Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Get A Little Crazy, Here.

Every year, when The Nester does her 31 days series,
I consider doing it as well.  For about 5.2 seconds, and then I come to my senses.
But this year--
I didn't come to my senses.  Oh no, I dit-n't.
Yes, friends, I'm talking about blogging, every single day in October, about one subject.  All y'all will have had enough of me, and the topic, by day 10.  Probably sooner.
And I thought to myself,
"Self, what do I want to talk about for 31 days straight?"
I had some ideas. 
31 days of humiliating family photos?
31 days of cooking with Betty?
Tempting.  Very very tempting.  But, no.
And then it came to me.
Bam.  31 days of moulding.  NOTHING BUT MOULDING
Oh yes.  This is happening.
Am I saying I'm attempting 31 different projects of moulding throughout the house?  Pffft.  I'd have to buy a different house and move, 'cause things are pretty mouldified around here as it is.  Plus, I'd wanna kick my own A for giving myself 31 different things that needed painting.
But there will be projects.  Oh yes.  There will be.  It's gonna get cray cray all up in here. 
If you're a good friend, you might even want to put your arm around my shoulder and try and talk some sense into me.  ("But. . .but but. . . more moulding. . . here??  Oh. . . honey.  No.") 
If you're a jerk face you'll probably grab me by the shoulders and shake me. ("What the he#$ are you doing?  Too much! Less is more!  Someone take the da$% nailgun away.")
That sort of thing.
So if you've got a moulding question, ask away.  There's no better time.  If you want me to be the guinea pig and try some crazy crap around this house so you can know if you want it for yourself, now's the time.
And for the love, someone pass on some awesomely new wall treatment I've never tried before, because I've only got about one fully blank wall left in this house, and it's begging for a little something something.
I'm loaded up on brad nails.  I've even borrowed my bro's air compressor, since mine is ready to explode.  In short,
let the games begin.


Lori said...

Good-luck and hello Home Depot!

Mandy Beyeler said...


Jami said...

I feel like it's Christmas and you just sent me a gift. Wahoo! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

-Lisa said...

Well duuuhhhhh! Perfect subject for you. I am tickled pink when I complete a chalkboard creation and here you are practically building houses 'in your spare time' with 4 kids in tow!
I'm just excited to be able to hop over to your blog EVERY DAY for 31 days :-)

Ashley said...

I can't wait! I need some ideas for my very bare home. Can I send you some pictures of my home and very bare walls and get your input???

~ Laura said...


Marcy said...

I'm excited. I hope you do some close-ups of your frown and mock up some alternatives because I have a room downstairs that really needs something.

I'd show up for close-ups of all your existing projects.

Your between-the-studs shelf gave me an idea for a place to hang my keys where they'd be slightly safer from my husband who tore the last hook out of the wall.

Samantha said...

YES! Moulding, YES!! More is more!

Cathie said...

I want to do crown molding, but our vents are super close to the ceiling. Like, two inches. What do I do? Tiny molding? Wrap it up to the ceiling? Help!

Adaruts said...

Frown... what is it and how do you do it? I have a ceiling intake vent and kitchen cabinets that sit too close to the wall to do regular crown moulding. Could frown be used instead? Will it look like I am a special child who can't properly put up crown moulding? Help!

Libby said...

you could take questions like "how can I work with what I have here" and people (your fan club) sends you photos and you mouldify them. A 31 days of moulding support, questions! I say Cathie & Adaruts are your first guinea pigs, um, guests.

Sounds like a great way to avoid school work (me) and a great way for you to hone your home reno support skills.

Unknown said...

Whoa,this is going to be a great month! I, too, joined the challenge, which is extremely ironic considering the fact that 31 blog posts is about what I've produced in the last year...andmaybeahalf. But for others? I wrote 31 last WEEK for one of my clients, so you'd think it would be no problem to do so for myself? We shall see.

Janelle said...

I am excited!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I posted the fireplace mantel I made today, with molding! yay me! can't wait to see all your tips and projects!

Elisha Albretsen @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture said...

Thank you for typing "moulding" and not "molding" even though spellcheck goes crazy!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes!!! Give me more

Jeannine said...

I knew you'd pick moulding (although I'd love to hear more from the cookbook!!). It's gonna be a fun month! Can't wait!

Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

meinnb said...

YES!! YES!!! OH YES!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! << as she excitedly jumps up & down, clapping hands >> Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?? Are you doing this just for me?? :) Such perfect timing as I'm still not ready to begin my big kitchen/living room adventure! Can't wait to see what you come up with, and give us lotsa close ups and details please!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Cathy in NB

Cindy said...

Woot! I'd like to see photos of the router bits next to the end result. I never know what it really comes out looking like. If you run out of subjects, you could even cheat with a Pinterest style blog of your favorite /historic moulding jobs.
-Cindy who wishes we lived closer cuz yeah, we'd be friends fo sho!

Leigh Anne Watts said...

Woohoo! I'm looking forward to this. I will not shake you. I'm an enabler. Also, I have a question. I have a dining room and I'm putting in faux board and batten like your hallway. Plywood, booyahhh! But, my walls are...plaster, maybe? Like, they're smooth but they are hard so I assume there's plaster under those 30 layers of paint because our house was built in 1956. Anyway, would I be considered insane and a total loser if I didn't nail my strips in and only used cancer causing liquid nails and held it in place with painters tape until it dries?!?!