Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Fell Off The Wagon.

Can you believe it's been over six months since I started
Me, neither.
The good news: I still haven't bought myself any clothing.  Not a sock.  Not a seriously needed belt-- nada.
Also, I am wearing the same flip flops that I have owned now for nearly a decade.  That should be like 100 years in flip flop years (p.s., I called 'em "thongs" while growing up thank you).
Are ya still with me in this spending cleanse?  WERE you ever with me in this spending cleanse??
To keep things clean and honest,
I bought this for the kids ("But it's half off!  And it's so cheap and it's a good size and . . .").  And many days, I regret its purchase, since its use typically ends in crying and/or bloodshed.
And then I bought this.
Because I've like, "Always wanted one!"  and "It's like, 70% off!"
Hello, lovely ice cream maker.
You make my fro-yo so smooth and delightful.
Do you know what happened here?  How I broke down and bought this stuff?
Because my family suggested it. 
Moral: don't trust family.  Bad influences.  Every time.
The problem here, is not just buying crap I don't really need when I'm trying to be a super saver.  It's not any one thing--
it's all of it.  Couple extra trips for pizza.  An ice cream maker.  Hitting a movie here and there. 
Then, suddenly--
Bam. Right back where I started. Well, not really, because before it was baaaaaad (sheep bleating voice), but,
I thought to myself one Saturday night, belly full of Chinese and a Redbox about to start: "Well, I did a really good job up til now.  I can just let this one go and quit and go on as we were before. . . "
I am a lot of things.  A mother.  Annoying.  Listener of too much music.  Fro yo eater.  But I am not a quitter, and this resolution still means a lot to me.
I felt what it was like to see money flushed down the toilet, and savings drain away, and to feel out of control and senselessly spending, and I can't go back there I can't. . .
Oh!  Did you hear that? 
Belt just got tightened.
Apparently, I lose sight of the end goal when I don't have specific, monthly goals to stick to.  I'm forced back to my monthly list.
So it has come to this.
June Goals
1.  No one needs any clothes.  We just don't.  We're good. 
2.  Tchotcke, extra "stuff" purchases of any kind are a no-no.
3.  I will get my internet bill down.  Oh yes. . . I will.
4.  Entertainment purchases/expenses for this month are completely banned.
5.  Eating out is also completely banned with a couple very slight, pre-planned outings.
6.  The purchasing of extra, unneccessary and always unhealthy foodstuffs at the grocery store are also against the code.
7.  Lowe's & Home Depot trips: grounded. 
8. No Chinese for me. 
Can we talk about what I've learned through all this?  Again?
-I've learned that shopping was actually a hobby for me.  And I missed it when I first cut myself off.  And on that note,
-I've learned that in my attempt to completely organize and declutter my house, coupled with curbing excessive spending, is that my past need to purchase and collect "stuff" is absolutely counterproductive to organizing a home. 
Not purchasing "stuff" and keeping a home organized are 100% connected.
-An awesome excuse to purchasing is "I've always wanted one."  Have you noticed that?  If you throw out "It's always been my dream to. . . " or "it's all I ever wanted. . ." 
(the list of crap I want probably isn't my best idea)
then suddenly, it's like someone is squashing your lifelong dream and you can't not buy/spend whatever you wanted on that thing, because dang, it's important, people!
It works, serious.  Try it in a sentence this week.
-Those purchases I made that I couldn't pass up because they were such a smoking hot deal?  ("$5 shoes for the kids?  Don't mind if I do!")  They're typically the things that don't really get used, because they weren't really needed.  And they clutter, and end up donated.
And finally,
whilst I whip myself back into shape and again promise to behave for the rest of the year and see this all through,
next year will be different.  I think I've disconnected myself to "stuff".  I won't be purchasing a lot of it if I can help it.  But ya know what I will be spending more moolah on?
Doing.  I will intentionally be planning stuff we can "do".  Together.  I'm excited.


Terry Moore said...

We all need to take this lesson from you! Excellent!

Elisha Albretsen @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture said...

I have been contemplating buying the exact same ice cream maker! If I found it for 70% off, I'd totally cave too.

~ Laura said...

Totally relating over here!!

Finances have dictated for quite a while that my $40 Target trips in which I bought whatever caught my eye, and were very hard to give up, had created a small retail-type garage sale when we moved!!

Lordy, long sentence. But ya know what? When I finally recovered from my mental tantrums (didn't want the kids to see!!) and could walk through Target and not buy stuff and be okay with it?? Victory was mine!! :) Nowadays I might want something reeheheally bad, but, I get to the "no ya don't" part way quicker and I'm about always right when I say that to myself. :)

My splurges these days happen at thrift's cheap and when I end up passing it on there's no guilt cuz it was cheap.

I think the ice cream makeer is a totally cool thing!! (Pun intential!!) Your kids will always remember making ice cream!! I think that's priceless!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I could have told you that the trampoline was a bad idea...broken arms notwithstanding! Sigh!
Good luck on re-tightening. But once the genie is out of the bag...well...just saying!!
Hugs and Good Luck

Amber Tinsley said...

There has been a picture floating around Pinterest involving a trampoline. It involves digging a giant hole to place it it so that the top is even with the ground...if I owned a trampoline and a house with a yard I would do it in a heartbeat.

funjani said...

My family has told me over and over that my purpose in life is to make sure they have FUN. Both of those purchases fit into that category. When you want to spend money on something, take that amount of money and move it to a savings account. I am starting to do this. I want to spend it on a trip.

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

love my ice cream maker, got it for a Christmas gift a few years ago and I use it all the time!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I hate when you ground yourself from Lowes and Home Depot….but I hope you have enough stuff in your gay-rage to do the newest built in for the command center?? Something tells me, yes, you probably do! And my vote is YES for that, btw! Back to this post……..McKenna on the trampoline……that is the cutest face ever!!! A total framer of a picture if I ever did see one!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

AND I want a projector badly. But we are also on a spending freeze. So I feel your pain. Somehow you and I both will have to survive without it for the time being.

Michelle Wilkes said...

I also used to call them "thongs" I've reprogrammed my brain and a different visual image pops up now when I hear the word "thong", so I'm sure you can retrain your brain about shopping.

Cara said...

Great post. Bells went off in my head when I read that shopping and clutter-free homes don't mix.

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

I can help you feel better about the ice cream maker. We got one around Easter and we have saved money by making ice cream instead of buying fancy ice cream. also, here's my favorite recipe so far:

I just use smashed chocolate chips for the chocolate and I have cherries ready to go in the freezer. so goooood!