I said, it's the step-sister of beadboard-- it's the lovely and extremely under-used counterpart to beadboard. 
Essentially, it's a wider width of lines than Beadboard.  Same price-- same 4'x8' sheet.
 I have it here.
And here.

And several other little places.
Pottery Barn has it in tons of their rooms, and they even turn it horizontally.  But I'm too lazy to hunt down those pictures.  Sowwwy (sing-song voice).
Wainscoting & Board & Batten.  (they're kind of confused together, aren't they?)
There are sooooo many ways to do this.  So many different styles.  I love them all. . . (now I'm going to stop talking and just start chucking examples at ya)

Did you see the one with the beadboard inside the slats?  Goodness.
Since I can't handle long posts (I swear I have adult ADHD or something), I owe you a post on fabulously new and unique wall treatments. 
So what's my point?  Classical moulding is forever.  You won't regret it later.  You can decorate around it, but you never take down a good classical style. 
Well, I guess you could, but then you'd be that person standing out in the middle of the road, and the police have taped off your street, because you are yelling and waving a gun around.
In other words, you're crazy. 


Afroditi Kat said...

Your blog is so amazing!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I never heard of v groove before and I LOVE IT! ! now I know exactly what I want to do in the loft! You inspire me all the time! ! So many of the projects in my home come from reading your blog...which is AWESOME because I believe making a lovely place for my family to come home to is important. Someone once told me my home had a good feeling and they liked being there (it was my fil which makes it all the more wow) and I think making lovely spaces helps with that. You are a big part of that for my thank you! !

Carla said...

your house is pretty amazing

fixitfaerie said...

I too love moulding. I think the difference between the European rooms and ours is the height of the ceilings. But I still like it in my house. Yours looks great. Thanks for sharing. Paula

Alycia @ Hunting Creek Homestead said...

Where did you find your v groove paneling? Lowes and Home Depot have it but the grooves are 3 inches apart. Yours looks wider and I like it much better.