Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Luke, I Am Your Father. . . .

Carla asked me this question the other day:
"Does your love of moulding come from your dad? I know he builds and the lake house is out of this world amazing, but does he also mould? Now, I'm curious to see some of his projects that may have led to your moulding appreciation." 
Thanks for asking, Carla.  And I'm glad you asked.  Let's just take a little look-see of the Daddy-o's place, shall we? 
Yes, lets. 
 First off, let us start in the bathroom makeover.

Oh me, oh my, I still love this bathroom.  The fluting-- the paneling-- the ginormous fantastic mirror I wish I could get my hands on. . .

Oh!  The Foyer!  Do you remember the Daddy-o's foyer

He built this spiral staircase.  It's so amazing--I like to think it's the crowning jewel of the foyer--

it leads up to the 2nd floor library, and the planked ceiling you see up there which I adore,

everything you see- the ceilings, the floor (bamboo), the stairs, the railings, the walls, the framing, the insulating, the electrical, the built in bookcases, all done by the Daddy-o.

I love the classic dark stain-- the crown- it's an awesome room, fo sho.

Should we move on to the family room?

Thee entire room is done in white moulding-- moulding everywhere-- beams on the ceiling, pillars on every wall--
I'd take a picture of the entire room, but he was working away on a project in there.  But!

Adjoining the family room, is what I like to think of as the "Dark Side".  We go from white pillars,to classic dark mahogany pillars on the other side.  It's an awesome contrast.

Oh my heck-- and I haven't even ever mentioned how he decided he didn't like his plain door leading to the basement, and so he made his own door.

Yeah.  50 bajillion routed boards later, and we have this amazingness.  Oh!  And can you see next to the door? 

A mantel. 
I wouldn't even know where to start with all the routing-- 

yes.  The man merely tolerates me and my lack of moulding talent.

The living room-- it's my dweam within a dweam. 

I'm going to come steal these mirrors one day.

Look at the baseboard!  I should have done this somewhere.  I can still do this somewhere. . . hmm. . .

And the moulding around the front door. . .

I could go on and on and on andonandonandon.  I haven't even shown you the kitchen yet, have I?  Some day soon, fo sho. 


Samantha said...

I just cannot believe he built that staircase and did all the panelling and moulding and WOW! He is AMAZING!!!

-Lisa said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! And I mean it--zip it!!


Jennifer Bryant said...

OH MY GOSH! It's genetic! :D

Jami said...

Wow! Ah. maze. ing! And beautiful hardwood floors too! Should be in a magazine somewhere..

Laura Silva said...

Finally getting caught up on reading my favorite blogs. Your dad is awesome. That is all.