Thursday, April 4, 2013

What'm I Gonna Do, What'm I Gonna Do With All That Junk? All That Junk Inside My Trunk?

Good question!
You know-- I don't think it would hurt to dust off thee ole air compressor or anything. . .  
So, I have this friend.  She's having a baby today.   Possibly
And she wanted this:

as her baby girl's nursery.  Aw. . . ca-ute!!
So one day, couple weeks, ago, we got together and talked shop.  You know, the ease and costs of beadboard vs. board and batten, crown, built-ins, alllll the good stuff. 
And I think we both sat back and were blown away by the costs of just one wall of treatments.  ($30 per wall for beadboard? $30 per wall for moderately sized crown?  What is this world coming to??)
And so we decided on a sensible plan.  Yes, friends-- we went my favorite plywood route again.  But you probably knew that, due to all the junk inside my trunk.
And behold the room before!

The color they chose is so fab-- it's this deep blue-ish purple. 
Oh crap-- I shoulda taken a picture of this friend's hair-- it is amazing.  There are no words.  It is like spun gold.  If you could cut her hair and glue it on your own head, you would. (Heather: watch your back.)
But back to the room.  We got to work, and a few hours later, we had this:

annnnnd I told her it would take me an hour, instead of 3 and 1/2.  And it would have, had every single piece I cut not been too long.  Now, I know I know-- better long than short, right?  But I coulda had this up lickity split had everything been right on.
 So?  Wanna see their room all done?  Do ya?  DO YA?


I love it!  So sweet.  Didn't they do awesome?

Love the sonogram pics on the magnet board!  Oh my gosh-- don't look-- you can see my reflection in the vase and I'm naked! 

You think I would have learned from the ebay teapot dude.

Made ya look.  Why would I be nude in someone else's house?  That only happened that once but that was it.

The framed "K" is my very favorite touch.  Great job, guys.  Clearly I had difficulty snapping a pic near the window.  Judge me.

So, they took all their baby furniture they already had and had it sprayed black professionally-- it looks totally awesome, and brand new.


Kay so-- guess how much the board and batten was?   $13 for the plywood.  A little bit more for the chair rail, of course-- but HELLO the point here is $13 for the plywood!


Can't beat that with a stick.


Dharma said...

I think this is my favourite nursery ever. That is saying something cause I've been on blogs for years and have endured many....the purple and black is so sweet and your wall batten is yum. You're a very good friend, except apparently when you covet someone's hair. ;)

Ryan said...

I don't know you, but I am Heather's brother who lives in Washington, DC. You certainly have a great gift. Nice job on the nursery!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You are such an a great friend! The nursery is adorable and the white B&B with that beautiful wall color totally makes it!

Lorilyn Crum said...

Oh this is wonderful! I wished my friends trusted me enough to help them with their nurserys :)

Lorie Roe said...

Thanks for all your help and great ideas for Kate's nursery. My new grand-daughter will love her special room.

jasi said...

trim is the very best stuff ever. you're a cool friend. would LOVE it if a friend stopped by to trim out my walls. let's be friends?

Daddy-O said...

The whole thing came together magnificently! This should be in a magazine! It is beautiful!

Michelle Johnnie said...

$13!!!!! I got about 5 rooms up here in Logan that you can come do that to! Yes, Please!

Setjay said...
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KelliD said...

That is the cutest nursery. $13!!!!! Your amazing!

Clarachk said...

I love this nursery soooo much. The colour combo is beyoooooooteeful!! ou all did a fantastical job. I really looks magazine worthy. xoxo

Hippymom83 said...

Didn't you forget the crown molding? JUST KIDDING! In the words of my 4-year-old niece, "that's awethum!" [she has a bit of a lisp but it's totally adorable!]

Emily said...

I love this room. I wish I was creative enough to make one like that. I will just have to admire those that are creative enough.

Mallory said...

Just found your blog today... Do you have a detailed post on how to do the board and batten? I LOVE it and would love to know your process! Thanks.

Mallory said...
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