Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Is a Labor of Hate.

There's a lot of projects I've taken on that I regretted simply because they were stupid.
But then there's only two things that were great ideas, but they sucked to execute. 
And I hated those projects, so, so much.
This project will forever be my number 1 mistake:
I mean, I like it 'n all, but I would never, ever do it again.  Unless my family wants to start visiting me at the state hospital, or the "stay-ho", as I like to call it.
I've never called it that.  I just felt like it should have a nickname.
Beams.  Beams in my entryway.  Definitely forever my numero 2 of big, fat mistakes.
Suckiest bunch of sucky work that ever sucked.  I can't even explain why it sucked so bad--
it just did.  Hours of caulking, spackling,
I can't even discuss how much drywalling with the corner tool I've done this week without an eye twitching.
I mean, I still love the idea, but this was one of those things where it makes you wanna rock back and forth in a corner, and swear to never come up with an idea like this ever again, and you want to divorce yourself.
Let me put it another way--
Doing the other side's beam sounds as awesomely fun as going to the DMV, retaking the driver's test, then getting a commercial license, just because it's so fun, and bringing all my kids with me, plus their friends.  And no one's eaten for hours.
And we all know that's pretty darned fun.
If I could go way back in time and warn myself, and I only had like 10 seconds, then I'd yell as fast as I could something along the lines of:
"Do NOT go on that high school tour!  You'll regret it I promise!  Oh and also don't make your son a window bed AND don't even think about doing beams but other than that 2 thumbs up okay bye!"
I don't mean to be a downer today, but the thing is, I am still not done, here.  I just ran out of paint.
I wish it was done.  I want more than anything to move on and not caulk one more thing--
(Steam cleaned my carpet, just for you.  Thanks for noticing.)
So I promise to be more upbeat next time we talk.  Swear.  Just please, please for the love, tell me I don't have to do the other side.  Ever. 
If you say I do the friendship is over.


~ Laura said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!!!

And, for the sake of our online-never-met-IRL friendship, matching is overrated and asymmetry is in,'re done!! ;)

Cassandra said...

I know it sucks to do the caulking, spackling, painting ... the tedious, wish your husband would surprise you with an appointment for a massage type of project that you always wanted BUT please don't give up! Your bloggies from far away, whom you never met, really enjoy seeing your inspirations come to life. It looks wonderful, just think about how darn good it is going to look when completed. It will be totally worth it!

Lori said...

I need you to write my ceiling redo post! Looks fabulous darling.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks great, Mandi! I love how it turned out. Is this going to be like childbirth? You swear you won't have another baby then 2-3 years later, you are because you forgot the pain! : )

You've really added some great architectural interest in your home with these additions and the moldings you've added. You would have gone crazy in our old house. It was built in the 70's and had NO molding or interest whatsoever. There must have been a molding shortage at the time.

Suesan Kennard said...

I love to hate the Labor of Hate projects. I have several of them myself and then when someone sees one of those projects of mine and tells me I should make more and sell them I seriously have to hold myself back from throat punching them. They have no idea!

Asymmetry is trending, so you're set. You make the impossible LOOK possible. For that, my dear, we all adore you.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Even though you may have despised the work, it looks fabulous!!

Now go enjoy it!!

Have a great weekend!!

Libby said...

Lookin' good "never-met-but-online-girlfriend".
I agree the other side doesn't need would create a canyon-like feel to the space.

I like how the archway frames the music room, helps it become a special magical space.

You need to teach the boys how to caulk. It can be done...maybe as a scout/young men's project.

DressUpNotDown said...

Didn't you say your Dad was in on this scheme? I say call in reinforcements. :o)

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

remember our deal? I will come caulk and paint. not kidding

SueAnn Lommler said...

Well it looks just have to do the other side!! Sorry our sweet friendship!!!

Jason Aguilar said...

I hate that I appear to be the only one to say this...but...I think the left side would look so fantastic if it were finished the same (please don't hate on me and wish bad things to happen). I LOVE your work and I seem to be obsessed with moulding (or is it molding?)like you are.
Keep up the great work and also your sense of humor.

Jason from Tennessee

Nicole Resweber said...

Go asymmetrical and just give the other side some nice column tops? It looks FANTASTIC, though, whatever you decide.

Susan said...

I think it looks amazing! Not gonna tell you what else you should do, but I do wish I had your skills!

Susan in Phoenix

Michelle Wilkes said...

will you sell me your house? wait?... where do you live?

tell your dad you'll pay him to do it, then just keep making cookies for him whenever he brings up payment.

rose knight said...

Your's is one of my favourite blogs. I think you are quite entertaining. Keep it up.
About the built in command center. Go for it. It will probably look more streamlined. Can't wait to see the results.