Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Double Dog Dared Me.

I really needed to paint this door something other than white.  And that's saying something, 'cause I really, really liked the white.
But I wanted to be brave.  It was like a dare.  A double dare.
I was this close to picking mint green.  And then I was this close to going with aqua. 
And then I was all over the place in the color wheel and I was second guessing myself, wondering who I was, reading into it--
am I having a midlife crisis?  What is wrong with just plain white?
There was a lot of soul searching.
whilst curling my hair at my vanity table, it hit me:
I do love a European style.  I just. . . do.  And while I am soooo over the obvious, in your face, kitchsy stuff I have in the house (you don't know what you want until you've lived in a house a while.  Don't you judge me),
I still like a subtle, hint of the Mediterranean.  And you know what's been in the back of my mind lately?
Source: etsy.com via Laila on Pinterest

'Mmmmmm hmmmmm.

Source: etsy.com via Janis on Pinterest

A navy (ish) door.

You hate it already, don't you?? (voice rises, covers face, runs off like a girl).


I came straight down from the vanity table, grabbed some paint 'n a paint brush, and started slapping it on.

It was like I was being naughty.  And I didn't want to get caught by the hubs until the deed was completely done and there was no turning back.

I'm going to name the door "Mary", so that I can say, "I like you, Mary. I like you a lot."

Just don't tell me if you don't like it, kay?  'Cause I'm not sure where I'll turn to in the color wheel.  It could get ugly.  Er.


Libby said...

I like it! Paint the frame too. The inspiration shot of the Venice door...wonder if distressing it would work...

I've been trying to decide on a colour for my bedroom doors (they're boring, no trim to liven them up) and that shade of blue just may work! Thanks!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I guess I'm in the hot, cool, secure people category! OH my goodness, you make me laugh. My niece is visiting and we think your comment statement below, and your writing style, is hilarious. Love your navy door! The risk was so worth it. I am a fan of lots of white but I also love blues and now I need to paint something navy, thankyouverymuch!

Mana said...

I adore your door, blue was the perfect choice

Janelle said...

I love it too. I wish I was as brave as you!

Katie H said...

It looks like a TARDIS door, and I love all things Doctor Who. :)

Karen Jerread said...

Love It. In fact, just decided yesterday to paint my front door about that color.

Carla said...

love it!!!

cathgrace said...

I like it a lot! (I wouldn't paint the frame though because the frame matches your other doors) I think you need more blue accents though to tie it in! (Mediterranean pottery, indigo blue cushions, etc.)

Heidi said...

The navy was a great choice! It looks amazing!

DressUpNotDown said...

I too thought it'd look good distressed.

Only a Whovian would think it looks like a Tardis...so um yeah, it did make me think of the Tardis. BUT you said it's navy so I'm guessing it's not even close to Tardis Blue IRL! :o)


SueAnn Lommler said...

Beautiful...well done. And I would distress it too...like the first photo of the blue door. Fabulous!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I LOVE it!! Beautiful!!

~ Laura said...

I like it!! I've always liked navy, tan and white. I even ordered Vans in the 70s with that combo to put a finer point on it!! :)

Ayund, I just painted doors blue for a set I'm working on...more of a painter's tape blue (no, seriously, I needed to tape of the blue to paint trim and it was I'm-totally-not-kidding _exACTly the same!! Like I had colormatched it!!...whatever) so I ended up mixing a wash with an expresso brown and water and toned it down, which also gave it kinda an old feel. Well, anyway, it looks good onstage under the lights so there's that....

Yea, I like your door!! :)

Hippymom83 said...

I like the color! But I think Mary wants a fancy, brass door knob....she feels naked in brushed nickel. :) LOL

Lorilyn Crum said...

See this goes to show I have absolutely no imagination sometimes - this color looks fab and I would have never thought of it. I need to get out more.

The Miller Five said...

Gorgeous! Great job.

Maureen said...


"I like you, Mary." ? Is that from the movie "Tim" starring Mel Gibson? You mean (if it is) that there is another person in all of North America that has seen that movie? Not ONE person I know has even heard of it! Mandi, read the book if you can; it is so much better than the movie.


Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I LOVE it!!! It reminds me of Tardis blue... and I love anything that is Tardis blue! Yay for being bold!

Michelle Wilkes said...

If I had been there and seen you heading to the door with a can of navy blue paint, I would have tackled you to the floor to stop you. Fer reals... so I'm so glad I wasn't there!