Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do NOT Go In There. WOOOO.

I hate my kids' bathroom.
It's dark.  It's dank.  It's teeny tiny.  It's urine-y and yucky and you never know what you'll find in there so consider yourself warned.
I'm not saying it's like the Addams Family, but you'll all come out a-screamin' ("The Addams Family.  Dun nuh nuh nuh" *snap snap*).
Let's not talk about it anymore.  I'm smelling a phantom urine scent just thinking about that room.  Notice, though:
the mirror isn't framed.  This is so wrong.  You may think the light fixture is wrong, too, but this isn't 31 days of electrical.
Now, if you're me, you're gonna go hunt in the garage for some scrap pieces and just slap stuff you like up there, because you are no respecter of mouldings.  But don't be me. 
I love these little diagrams on the interwebs to make an educated moulding decision, don't you? 
 I'm doing kind of a mixture of none of these.

Tip: paint the front AND back before applying moulding on a mirror.  Raise your hand if you've forgotten and then can see the reflection of an unpainted backing before.


Now get out your liquid nails. 

Note that liquid nails is also known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Also note that liquid nails specifies mirror application as NOT recommended.

So anyways, apply your liquid nails somewhat liberally.  You don't want it oozing out or a reflection bead, so try and keep it in the middle.

And for the love, don't get this crap on your hands.  I always think it'll be okay and I'll get it off later.  Yeah.  2 days later.

Aw, look!

I unintentionally took a selfie.  It looks better.

Did anyone notice I left the level on top of the moulding?  My bad.

 Now let us never speak of this bathroom again.


Labyrinth Gal said...

I'm not all that into moulding (*gasp*) but your writing is so entertaining, you could do 30 days on sawdust & I'd be all excited to read what you're doing with it!

Also, this post made me notice that I have a naked mirror in my bathroom. Now I know how to remedy it--THANKS! :-) Hali

funjani said...

I agree with Labyrinth. We are going through chemotherapy at our house, and your blog warms my heart. I am seriously thinking of adding molding to my mirrors. Love the bathroom.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Can you tell me why we don't caulk around mirrors? Where the molding meets?

S Matherne said...

Can you show us what those words say to the left of the mirror?

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You make it look so easy!! Love the molding around the mirror, though, it really classes up the place! Okay, do tell about the individual tooth brush holders, I need to do that BADLY!! My kids' toothbrushes are all together in a BIG flower pot, and somehow they are always touching. Eeeeeew. I need to copy your idea!

DressUpNotDown said...

I totally got a whiff of the phantom urine! Why oh why do kids bathrooms have to smell????

Jan said...

Here's a trick for reducing the urine spray that most males gift rest rooms on a daily basis. Turn off the water at the toilet. Flush toilet. When there isn't too much water in bowl stuff an old towel down in bowel to further soak up the water. Grab a paper towel and dry a spot well in the lowest center part you can reach. Grab a sharpie and make a small x (I'd you are me with no drawing skills) or draw a small fly or something else. You are giving the guys something to aim at. Allow the drawing to dry well before removing the wet towel. Turn the water back on. Don't say anything and see if there is visible improvement in the overspray department.
My grandfather is 94 with dementia and this has changed my life!! No more overwhelming smell.

Libby said...

When we moved into one of our houses the previous owners LOVED cedar. They cedar-ed just about every wall, including the main bath aka kid's bathroom. Next to the toilet. They had 3 boys. I scrubbed and I bleached and that stank only barely diminished so I ripped it out and threatened MY 3 boys with toilet detail if they couldn't hit the toilet. I prefer having the sit and that worked until they went to school. Dang urinals!