Monday, October 7, 2013

Bob Ross In The House.

I haven't mopped my floors since this whole thing started.  There's nothing I won't do for Moulding Month!!
I'm dedicated.
Today, let's get crazy in here.  Because in our world, we can do whatever we want.
Please picture me with my Bob Ross wig, and I've got my palette and paintbrush out.  Oh, there we go.
Bob knows where it's at.  Dang he's good.
So, behold my crazy hallway.  I like to think of this hallway as the part of my home that somewhat resembles the Winchester Mystery House.  (Have you been there?  It's on my to-do list in a big, big way.)
There is no purpose for this hallway.  And yet, there it is.  I like it.  I like strange things.
Anyway, for 4 years it has had. . . this. . . here.  4 itty bitty silhouettes of my buttmunches.  Are silhouettes even in style anymore?  I don't care 'cause I think they are so bodacious.  The thing is--
I don't do small in this house.  Everything should be big: wall art, photos, servings of french fries, cookies, time spent in the shower-- everything should be big. 
Voila.  Bigger.  Better. 
We could talk about the easy way I do silhouettes with my camera, but this isn't 31 days of silhouettes, so let's get on with where the moulding comes in.
Side note:
I've wanted to use these little bad boys for a while, now.
We'll talk about them again, soon.
I thought this would be cool, vintage-y, and different.
And I took a step back, paused, framed with thumb and forefinger, paused to let the tension mount. . .
Well, as Bob Ross liked to say, it's not a mistake.  It's a happy little accident. 
Maybe some paint on the inside?
I don't know that I love love it, but it's definitely bigger.  It's definitely different.  And I finally remembered to shut the bathroom door in this final shot, so virtual butt pat for me, everybody.


Janelle said...

wow! I love it. It is so dramatic. I also love Bob Ross. You should be him for Halloween. You would be perfect in a fro.

Elisha Albretsen @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture said...

What are those things called?! I've spent hours online searching for them, but I don't know their "real" name!

Daddy-O said...

The paint did the job! I love it!

Aly said...

Um, please can you share with us the easy way you can do silhouettes with your camera? I can wait until after the moulding extravaganza is over, but I need to know. I must know.

And I agree with the Daddy-O... the paint makes it! It looks fabulous.

-Lisa said...

Gorgeous Mandi! I just found my precious silhouettes of my sons I had done when they were VERY young. I thought they were lost during the move and when I finally found them my eyes teared up with joy (and bittersweet memories of when they were little ones). Anywho...I digress....silhouettes are so beautiful, especially of children. You have done them justice!

Janice said...

Yes, the paint did it. And Bob Ross - love that man.

Here's your butt patt - *pat*

(Oh, and I totally lied to you. I'm not doing the 31 days thing AT ALL. Took in a healthy dose of reality and called it quits before it began. Seasons for everything and all. No blog writing was going to get done this month. But thanks for sounding excited about it for me!)

Kimberly Pearlman said...

Not at all on the moulding front. But HOW FUNNY to me that you mention Bob Ross! That's who my boyfriend is dressing up as for Halloween. I'm going to be a happy little tree. :)

kkasun said...

I saw this on Pinterest and it made me think of your 31 days!

Leah Ketchum said...

its a panel moulding corner (tons of googling)