Monday, September 16, 2013

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

This weekend was our last hurrah to visit the parental unit's lakehouse while the weather holds up.
And we got lucky, 'cause it was absolutely beautiful out there.
Sometimes it looks like I'm playing favorites with photos, doesn't it?  I know my kids will say something later in life.
"You always took pictures of _____"
"You never took pictures of me."
Now now, children.  I don't have favorites.  You all annoy equally.
So, if you've missed previous posts of the lakehouse, you haven't lived.
We stayed in the Pirate Ship Revenge Room--
and it was good.  (See the whole room here.  Really, you should.)
BUT, we could have stayed in the Luggage Room (Thing 4 calls it the "Treasure Chest" Room),
Or heck, all of them!  We could be serious jerks and just spread out everywhere.
At some point, between eating myself to death, (I had to make up for calories lost due to diarrhea), getting slaughtered at the ping pong table by my ruthless brother, and just generally being a lazy A,
I realized I've done you a disservice.  Yes, a disservice, indeed.
Last Christmas,  I gave you my heart.  And, I mentioned a zipline in the works. Twas a Christmas gift to the grand kids, remember?

 And then I dropped the ball and we never talked about it.  I mean, really talked.  I glanced over it, yes--

but that doesn't bring us closer as soulmates.
Do you remember this?  The purchasing of telephone poles?
Who buys telephone poles anyway?  We do.
 Daddy-o got to work building the tower,

 I think this'll still be the plan, in the end. Won't it be the plan in the end, Daddy-o?


so the telephone poles are anchored into the ground on each end with I don't even know how many pounds of concrete,

and if you're cool, you can just hang on to the handles and go for it.  (Note: once, I was cool.  But just once.)

And the Daddy-o made a zipline chair for the littles.

And we pronounced the work good.

And then that wasn't enough, so he made a monkey swing-like thingy (tire swing except without the tire?  Whatevs), as seen here by Thing 2.

And you can go backwards and you can spin and you can scream and you have permission to act as ridiculous as you like, and we have the right to laugh at you.  Or "with" you, if that hurts your feelings.  Or "next" to you, if that's better.

Speaking of laughing,

 looky what we have here-- even I've zipped.

This is the point where I'm making a comment about breaking it and forevermore being the big girl who broke the zipline.

Aw look I pointed my toes.  Dance lessons paid off.


-Lisa said...

Hi Mandi,
Somehow I missed the post about the luggage beds! Those are fantastic (as is every single thing your Dad builds)!!! What a wonderful place for your children. So many memories for them.

Daddy-O said...

YES! That IS still the plan!

Shirley Moore said...

Oh heavens, y'all have the BEST time! What a pile of fun!!

Michelle Wilkes said...

the very next day, you gave it away.
Now that that is stuck in the ole head, let me comment about the zipline:


Michelle Wilkes said...

Also, the pirate ship room is how we met. It carried me to the best blog ever.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh by golly gee!! It is wonderland!!
Fabulous and you pointed your toes perfectly!!!! Good girl!

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

Clearly you got your skills from your Dad! Way to go, the zip line is fabulous! We just moved to Louisville, KY and are going zipping in an underground cavern with the kiddos, can't wait!

Evelyn said...

Wow! So, um, can one purchase/bribe their way to a couple of nights at this heaven? That is awesome, seriously!

Michelle Johnnie said...

What a fun cabin! I love Bear Lake!