Saturday, October 12, 2013

And Now Let Us All Pause For A Moment Of Silence.

It has been a year to the day since we began work on our "other home". 
Don't know about the "other home" ?  Lucky you.  Just know, that it's a big, complicated story of intrigue, emotions, money, love, death, and murder.
Yes, murder.
Not really.
And I am so, so, so so sososo glad that it is this year, and not last year.
'Cause at this point last year,
I had an entire house of a mixture of carpet, vinyl, and tile to pull out, nearly 3300 square feet- ish of space to paint,
two bathrooms to majorly renovate,
a kitchen to update,
and every appliance, the water heater, the garbage disposal, the lights, the fire alarms, just about ev.ery.thing. that costs money--
it needed doing.  Wanna know how much it all cost?  I had to add it up for tax purposes.
No.  I can't go there.
I'd like to take this moment to thank the Mommy-o and the Daddy-o for all the grunt work they did, right along side me.
So.  10 days.  That's what it took, sun up to sun down.
Worked our buns off, but we got 'er done.

Sold it just before the end of the year last year.  Oh.  Happy.  Day.
Also, did I mention I'm glad it's this year and not last year??


Libby said...

Just think, it you didn't have to sell it you could've had your own moulding blank slate! It definitely could use some of your moulding loving.

But that's not the way it is (we can dream that we're financially free can't we?) so it is nice not to have that white elephant stomping through your garden.

Now, back to 31 days of moulding...

Gypsy Heart said...

Amazing! An absolutely beautiful space now. Glad you're glad it's over!


Samantha said...

Distinct lack of moulding though, maybe you should go call on them and offer your services ;)