Monday, September 9, 2013

Because It Apparently Takes Me An Entire Week To Paint One Room. That's What.

So I'm slower than tarnation apparently-- because it took me an entire week,
to finish painting this room. 
Oh, and the whole week to complete operation "Baseboard Pimpin'"--
Oh, and to frame out the last window in this room with moulding.  Scientists can't explain why it wasn't done before. 
I am begging the hubs to remove this aquarium to the casino/basement.  As this will seriously be a 12 hour process (no lie), he's not happy with me.  So I can expect that to be done in 2015.
And how does one paint behind a half-ton aquarium?  Like one does a toilet.   Get where you can, and then fuggedaboutit.
But live the dream with me, won't you?  Because once the fishies are gone, this wall will then become something like this.
So anyhow--
now, NOW this room truly is a blank slate, and I'm so freaking excited to get all up on this and give this room character--
and I have a lot to say about this process.  But first--
the paint color I chose.  It completes me.  You don't have to love it, 'n that's okay--
but it soothes my soul.  It's the center one-- "Oatlands Subtle Taupe" from ze Valspar collection--
and I lightened it 25%.  Not sure I should have done that.  But what's done is done.  But this taupe color--
it's actually in the greys-- (gray?  Grey?  I'm so confused) and I like to think it can read either warm, or cold.  Depending on what you put with it. 
So I'm saying it's my personal perfect greige, 's what I'm saying.
But moving on. 
Remember when I talked about having a decorating identity crisis?  It's a problem on a whole new level.
Just when I finally narrowed down what I really, truly want in this room,
which just so happens to be a Restoration Hardware European look, by the by--

(nothing kitschy this time-- been there.  Done that.  Over it.)

I find myself, yes, myself, undermining my efforts.
"Ooh but these adorable, patterned, coral pillows would be so cute in here and would add a pop of color!"
Do you see coral in those above pictures?  Do you? 
I have to keep my head in the game.  Keep to the code. 
This look that I want has a strict policy: all light neutrals, warm wood, understated art, lots of moulding, and a little gold or silver bling. 
Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Is that too much to handle? 
Apparently so.
I've been all over the valley looking for the perfect furniture.  I'm crippled by indecision-- nearly hysterical-- 
"Oooh. . . I just don't know if that will complete 'the look'. . . ."
"What if people hate it??"
At this point, it'd be best if someone shook me by the shoulders, and was all,
"Madam!  Contain yourself!" (*Swack swack*-- slap to the left, then the right cheek.)
Get out the smelling salts, here, sheesh.  Now I can see why people never decorate-- you're frozen because you're afraid to make a mistake, so you make no choices whatsoever.
"What if people hate it??"  Well, I'm pretty sure it's okay, because it's my own dang house.
And do I think I can really, truly pull this off?
In a craptastic sort of way-- sort of.
Just know this:  I've got a sofa on order (so cheap it should be illegal), wall art in the works--
and I see a shiny mirror, lots of white curtains, and more moulding in the future. Oh yes. I can see it all.  It's time to strap on a set, and man up.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I looooove the molding, and the new chairs, and and and and the bookcases! (which are also inspiration for bookcases!) Can't wait and I am super proud of all your painting 'cause I know you loved every second of that :)

Ashlee said...

Seriously love you and your plan, and of course the references. Pretty sure we live in a similar neck of the woods too. My hubby is also an aquarium guy, and has decided that when we build a house it really needs to built around his huge dream aquarium. Yikes. But

Ashlee said...
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Lauras Crafty Life said...

It takes me forever to paint or finish anything. I blame it on the tornado I like to call my 3 year old! Love the room so far. Can't wait to see how it all ends up. (Oh, and about the coral pillows - they are just pillows and can be removed any time or changed out! - they could be beautiful in that neutral space.)

Jami said...

Love the new plan! The colors are awesome. I'd love to know exactly what you did to the baseboards. Did you replace them, or beef up the existing ones? I need to do mine too....

COTTAG3 said...

Okay, first, the aquarium needs to be in the basement. Less light, less algae, less cleaning (we had one like that before. The fish got so big we couldn't have a flush funeral when they died). Second, can't wrong with any RH inspiration. If I win the lottery, I'm buying that company so I can have everything I want. Lastly, what's wrong with a little pop of color? In a neutral room you can add a pop or take away a pop as you wish.

I have a bookshelf I've been trying to make myself finish painting for a month. A month! I'm ashamed.

Jean @ said... bought a couch so cheap it should be illegal.. spill!!!

Libby said...

You could (I know you can) build the bookshelves around the tank...or at the very least paint the stand the same colour as the walls and add moulding. It could use a bit of up-grading!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I want to know more about your couch too. I wish I could steal those chairs from you!

Samantha said...

Grey = English (UK),
Gray = English (US).

We painted our living room grey, and now I'm scared to add any colour so I added a gigantoid gold renaissance style mirror. Sounds about right lol!

Mrs.Foutch said...

Care to share your source for the super cheap couch?