Monday, October 21, 2013

For Moulding Newbs-- How To Get It Started In Here.

A bloggy buddy (may I call you that, bloggy buddy?) asked me to cover the basics.
The 411 of moulding.  The beginnings.  Step 1.  So let's talk.  Let's get into it! 
First off,
In a perfect world, everyone already owns their own tools and needn't shell out a dime.  For every moulding enthusiast, you'd want:
an air compressor.
This is the exact one I have.  It's heavy, but just barely not toooo heavy for me to haul around town.  You can get a huge air compressor (like the daddy-o's), or you can get teeny tiny ones that fit in your purse.
Just kidding.  Not that small.   As a matter of fact, don't get too small.  You want it to be powerful enough to get at least a wall of moulding done without it starting back up to refill.
a brad nailer.
This is gonna sound kinda snotty, and I don't mean it to-- but I've tried a lot of other brands of nailers over the years, and Bostitch really does make the best nailer.  They (typically) don't jam or misfire-- they're fantastic.
And keep in mind-- this is in a perfect world--
you'd have a 12" blade, double bevel, miter saw out in the shop, for all your moulding cutting needs. 
Can you get your biz-nis done without a miter saw without all the bells 'n whistles?  Take courage! Course ya can.
If you are already equipped with all this, high five to you.  Up high, down low, too slow.  Fist pump in the air now because you are half way there.
For those who have no need or desire to purchase equipment they only plan to use once or twice in a lifetime:
can you borrow someone else's nailgun and air compressor?
I'm only sort of kidding.
Here's a simple alternative to the lack of miter saw:
this is a miter box.  I do believe that the lovely and talented Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick used a miter box for years and her house is fantabulous.  It's just what it looks like: set your moulding inside, and the guides for the hand saw can help you with a perfectly mitered cut.
And. . .
someone got super smart at the drawing board here---
have you seen these?  This is a nailgun powered by a battery, people.    I always, always wished I could have something that didn't require hauling the air compressor out for just one little nail touch up-- and one day I hope this tool can be mine.  I kind of read up on this and I believe several big brands are coming out with these--
buy the same brand of the drill you own, and you can switch out the batteries between the two.  So bad ace.
Since this is getting wordy, let's stop here.  If you've got more questions, do ask.  And in the meantime, I've got my last and final wall in this house to mould out this afternoon.  Guess it's time to move and find a new house.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Okay great I have all three, now all I need is YOU and your mad skills to bling out my house with moulding!

Katie H said...

You need to start looking at pawn shops, my father in law gets his nice tools there for cheap!

Samantha said...

If you've already done all of your walls & ceilings, you'll have to start on the floors...maybe stick to a small walkway with no moulding on though for safety's sake!

Deanna said...

we just bought our first house a year ago. It was built in the 50's. 1952 to be exact...and the moulding is ...well...from the 50's too. I don't want anything outlandish, but I dare re-do all the window trim in something NOT 50's or is that BAD to update the trim??? I guess what I'm asking, is HOW do you know what STYLE to use??? And if money weren't an object, WHERE do you draw the line??? If I do my windows, do I have to do my doors, then my baseboards and the put crown??? (I really want crown, but this house was built before my parents were born, and crown wasn't 'done' back then as a a girl out!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Now I can't get that song out of my head lol....and I so want a cordless nail gun too!

Mrs. Mund said...

Check out the molding in the last scene of this commercial. The ceiling behind her. Simple, but elegantwith
The white on white and the fan as the centerpiece.