Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's Get It Started. Ha. Let's Get It Started In Here.

First things first--
if your name is Ashley, and if you blog under the name of Adaruts,and if you left me a comment yesterday, please send me pics of your wall issues to manditremayne (at) gmail, okey dokey?
So I've wanted to do this itty bitty upgrade for a while--
behold my front door that photographs extremely poorly.  Also, it would have helped to have cleaned the floor.  Gosh you expect too much from me.
So here's what I'm thinking--
the fluting around the door needs some of these bad boys.
You've seen these little wood blocks you can buy to beef up a door frame? 
Well I figured cutting up a scrap of my "frown" material is just as good.
Don't you think?  Just nod your head.
And while we're at it, the baseboard at the entryway needs to a quick pimping, similar to what was done in the living room.
I had a couple questions about this, so let's chat.  I'll be brief.  You be boxers.
For this baseboard beef up, I used shoe moulding. 
 I cannot explain why I chose this at the time.  It could have been any small-ish strip of moulding.  Shoe is kinda too beefy-- I left my brain in my other pants that day.
But ya know.  It's cheap and it works 'n stuff.
See?  Two nails with the nailgun and we're in business.  I might have photoshopped out dirty floor spots.  Just a couple.  Couple hundred.  Ew I should have kept going.
See it in action?
(photo courtesy of The Idea Room)
Yep.  It's as simple as it looks.  Pick something that you can use as a quick guide for the height you want to raise your base, and start nailing away.
I'm totally laughing at this before and after business.
Even I can barely tell, bwahahaha.   But it was worth the 10 minutes it took, people.  Even hauling in the air compressor, it was worth it.


Shirley Moore said...

I know you're laughing, but I really can see the difference. And I would have said it was fine in the before, but I so love the after, cause, well, I love moulding. Even if I can't do what you do, I still love it. And you could totally come do my your spare time...when you need a project...:D

Janice said...

Mandi, I barely EVER comment, which is wrong, just WRONG because I read you religiously and often tell my hubs the things you do "You know, that moulding girl says..."

so 1) Twenty minutes WELL SPENT. We are FINALLY closing on our first house on Friday after 15 years of marriage and we're dying to spend our 20 minutes of free time in ways like this.

2) I'm so excited to get to read you every day.

3) I don't read The Nester (I know, I'm about the only person who doesn't...) but your post yesterday motivated me to do a 31 Days post. So I'm starting today on Things I Tell My Kids All The Time That I Really Need To Hear Myself. :)

Carla said...

Not trying to be rude, but I did think in the first before pic "that baseboard doesn't quite live up to the moulding around the door." Situation remedied. Looks fabulous.

Samantha said...

And will we be seeing another arch on the left now then during this month? I'll be your best friend if we do :)

Marcy said...

I love it and my floor moulding will be grateful you shared this trick. And my bank account will be even more grateful. When I retire early I'll have you to thank for your being awesome and frugal.