Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And Then I Opened A Can.

Do you know what one does when one wants to overhaul the living room, and yet, simultaneously live on a seriously strict budget?
Ya pick out new furniture, put it in your cart, talk yourself into buying it, and then out of it right after.
Had these in my cart for over a month. Regard the price.  Ouch.  Had some fab chairs in my cart that I liked even better at Joss & Main for the same $250 ish price, but they're serious about things being gone when they say they're gone.
I'm living in such turmoil!  And Luke is like, "I feel the conflict within you!" 
 If this were Star Wars, of course.  And I don't see why it can't be.
Anyhow-- to make a long story short (too late), my bestie was heading over to the Overstock outlet.  Now, does everyone have an Overstock outlet?  Or are we just lucky? 
So I says to her:
"Will ya let me know if you see any chairs in my style?  Beige-y.  Tufted-y.  Nailhead trim-y."
And then, just so we all know this is fate--
there was only one out on the floor, but there was actually another one in the back, and that almost never happens. 
I was smitten.  I was in deep smit.  And to put the cherry on top?  These were $90.  I'm serious.  Seriously serious. 
$90 instead of like $250 or so??  It would be a travesty to not take these home with me.  I'd have kicked my own A for months for letting what I wanted go for over half the price, duh.
You know what this has done, though?  Buying new furniture for the living room I have never loved?
It's opened up a can of worms.  Full out fire sale: everything must go.  I have ants in my pants, and everything's getting changed. 
And let's talk about why I don't love my living room for a moment, shall we? 
Imagine, if you will, being in your new home, with almost no furniture, a very serious itch to decorate anything and everything, every.single.room wants and deserves attention, a somewhat strict-ish budget, and while you kinda know what you want for the other rooms .. .
you just aren't sure about the living room, yet.
I blame this on the neighbors.
They were all going around, meeting the new weirdos that moved in down the street, going,
"Oh yeah. . . I heard you have like zero furniture in your living room!"
I heard that over and over.  And you know what happens when you keep hearing that over and over?  You're all in your head, like,
"Oh crap the whole neighborhood is talking about how we have no furniture. . . must. . . go . . .buy. . . something. . . "
And then you end up with a living room you don't love for 4 years, because you bought in haste.
Oh. . . I joke.  I love my neighb--. . . JERKS!
No, it's okay.  This situation is about to be remedied.  Like I said-- the room is snowballing.
Operation "Baseboard Pimpin'" is underway.  Added some trim above, and painted 'er white-- I was sooo careful with my lines as you can see. . .
And while we're all whipping out paintbrushes and shiz,
Aw heck, why not paint the entire room.  Sell off all the other furniture.  Blank slate, people.  Blank slate.  So now you know what I've been and will be up to this whole week. 
And I am darned excited.


Samantha said...

AMAZING!!! I love it! I can't wait to see the rest of the room. Seriously, the old settee looks a bit granny.....you needed to get rid of it before we had to stage an intervention. An international intervention, but still, an intervention :D

Jasi said...

Understand completely. Our new build (under a year) is pretty bare also. I'm sure we're the talk but whatever. The lack of decor distracts from my general quirkiness. =)

I'm just really super particular and so not motivated. It's easy to keep enviably clean and there's more room for playing. lol

Kat said...

Oh I'm excited to see where this goes... :)

Kimbo West said...

Pretty pretty pretty

RachelK said...

I love that! Love me some neutrals. A friend's kid asked me once why I only liked brown. I slapped her across the room. Okay, not really. It wasn't all the way across the room.

We do not have an Overstock outlet. I had no idea there was such a thing! I wonder how long it would take to drive from Oklahoma to Utah...

james and bess said...

super jealous of those awesome chairs. i saw one at t.j.maxx today - tufted, linen-y, and a barrel-ish shape - and on CLEARANCE (for almost $200, but still) - and then i sat in it and it was actually comfortable. fate! (now just to convince the hubby...) :)


Janelle said...

I am so glad you did it. You must have stuff that you like. Or you don't... like it. Um, lame comment. now you know why I never comment.

Emily said...

Oh my word, oh my word. The overlock outlet is THE DEATH of me. I can't walk out of that place with our seriously considering buying something. A 9x11 rug for $74 bucks? Who cares if I don't have a place for it, IT'S MINE!!! As soon as you started talking about the expensive chairs I thought "self, you must tell her about the overstock outlet". Yay for cheap (quality) furniture!!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...


SueAnn Lommler said...

You are having way too much fun! Love the chairs and boy did you score a great deal!

Karen said...

Um, Okay, so can you send the sofa you hate to me because I have a plan and could seriously love it. And while I am waiting I am SO going to figure out where I can find one of those darling Overstock outlet things of my own!!!! Lovin' the new chairs, Lucky Girl!!!

Jami said...

Do you know why I read your blog? Because this is what you will be up to this whole week. I mean, really? That would take me a whole month, or more. I don't know how you get so much done! Teach me your ways!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Just this little sneak peek is so stinkin awesome!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you - I know you've had the itch to do something about this room forever!! $90 chairs??? woot woot!!!

R- said...

Way to manifest those chairs! Whoop!