Thursday, August 8, 2013

Find My Happy Place.

I just got around to watching the 3rd season of Downton Abbey--


HELLO.  I'm not going to give it away or anything 'cause that would be rude,
but what thee crap was up with that ending? 
I'm left feeling bereft. 
Very, very bereft.  I'd like to flick the foreheads of the writers who thought of that completely random and pointless and disturbing cliffhanger.  Buttmunches.
And furthermore, when combining that with this project I took on this week that I totally sunk money into, and it's turning out to be a TOTAL FREAKING DISASTER, and it's left me so frustrated that I'm out in my garage screaming with my mouth shut, and let's just put it this way:
I don't always swear, but when I do, I like to string together every expletive found in the bible into one long, crass sentence.  Then repeat.
Let's not talk of that anymore.  It is dead to us.  Dead.  Finding my happy place.
Let's talk about something happy, shall we?  Yes, let's.

You know what makes me happy?  And promise it doesn't take much?

 Eons ago-- in another life-- back in the stone age--

I talked about making my music room a fully functional music room.  I finally got off my bum and did something about it.  See,

musical instruments are kid magnets.  They are so enticing, and therefore, they must be out of little kid reach.

Now, I knew of the existence of these:

The violin holder thingy maboppers. And I kept holding out on purchasing them, because I figured I'd come up with something so fabulous that minds would be blown.

Well, I didn't.  I searched.  I pondered.  I stood in the shower for longer than normal and pondered and pondered, and we all know that shower time is the best time for ideas. . .

I'm glad I stuck with the simple. 'Cause I love how they just speak for themselves.


Kay, lemme 'splain something:

the one on the left is mine.  The middle is Jamison's.  The one on the right?

I will explain this once, and then we shan't speak of it ever again.

14 years ago, we bought a violin from a nice old lady who promised us it was a great deal for a wonderfully built instrument.

I didn't know any better.  But apparently, this thing is a piece.  I mean, a piece of shiz.  Everyone told me so.  My teacher back then-- the music store-- everyone who knew anything about violins knew I'd got taken.

"I got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart. I didn't even see it comin'."

I distrust really old ladies to this day.  I am the proud owner of a $400 piece of wall art.  I guess.


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Oh Dumb and Dumber I have watched that about 500 times - truly! Since I have only ever seen snow once in my life I think my friends and I rewound (yes it was video) the snowball scene 100's of times and I still laugh when I see it!

Sucky old lady but as wall art it is gorgeous!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love how your instruments really become fine art when you hang them up. They are beautiful! That is too funny about the old lady - maybe it was priceless to her because of sentimental value????
Okay we need a video of you and your lil man playing violin. I got a tutorial out of you and now I need to hear your musical swag!!

kkasun said...

the Downton Abbey finale made me mad too! But I do love the hanging violins!

Samantha said...

Looks like you need to get your child slaves to polish your violin up to match the other two shiny ones :) How is your flute attached? It seriously looks like it's floating on the wall. I love it if that's true....

Taylor Family said...

It looks beautiful! Maybe one day in sacrament, we can do a duet...HA!! NOT!....not ME at least. Last time I played was in High School.
Olive the wall though!

james and bess said...

Well, the violins look amazing in a group of three! $400 sucks, though. Maybe you should be working on that violin's amazing "history" so you can sell it for $800 when you're elderly. (Double the price for appreciation and emotional distress and all that.) :) I know what you mean about Season 3!!! And then that whole thing with Sybill, and the maid moving in on Branson and I was all "No way!!" and then the very end - shocker. For a while I wasn't sure I'd even watch Season 4 - you know, boycott it so they wouldn't pull weirdo crap like that again - but I've totally caved and can't wait to watch it illegally on-line. :)!

WhettenWild said...

That looks really beautiful!

Carla said...

Not that it's much consolation, but the actors quit the show... so the crappy cliffhanger ender wasn't really the writers fault.

And I love the hanging instruments! Gorgeous.

Eileen said...

I know! (On downtown abbey) I heard the next season picks up a few years later in their lives, so hopefully we can move on, not wallow in grief. I still can't talk about the ending though. In my mind I am making up a new one

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Who plays the flute?

-Lisa said...

Oh Mandi,
The wall of violins is just beautiful!
However the ending of last season's Downton Abbey was just plain ugly (and made me sob!).

Jen said...

OMGosh!!! I want to do that with my boys' cellos SO BAD!!! Only problem is that we don't actually own the cellos. My hubs won't let buy one because he doesn't think they'll stick with it. UGH. My issue has always been that I didn't want to have to keep buying new cellos as they grew. But now that Todd is big enough for a full sized one, and has stuck with it, I think I may take the plunge!!! :) My stepson was just accepted to the Fine Arts Program to study the cello at BYU!! He didn't think he'd stick with it either, but he did! :)

kristen said...

shut up! I didn't know about the violin hangy thing! Ours has just been sitting around waiting to get broken. Buying today! Brilliant! Thanks so much!!

funjani said...

Someone, no name, got an offer to do a Broadway play that he couldn't refuse.

Tammigirl said...

If it makes you fell any better, and hell no it wont...

Nov 4th this past year... that's nine plus months ago now... a little old lady came up to me in the grocery store and rifled all through her coupon-laden wallet while I patiently waited in front of the Jell-O pudding.

She took out a tiny scrap of paper talking about Ohio's flag. I asked her if we were voting about it and she shrieked at me about it angrily. We are, apparently, the only state with a pennant rather than a flag. I still do not know why, but it was important to her that I become aware of this fact on that day.

Also? My wedding set was missing from my hand when I was driving home from the store that day.


I do not know.

But my heart was broken forever (there was a story which spanned four continents about that one of a kind ring) and I will never trust little old ladies who I do not know like I did before that day.

Grace Gould said...

Downton: A friend of mine filled me in on certain actors or actresses who may have not wanted to renew their contracts because of happy things happening in their personal lives which made me feel a whole lot better about Season 3. Hope I didn't just spill the beans to all of us that can't help but get hopelessly hooked that Downton is just a show?? :)