Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meanwhile, Back At The Tremayne Hacienda,

You know,
whenever anyone says,
"How are ya?  Whatcha been up to?" 

I'm like,
"Uhhh. . . um. . .?  Wanna know what we had for dinner?  We saw a movie, once. . .um. . ."
Because we are that interesting.
And now--
with all this summer fun and this teensy little bit of summer left over that my boys have, and how I've grounded myself from projects in the meantime in order to focus solely on being the mommy who takes half the hood to get slurpees and makes impromptu park visits 'n stuff. . .
my fingers are starting to twitch, and I'm finding myself stopping at the garage door, staring out at my tools longingly. . .

I miss you Severus. . .we will meet again. . .
and I've mentally completely redecorated my living room 3 times over already because I have never loved that room. . .
I just. . .
the thing is, no one wants to hear about my garden.

And how I have these massive zucchinis in there that probably aren't good 'cause they're so big and I don't want to eat them so why did I grow them and I'll probably drop them on every one's porches at like midnight tonight and make a run for it 'n stuff.  . .
And no one cares that I'm still practicing violin like crazy betwixt summer activities. 

Kids are begging me not to.  All the fish are dead from it. 
Oh!  Also, I started reading my fave summer traditional read . . .so that's cool 'n stuff.

 In a nerdy kind of way.

If you are even still with me, then I know you are a true friend.  Thanks, friend.
Oh!  Here's something kind of interesting.  Minor car accident last week.

My mommy van totally took it LIKE A MAN, but the other car I think is a goner.  So I'm driving a rental for a little bit, so that's adding a little spice to my life.

I participated in a Triathlon. Some friends 'n I relayed it, and WE TOOK FIRST PLACE!!

Technically we were the only relay team, so I guess you could also say we took LAST place, but never mind that,

And speaking of finishing crap!

We had company stay at our house last week.  Ev.ery. time I have company, I swear I'm not going to be the cleaning freak who's like reorganizing the linen closet and scrubbing the shower the company's not going to use at the eleventh hour--

but-- nay.  That was me.  I washed walls and vacuumed under beds and like folded the toilet paper end in a nice little triangle 'n stuff.

But I'm happy to report, that there was this pocket door, that I um, may have mentioned before, and how I accidentally nail-gunned that freaker into place so it can't close. . .

'S fixed.  And it only took me a crow bar, some spackle, paint,

and a year and a half.  Because I finish crap.


Ellsworth Family said...

Mandi you crack me up. We just bought a home and you've inspired me to buy a table saw, some moulding and get making crappy stuff. Oh and you are a finisher, now you have a medal to prove it

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love the photo of the police officer. Little did he know he'd end up on your blog -hee hee!! That is a bummer about your car but the triathlon!?? That is so awesome!! How do you find the time to train for a triathlon, practice the violin, fix pocket doors, and clean your walls for company comin'?

Ashley said...

Time to start making zucchini bread with all of those extra large zucchini.

Labyrinth Gal said...

If you have freezer space: grate all that zucchini & freeze into baggies. Great to add into soups, stir fry,spaghetti sauce,& the aforementioned zucchini bread. Love your updates. Hope you're OK from your accident!

Anonymous said...

Not that I would ever want to one-up you, but I harvested some freakishly large produce from our garden and wondered how in the world we could ever use it, and would be too embarrassed to give to the neighbors because who on this planet grows stuff so huge?
Garden fail.
I too want to own a table saw. Crushing on one big-time.
You inspire me.

Samantha said...

You're such an inspiration! I hope that I will be a finisher one day :)

-Lisa said...

The photo of the police officer ... hysterical.
The fact that you nailed your pocket door unfunctional (is that a word?) ... hysterical.
A new sitcom stemming from your blog...priceless!

Libby said...

Keep on practicing then there'll be the day when they'll ask if you'll play at their wedding reception!

Mommy vans are like Mommies, strong and can take a hit. Must've cause some damage though for you to be in a rental. Hope everyone was ok.

Sounds like a good summer with the kiddos.

Clarachk said...

Oh boy.... your phone calls are as exciting as MINE! This is why I vlog. When I bust out in excitement and get all animated over, like, say... my newly sprouted tomatoes that surprise-grew in my garden from last year's fall offs, I video it. This way, my oh-so-bubbly personality is not lost in all the ho hum of the rest of daily life. I hate calling people just because it seems like we are so boring when I am asked "what's up" and I cannot produce or remember crap that is happening... and... blah blah blah! (HA!) (RUN ON!!!!!)

Love the shot of the police man. I DO want to hear about your gardening ventures and your abundant zucchinis. I wubbs your blogging. You are NOT boring. xx

Unknown said...

I have two words: zucchini baseball. Bam! Best end-of-summer memory ever is the one where my parents tasked my brothers to "take care of" the zucchini boats that had not been harvested in the backyard, and they turned them into baseball bats. For balls, we used rotten tomatoes. No lie, it was the funnest backyard baseball game E.V.E.R.