Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The One Where I Almost Kill Jeffro. A Can't Miss Episode.

Please tell me that you're like me.  Just say it.
Tell me that while you are a very responsible person in general life, there a several important things that kind of slip through the cracks and just. . .
hang over your head.  Say it.  Say I'm not the only one.
we all know I've had these mega resolutions this year:
And I'm still very serious about both of them.  Seriously serious.  Serious as bathing whilst simultaneously using the hair dryer, serious.
It's kind of interesting that both these resolutions have kind of meshed together.  And I don't mean to quote Spice Girls or anything-- but two have become one.
SO!  What kinds of important "things" have I procrastinated for years and years that I finally feel motivated to accomplish?  Nay, that I feel that simply must do to make both my resolutions absolutely complete?
Oh.  Just stuff that totally absolutely sucks
Like having my driver's license changed.  You know, because I've lived here for 4 freakin years
So yeah, I'm telling you I've hung on to my NC driver's license all this time, with risk of getting a ticket and I've been driving like a total granny because I don't want to get pulled over, because HEY!  I miss North Carolina, and plus, my ID was a great conversation starter at Lowe's, okay?

Also I'd rather chew broken glass then go back to the DMV and do this again. 

Also I'm glad I can go back to breaking the law and driving over the speed limit now that I'm a legal driver.

Also I have no idea why Utahns must wait 4 to 6 weeks for their real license.

Also I might have photoshopped my weight just a little.

("Is that the weight of just her legs??")

Other organizational crap I've gotten on my horse and got done?  Suffered through?  Never want to do again?

Bills, man.  Bills. 

-Internet bill?  Waaaaaay down.  and can you believe I've been paying a modem rental fee-- enough to be able to pay for 6 or so of my own modems so far?

Ridiculous.  Were my dialing fingers broken to work this problem out or what?

-Cell phone bill.  About to be cut IN HALF.

-Insurance policies?  BUNDLED.  $200 off my house insurance, by the way. And you know that was a fun treat to call around and get quotes and make appointments at insurance offices 'n stuff.

Funnest thing I ever did. 

Also, we have a buttload of State Farm swag around the house, now.  I wanted to tell them I picked them just because Barry Manilow wrote their jingle. 

But I was worried they'd tell me they don't insure nerds, so I kept it to myself.

And speaking of insurance!  Let's talk about how I almost killed Jeffro.

 Another one of those things that have hung over my head since, oh, we've had kids? 

Getting a better life insurance policy. 

You might not know this about me, but I am convinced and terrified that I will be left a young, hot, widow.  And I would be just like Buttercup-- I would never love again.

It's true.  'Cept for the "hot" part.  And, you know, young-"ish".

So why did I put off such an important item when one has children?

Hubs passes out when having shots/blood draws, which is actually necessary for a real policy.  Here we are prepping him to pass out on our couch.

Fun trivia!  10% of all adults have an extreme fear/reaction to needles.  It's a thing.

So, Jeffro did, in fact, completely pass out.  And it was seriously traumatic.  For me and him.  I'm not going to go into all the deets, but this convo passed between us later:

"Now I know what you would look like dead.  I only thought corpses were that pale."

"So you're saying it was pretty traumatic?"

"Pretty much, yeah.  Let's not do this again.  Also, I really like you.  Don't die."

I can see the headlines now:

"Wife Accidentally Kills Husband in Attempt to Purchase Life Insurance."


I've completed all that crap I've dreaded, and now I finally feel organized.  Really.  Truly.

And also, it's a good thing I have the babies.


Layne Bushell said...

Rich and Jeff are from the same mold. Rich has to be made nice and comfy when he gets his blood drawn!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

It's one of those necessary evils, getting your blood drawn. Poor Jeff! Good thing he has a wife that is concerned for him (and photographs him passing out! :) ) I am so impressed at how you've persevered with your goals for this year, Mandi!!

-Lisa said...

First... I ask myself how would it be possible for ANYONE to read this post and resist leaving a comment!?! Second... I ask myself why did I never think of myself as a 'young hot widow' when I fear the demise of my beloved??!!
Good for you Mandi! Getting our life in order is super important, especially when we have little cherubs to protect.

Kimbo West said...

i got my wisdom teeth pulled...that was on my list for about oh...8 years. feeling pretty good about crossing it off need to get to that pap smear.

Jackie said...

We keep talking about getting a will made and haven't done it yet. Not sure why, it doesn't require drawing blood or anything. Oh, and I miss NC, too, my husband's and mine's original homeland. Good thing we live in SC, it's a lot closer than Utah.

Pattie Moss said...

You are so AWESOME! truly, you have inspired me to get my awful files in order....I mean...I'll attempt it now with your cheerleading. And maybe make a dentist fav thing. NOT!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Speaking of driver's licenses...did you know my first ever real drivers license (you know when you turn sixteen and are all proud) said I was a MALE. And I didn't catch it for a bit. true story.

Janet Grant said...

Mandi - As far as cell phones and cutting your bill in half: Don't know what you may already have in mind, but I suggest you check out Republic Wireless. No contract, we have unlimited calls, text, and internet, and DH and I pay $19 per phone each month. Have had since Nov '12 and are very happy so far. It was the cheapest I found anywhere for the services. Check their website if you are interested. Love your blog!

Jami said...

You got my attention with the cell phone thing. I'm stuck in a contract and I WANT OUT! I'm tired of paying for a phone that's too big to fit in my back pocket comfortably and too expensive to afford. Doesn't sound like a "smart" phone to me.
PS. Good for him that he willingly went through all that for you guys! What an ordeal!

Amy Fennell said...

Ha! We are doing the same thing at our house. Real life insurance. Just waiting on the peeps to call and come by the house with the needles. My hubs has the same problem with needles and it actually has a name-the vasovagal response. He will pass out colder than a frozen dinner when they stick him. I've never seen it, but should be fun....

Crys said...

I moved to Dallas for a year and never bothered to change my license. I have better things to do. In fact,I don't think I changed it when I moved back the SC.... hmmm.
And as for the needles, I'm the genius who passed out holding her son as he was getting his one year shots.
Kudos on your financial stuff! I'm impressed.


Evelyn said...

Oh my gosh!! None of that sounds fun, but it's gotta feel SO GOOD to have it done now, eh? I can't even imagine how scared you were about Jeffro. It scares me just reading that. I'm so glad he's okay and you have life insurance now!

Labyrinth Gal said...

I've been taking a class in finances with Belinda Rosenblum, where we've had to track all our expenses, set up payment systems, etc. And then my brother turned me on to Google Voice for my cell phone. I was able to change to the lowest plan for my phone, & I also get free texts now. I'm saving $50/month. That's $600/year & $3000/5 years. I didn't use to think like that before the class, but it's really helped me to become more conscious of my spending and how my spending is in alignment with my values. I think you may be on a similar path.

I finally hired an organizer for
tackling paper (& paying bills):

It was the final frontier. This was THE YEAR to get it done!
:-) Hali

Lori said...

That is what I want to be a "hot" widow. My hubbie tells everyone I am going first. So, I guess it won't happen.