Friday, September 20, 2013

Faux Crown. Otherwise known as, "Frown".

So while it's taken me five bajillion years to finish my living room,
I have sat in there many a time and thought to myself,
"Self.  This room needs crown.  Or 'frown'.  Get on it."
And it does, doesn't it?  I've already added to the baseboard, and now it's time to fancy up the ceiling.
Especially because I did a seriously poor job cutting in the ceiling whilst painting up there.
one of the things I took away from the Parade of Homes, was this "frown" idea.
Why "frown"?
Oh, I don't know--
how about spending 3 times less?
How about not having crazy crown cuts that make you wanna kick someone's puppy?
 So here's what I did.
Got myself some 1x6 MDF. 
Regard the price diff:
--My fave, medium-sized crown: $20 per 8 ft. piece
--Big, fat, chunkier MDF: $8 per 8 ft. piece
Yeah.  So it matters.
And of course,
since I'm a moulding kind of gal,  it had to have a little curve put into it.  Last week, when I had the wasting disease and was the world's biggest baby, the daddy-o just took these and routed 'em for me.  Just to be nice.
Aw.  That Daddy-o. 
But seriously, doesn't MDF route nicely?  Doesn't it?  I recommend a mask though, as the dust is known to the state of California to cause cancer, and plus,
remember to expect to look like this when you're done.
this "frown"-- take a look-see.  They didn't even 45 the corners.  In Jeffro's line of work, he calls that a "butt joint".  Heheh.  Heh.  He said "butt". 
I cannot bring myself to do this.  I cannot butt joint.
"I cannot do it, Captain!  I haven't got the power!"
It just--- in my crazy little moulding noggin,
it's just wrong.  I must bevel.
So anyways,
clearly I need to get all up on the ladder again and caulk these bad boys,
but I love the added white on top.  Now if I just do like 2 more things, I can call this room good.  Someone crack the whip for me.  Help me move on in life.


DressUpNotDown said...

You make me think I need a router. :o)

Katie Walker said...

dude, I am all for the butt joint. After putting real crown up in way too much of my house I was all too happy to butt the crap out of my baseboards. Plus, I just got to say butt and crap together :) Your room is looking fantastic by the way! And I have couch/chair envy. real bad.

Jami said...

Wait, so was like regular trim, as in casing or something? Whhaaaatttt??? You just rocked my world! Excuse me while I run to Lowes.

Lorilyn Crum said...

Things are getting fabulous in your hizzle for sure. Come and help me with mine next okay?

I recently just got a legit table saw of craigslist for like 100 bones so I'm really excited to start making some of my own trim with that and my router. Now, do you and your dad use a hand-held router or how do you do it?

I love that I'm talking like this is a project I can get to soon. I'm so in over my head right now combined with being out of money for paying for the term of school it's not even funny.

So I shall vicariously live through your posts instead. So uh, keep up the good work!